The Uninformed and Nutritionally Unaware

As an example some companies with products on store shelves added Devil’s Claw to their joint supplement. 

Granted, it was common ingredient in the 90’s (through mid-2000’s). However, during the investigation, MD’s Choice learned there was nearly 4,000 (yes, thousand) years of research on this herb, with very real drug activity. 

It is commonly used for pain reduction and anti-inflammatory agents by some companies with joint supplements, which it can do. But, more importantly, that particular herb was actively used (is still today, in some parts of the world) as ‘the abortion drug.’ It can spark uterine contractions, and in the late stages of pregnancy it is used to induce labor… but in the early stages, cause an abortion. (Hence the name, “Devils CLAW”).

Just think if you were TRYING TO HAVE A BABY… but having miscarriages, or other problems, because you were using a joint supplement with that ingredient.

Maybe you had an AKC registered dog, or champion breeding horse… but they couldn’t produce a healthy baby… while on some supplement containing Devil’s Claw.

It was interesting, back in the late 90’s through early 2000’s, we couldn’t find any products using that ingredient with any warnings on the label about NOT feeding to pregnant or breeding animals (or people).

So, MD’s Choice generically released the information (like above). Within a few weeks, a couple companies with products containing Devil’s Claw actually threatened to sue. Demanding we retract the press release, and information. We laughed, and invited them to, because SCIENCE WAS ON OUR SIDE! When they finally (and actually) saw the science… they retracted their threats… and quickly added the warnings to their product labels.

Another important example was calcium in supplements.

For hundreds of years, they weren’t safe in nearly all supplements and manufactured products containing added calcium; specifically, the calcium carbonate. Which was commonly used in supplements, and made from limestone, bone meal, or oyster shells, and when FINALLY TESTED, found to contain high levels of lead & mercury.

In 1997 the government took action to reduce lead levels in all existing human products containing calcium. Yet, today, over half way through 2017, animal products only ‘have to’ test for E.coli and Salmonella, the heavy metals (in animal products) aren’t regulated, nor are any tests required.

MANY TO MOST non-calcium, supplements in the human world don't legally have to be tested for lead, much less the other heavy metals. But God help you if you try to release any product going into a FOOD ANIMAL (chicken, sheep, swine, diary, and bovine in particular) MUST BE tested for additional things. Yes, products use ON FOOD ANIMALS are more strictly regulated and controlled than the same product labeled for the human market. Wrap your head around that...  

The founders of MD’s Choice defined 30 MORE common contaminants in 1995, which every batch of their products would be tested for, even their animal products.

This list included lead, mercury, aluminum, barium, cadmium, mold, arsenic, and a bunch of other things that can really hurt a body over time.

Today, every batch of the MD’s Choice products are tested three times: in bulk (before any ingredients are actually used), at blending, and again after bottling (randomly).

The products MD’s Choice has truly are the top of their class, and often far stronger (bio-availability wise) than the competition, for competitive prices.

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