Gluquestrian Changed! 

It was done for very good reasons, which should ultimately please most clients.

The NET WEIGHT on both the 550g & 1100g containers are still exactly the same, despite the ‘number of servings’ being slightly less. Here is what happened (and where things are, and why):

When MD’s Choice FIRST STARTED, back in 1995, these containers were 500g & 1000g… with ONLY ‘active ingredients’ – the FOUR primary ‘actives’ are: Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL, MSM, AAC Manganese (Amino Acid Chelate) listed in quantities. Initially, in the original formula, Vitamin C was included to ADD shelf life to the product, and because of all the ‘hype’ on C (even in horses and dogs) we added the amount in our product to the label (though Vit C was there, listed under ‘other ingredients’ – with the amount was listed in a few websites). We originally had it there because we knew people also used that product, and we ordered all HUMAN GRADE BULK at the same time to help keep our costs down, plus it added shelf life to the powdered product.

However, two things started happening: a) more and more large dog owners started using our product, which meant the containers were lasting much longer after being opened, and b) parts of the country were experiencing massive humidity, and we started having ‘clumping’ issues for the first time. It was determined that ‘condensation’ inside the container, after opening was the cause, especially when stored outdoors. So, rather than ‘trading out’ active ingredients to something less clumpy, but also less effective, we added 10% (50 to 500, 100 to 1000) to the ‘product’ of a Human Food Grade Excipient (flow agent – anti-clumping agent). We tried ‘rice flour’ – ‘soy based flour’ – but ultimately settled on Maltodextrin. Despite the ‘added’ bump to the ‘net weight’ (10%), a slightly larger scoop was used, so the math remained basically the same. The containers were filled a bit more and all was good.

Our goal was to keep the price the same, and the key active ingredients the same (or better)… but the ‘powers to be’ required some changes:

First change, LISTINGS on the labels: HOW the ‘flow agent’ and ‘servings’ were listed changed.

So, even though the NET WEIGHT IS THE SAME, 550g & 1100g respectively, the ‘servings per container’ changed slightly, from 120 to 110 on the 550g, and from 240 to 220 on the 1100g. It had to do with ‘level scoop’ – rather than ‘slightly dipped’ or ‘heaping’ – and the difference between ‘avoirdupois WEIGHT measurement’ (US standard) vs ‘metric weight VOLUME measurement’ (Intl’) of the actual contents in a level scoop.

Lastly, they wanted a change in the product COLOR from ‘pure white’ to anything else, we choose the ‘pinkish’… to help accomplish two things:

     a) so it wouldn’t ‘look like’ certain illegal drugs. And, mostly (and more importantly)

     b) the color is a ‘more obvious’ way to tell if there is any ‘moisture’ inside the container degrading the product.

Once the product is opened, CONDENSATION and/or HUMIDITY naturally gets trapped inside a container that is being opened and closed, more in some circumstances and geographies than others. Heat (over 105 degrees) and long term exposure to moisture, are the way our product could be damaged… and lose potency.  So, now the powdered product ‘turns’ shades IF there is any loss of potency or issue… and it should last better and longer, under ‘normal use’ for most people. Gluquestrian ships a light ‘pinkish’ to white color, and as it wicks away any moisture, it turns to from the pinkish to whitish, to a light cinnamon sugar color, to a light brown sugarish look, and lastly to black spots if too much moisture gets in making the product potentially no longer good to use. Realistically, unless rain or water is allowed directly in, and it’s not kept inside a vehicle with 50+ degree temperature changes in the same day, that ‘process’ should take about THREE YEARS (or more; we have a container in the basement for over 7 years, one in the freezer that's still testing out after 12 years). However, in some extreme circumstances, it could be in the 12 to 18 month range or less if product is mishandled; which is still ok, for most… because the product usually only lasts them 2 to 8 months if they are dosing it properly. The ‘color’ is a much more obvious indicator, all accomplished without raising the cost of the product.

Next, while the ‘servings’ have been reduced slightly, you’ll see the ACTIVES per scoop have INCREASED slightly in two of the four key  ingredients, not ‘decreased’ as some assumed might have happened. The new labeled product once again has the EXPIRATION DATE on the container (as well as the lot number), rather than the MANUFACTURED date. We work on a FIFO (First In, First Out) system, so as the older product is shipped off… 

Regarding the Gluquestrian ‘MEASUREMENTS’ – the OLD vs NEW – per scoop ARE:

Manganese                                    16mg        100mg   + 84 mg
Vitamin C                                    500mg       574mg   + 74 mg
MSM                                             1168mg       1166mg   – 02 mg
Glucosamine Suphlate 2KCL    2334mg    2334mg       SAME
                                                    ———–       ———–
                                                     4018 mg    4174 mg    +156 mg  MORE of ACTIVE INGREDIENTS per scoop

As you can seen, it’s really just less number of servings, based on scoop volume… same NET WEIGHT, same quality actives, a little MORE actives, micro prill MSM rather than flake (which also helped in reducing the caking/clumping, but uses more space), and every bit as effective as it ever was.

Now, the product is EVEN BETTER for those people in and out of the container for 6 to 12+ months (because they are using it on a dog, or person). And frankly, we suggest taking about a weeks worth out at a time, and keeping in another container or zip lock bag, as the remainder of the product is kept in the house, preferably the refrigerator or freezer to maximize the longevity and potency. I know it can be a bit confusing, the colored Human Food Grade Excipient will help allow the product to more obviously be its best for the longest period of time.

Our uniquely proprietary product and custom formulas continue to be manufactured in the USA, by FDA inspected manufacturers, that are cGMP compliant (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices), ISO 9600 registered (clean room, pharmaceutical quality) facilities. Our products undergo THREE (3) different tests with each batch/lot: in bulk, after blending, and then randomly after bottling, to insure our products are containment free, the formulas are consistent, ratios as they should be, and purity without question. Our product consistently tests out at (or usually above) label claims… even years after the manufacture date.

I hope that answers all the questions, and addresses the customers concerns adequately. If there are ANY other questions or concerns please let me know.


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C.E.O. , MD’s Choice, Inc.
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