We’ve been asked a few times, “IS THERE SCIENCE ON YOUR PRODUCTS?”

The answer to that is YES, and NO…

Yes – there is nearly 50 years of actual peer reviewed science on the specific ingredients used AND (more importantly) NOT USED in our products; and the doctors that formulated the products have a seriously impressive list of board certified credentials, and years of experience, particularly in NUTRITION and TREATMENT. So, their choices weren't random, and didn't happen lightly. It wasn't just one or two people tossing stuff together in their basement. 

The founders & formulator's of the MD's Choice products are mostly retired today, but it was a group that wanted to change the world positively, ONE BODY AT A TIME!

1  A Board Certified Medical Doctor with a PhD in Pharmacology and Biochemistry,
2 PhD's in Nutrition,
2 Board Certified Master's in NUTRITION (human & animal) ... that are also practicing doctors,
2 Veterinarian's specializing in Orthopedics,
2 other Veterinarian's that are actively treating patient's, and 
    assorted other doctors (human and animal)

These professionals WANTED SOLUTIONS, better options than what was then available, and support that had the flexibility to help a body prevent some common problems, maintain health, give therapy to small issues, and even assist in their treatment protocols.

Those that really understand THE SCIENCE of NUTRITION, and the care we [at MD's Choice] take in sourcing quality ingredients with optimum bioavailability have been using our products, both personally and for their clients, for decades. There are no formal peer reviewed science ‘specifically’ on our joint, digestion, complete general supplement formulas... here is why: 

The reality is MONEY, just money, lots and lots of money!

A) We are already a 'Rolls Royce' product at a 'Cadillac' price, i.e., extremely high quality, very bio-available, and have consistently met or exceeded the 'label specifications' since 1998 at competitive prices that are FLEXIBLE... depending on if a person is attempting to help PREVENT, MAINTAIN, aide THERAPY, or effectively TREAT a specific condition that has a problem the doctors believe would be helped with higher nutritional support.  COST depends on the amount of product (dose) necessary... for the specific reason... and OTHER KEY FACTORS. In general, compared to the most popular high end Glucosamine HCl Chondroitin product on the market - our product is generally HALF THE PRICE and TWICE as bioavailable, unless you're at a level 5 (treatment level) dose without any other medications or complementary treatments employed. 

B) We choose to never sacrifice quality, or source ingredients from China or third world countries. Our products are tested for a variety of important things the doctors believe play a key role in longevity. Not only do we pay attention to ratios of the ingredients, and the LABEL CLAIMS (to insure our contents meet, or safely exceed, the 'Supplement Facts' panel... even at the full expiration date), we also pay close attention to what is NOT IN OUR PRODUCT! We have our products tested by a third party THREE TIMES: 1st in the bulk, 2nd after blending, and 3rd randomly after bottling (to insure nothing was introduced, or to verify shelf life). 

C) The doctors have NEVER DRAWN A SALARY from MD's Choice or VetSupplements... they do purchase the products themselves, and for their clients... and helped the business remain in business all these years. But there are limits to their generosity, financial obligations, and altruistic goals. 

D) We learned the hard way that a small start up company can NOT really play the game of patents and peer reviews. WHY? Because we ACTUALLY DID IT with our REPRODUCTION product, and it nearly put us out of business!

Our LESSON: While at one of the educational events Dr. Davenport insisted on, Terry stumbled upon a 'stupid question' ... and interesting observation. The corresponding answer resulted in a theory (as to WHY & HOW), which was tested (safely & humanely)... confirmed, and then after a 2yr field study proving our theory, we started the patent... and after the official two year double blind placebo cross over clinical study; which involved three different universities, over a dozen professionals (most donating their time, already trying to treat 'reproductively challenged' problem animals at that time), and multiple third party companies... the results were 'officially CONFIRMED.' That product should have been a BILLION DOLLAR CONCEPT, especially since our patent covers ALL MAMMALS, but it wasn't (yet).

The results of the studies were "statistically significant," but nearly 20 years later, WE ARE STILL PAYING OFF THOSE COSTS, those bills, although we were able to PROVE IT HELPED TROUBLED REPRODUCTIVE ISSUES (for stallions & mares, males and females of other troubled mammals, including human beings). The Doctors that used the product LOVED IT. Those with problem breeders appreciated it. Reproductive specialists saw the results. We still occasionally get asked for it, but not in large enough quantities to deal with the cost of labels, manufacturing thousands of containers (again), the  warehousing, marketing, and then patent protection. The original patent & science costs, back in the early 2000's, nearly put us out of business! It was a tough lesson. 

We learned the hard way...

unless you have tons of money to burn,
when it comes to patents, inventions, and
PEER REVIEWED SCIENCE for custom formulations,
there are only three options:

  1. SELL huge quantities of the product (quickly, preferably before manufacturing, to help cover the costs),
  2. Shelf the product (waiting for when you can afford to make it, sell it, AND PROTECT IT... closets & basements hide a lot of never realized inventions of awesomeness), or
  3. Sell out (to some other company, you hope doesn't #2 all over it (i.e., just 'shelf' it)). 

This is because the costs of jumping through the hoops for PATENTS and finalizing PEER REVIEWED STUDIES, especially here in the USA, is ugly high! In fact, cost prohibitive for most all small businesses; BECAUSE, once you meet those costs (if you can), which can quickly top a million dollars, you then have to have enough money left over for MARKETING, actual  MANUFACTURING, then WAREHOUSING, ORDER FULLFILLMENT, and.... then MORE LAWYERS (PATENT PROTECTION). Because, if YOU (your business/company/or as an individual) doesn't protect YOUR PATENT, NO ONE ELSE WILL! Sadly, a musician writing a song has more legal rights, protections, and the ability to both profit and protect THEIR CREATION for far longer periods of time, for less expense, and a far greater likelihood of success, than ANY INVENTOR or other type of creator, designer, formulator, or researcher. Wrap your head around that reality! 

The magic '20 years of protection' clock starts at your FIRST SALE. Before you filed for the patent (absolutely before you got the patent)... BUT, it only matters IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY TO TAKE PEOPLE TO COURT THAT INFRINGE. Again, the 'clock' doesn't start when the patent is finally approved, but often years before the approval which often takes 3 to 7+ years, unless you're a mega well established company. Oh, and there is no guarantee you can (or will) even get a patent on your 'unique' idea, or not found on the market for sale anywhere, or in the 'patent records' - concept. Nope, not if someone *might* have *kinda* sorta written about it, drawn it, or otherwise discussed the concept at some point in history... even if hundreds of years ago, and never prototyped or made real. THAT all depends on WHO is doing the patent, and WHAT mood they seem to be in at that time. American patents are sadly a sham.

We didn’t want to either raise the cost of our products, or reduce the quality. PLUS, the doctors that formulated and designed our products ALREADY KNEW THE SCIENCE, already proved the RESULTS and knew biologically how & why to their satisfaction, because of THE SCIENCE that already existed, and they had experience over the months of verifying their highly educated professional opinions, science based hypothesis! They were actively USING THE FORMULAS on themselves, their family, friends, and patients! They could feel, see, and follow the improvements and benefits... so why waste hundreds of thousands of dollars back (likely multiple millions today) to 'officially prove' WHAT THEY ALREADY KNEW?

Since 1998, we’ve had a RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE that is not limited to 30 days, or one container! We've put our money where our mouth is, where our marketing is, SINCE THE BEGINNING! It is a guarantee that is honored by our resellers, and is seldom ever actually used, BECAUSE WHEN OUR PRODUCT IS ACTUALLY USED CORRECTLY A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTICED MORE THAN 98% of the time – usually starting within 6 to 12 weeks. There are NO BLOCKERS or SYMPTOM MASKERS; it’s PURE NUTRITION, supplying the body what it actually NEEDS, in forms it really CAN USE, to help PROMOTE HEALTH & HEALING!

The doctors have repeatedly shown ‘the science’ for what DOES and DOES NOT work… it USED TO BE PUBLIC on our websites, but that only helped some of our competitors try to copy, revamp, and alter their product(s) to compete with us. So, when one of the world's largest 'sports rub' manufacturer's released their 'equine formula' that was nearly identical to our human formula - just added alfalfa, and didn't quite have the ratios of 'glucosamine to sulphate to potassium' correct, so their functionality was off, and frankly their dose way too low for a horse, we still removed the 'more specific science' from our websites... to slow our competitors.

We are in business to HELP PEOPLE when possible, educate the consumers, and TO REMAIN IN BUSINESS... not improve our competitors. 

Enough of all that, NOW FOR SOME ACTUAL SCIENCE, by those that know! 

Let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or find a type-o we missed. 

So, You Want SCIENCE?

G.A.I.T.  Study (Glucosamine-chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial) was released back in 2018, but like most things contrary to what the media pushed for decades, it's been buried in the shadows... and ONLY THERE FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR IT. 

The study was initially supposed to span just six months. However, because the initial results  supplement companies using 'glucosamine-chondroitin' didn't confirm what they hoped for, (cough, their product didn't just FAIL... they were scientifically like a line of lemmings walking off a cliff... fail, fail, fail, fail). So, they coughed up more money, more product, and the study was expanded to nearly nine years; involving thousands of test subjects, spanning multiple universities, dozens of doctors, and hundreds of students. Yet, their 'GLUCOSAMINE HCl & Chondroitin' products repeatedly FAILED... their Chondroitin only products FAILED, the Glucosamine HCl only product tests failed... so then, with so much failure, they attempted to cover up the fact they BLOCKED the nutrients that HAD SCIENCE PROVING THEY WORKED, were absorbed, and actually did something positive within the body, by trying to 'generalizing the name.'  In much of 'the study' "Glucosamine HCl" became JUST 'glucosamine.'  Sorta like saying Terry, Dave, Mike, Frank, or John... there are many other's LIKE each of those, which are little to nothing LIKE THOSE discussed. 

The nine YEARS of glucosamine HCl & chondroitin sulphate studies were closely monitored by the NIH (National Institute of Health)... a federally funded organization, which supposedly has no 'skin in the game' (no reason to lie), and comprises 27 separate FEDERALLY FUNDED Institutes and Centers, and is one of eight health agencies of Public Health Service, which, in turn, is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; a tax payer funded division in the American government dedicated to 'health: diet and nutrition' who answers to the F D A, the C D C, and congress).

You can read their findings for yourself, but the conclusions were what the doctors that originally wrote the article below, and developed the key products at MD's Choice, already knew nearly 30 years ago: Glucosamine HCl is ineffective, and very little Glucosamine - from Glucosamine HCl actually gets into the joint tissue! And, better yet, NO GLUCOSAMINE, from the Glucosamine HCl, gets there without that key 'exchange' of the HCl molecule for a SULPHATE molecule happening in the digestive tract!

How's that for science? Yet, still today, many of the "Glucosamine" supplements in national chain stores, on tv adverts, still contain this less expensive, and far less useable, form of Glucosamine (HCl) rather than either of the Glucosamine Sulphate forms (NACl - sodium salt, or 2KCl - potassium salt... the later of which is the ONLY TYPE/FORM we, at MD's Choice, use... for very real scientific reasons, though it tends to be a little more costly, and is tested for some VERY SPECIFIC RATIOS of glucosamine to sulphate, to potassium, BECAUSE IT ALL MATTERS! Just like the proper mix of oil to gas for 2-cycle engines, the correct ratios of nutrients matter to absorption and functional use. Some companies have added a 'sulphate' (but don't tell you what type, how much, or still has a pile of blockers & masking agents). 

GAIT STUDY - Proving, REPEATEDLY, the two most popular ingredients used FAILED, repeatedly: <-- (linked, and will open in a new tab/window) The NIH Glucosamine/Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial (GAIT) National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine 

How is that even possible? Well, it's science.

Glucosamine HCl does not contain a sulphur source. Therefore, has NO SIGNIFIGANT or POSITIVE EFFECT on a mammals body in that form.

The fraction of Glucosamine HCl MUST undergo molecular changes before it can even be used in connective tissues. Again, that is MUST - not might, should, or may... but has to be remanufactured within the body for any of that type of Glucosamine to be used by the joints and soft tissue. Years of science, and dozens of studies, repeatedly prove the HCl molecule must be removed and a sulphate added/exchanged, for the joint tissue to even know that glucosamine exists.

Because of that science, Glucosamine HCl is not sold by itself, but, rather, with other ingredients that provide the sulphur, usually chondroitin sulphate; OR help block the pain or mask the symptoms. The problem with Chondroitin Sulfate is that it has larger molecules, which affects how well it gets into the joints. Even the best Chondroitin Sulfate on the market, as much as 70% ends up in the urine and feces.

How is that for an effective use of your money? 

Studies repeatedly show 

Glucosamine SULPHATE 2KCl (Potassium Salt), and Glucosamine Sulphate NACl (Sodium Salt), repeatedly prove they  actually get to the joint tissues quickly and effectively.

Arthrosamine™, which contains Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl, provides basic building blocks to joints in high concentration and does not just mask the pain, which is what most of the products using HCl do, because most HCl or 'glucosamine' only or 'complex' products also employ some type of herbal remedy to give the illusion of 'working.'

However, joints need to be fed every day, preferably 2 or 3 times a day, just like the whole body; and not just for a ,month or two. The fastest, most effective and economical way to address serious joint and connective tissue problems is to start a high quality oral supplement BEFORE the problem exists... at the right levels to help address the problem. (once healing has occurred, and health restored, then a person can USUALLY reduce the dosing to a minimum FOR THEIR BODY, over time). Unless the problem occurred because of an injury, odds are there is a nutritional deficiency, which Arthrosamine can help fulfill. 

We know that all of this can be confusing, and much of it contradicts the media . . . but it is completely backed by science, not advertising or an ignorant marketing company. The professionals at MD's Choice care about effectiveness, usefulness, and helping to solve the problem(s) – not masking it. 

"It Works"

First, understand marketing and advertising claims

have two very different - and often opposed - meanings:

The most common type, especially on store shelves: Masks the problems,

covers the symptoms, blocks the pain. The reality is that ALL oral supplements offering a 'quick fix' are using ingredients (usually herbs: plant derived drugs) that merely mask, cover, or block the symptoms. 

They all ultimately fail 

While many can help reduce, and even temporarily eliminate the pain, they fail to address WHY THE BODY WAS IN PAIN, thereby allowing the body to get worse, often causing further injury & problems.

Promotes actual healing

Which is the best long term option, by supplying the body the building blocks necessary to help the body heal itself (when possible); and those nutrients are delivered in forms it can readily use.

This second option is not the 'quick fix.'

It does not eliminate the pain and suffering in hours or days, but over time... as healing occurs. The second type of ‘works’ is far healthier, better for the body, and ALL THE ORGANS! (Hint: if you're in pain, use pain killers as prescribed, as necessary, but never daily, or for prolonged periods of time!)

Medicinal herbs do NOT belong in any daily supplement

For these reasons. Particularly none intended for prolonged use!

Companies manufacturing, promoting, marketing, selling, and delivering such should honestly list proper use, all known side effects, valid concerns, and honest dangers of the ingredients used within their product(s)... especially when USED AS DIRECTED FOR MONTHS OR YEARS. Sadly, most don't, won't, and the combination of their irresponsibly and the consumers overuse and misuse of some of the supplements is why some groups push for more regulation of dietary supplements.

Medicinal herbs have nothing to do with 'diet.'

People really need to understand, and remember, "Just because things are "natural" doesn't mean that they are natural to the body or that they are good to use daily." Or that they will remain 'good' if over used or misused

Much more information on Herbs can be found on-line. PubMed, WebMD, and are other resources worth checking out if you need more info. There really is a great deal of valid science on nearly every ingredient found in joint supplements, despite claims of 'newly discovered' or 'miracle cure' when it comes to SUPPLEMENTATION, little is actually 'new.' 

Remember These Points

As Nutrition is the third most important thing in life, behind air and water (in that order). 

  • Nutritional support can most definitely help maintain and heal joint tissues.
  • Be an educated consumer (administrator.
  • Ingredient quality is extremely important.
  • Be sure that you are buying the proper building blocks in the supplements you purchase.
  • Be sure that when you use a daily supplement, you are providing nutrition, not drugs.
  • Is the product formulated by professionals to address structural problems or is designed to cover pain? Professionals that understand the differences in nutrients, and want to address structural problems... or just cover pain or mask symptoms?
  • Structural changes through nutritional supplementation take weeks, not days, to be see.

• Beware of "one size fits all" doses.

The amount of nutrients needed by an individual is based on individual factors, such as: weight, age, severity of the problem or deficiency, other medications and treatments, as well as their personal goals. Ultimately, it's often 'time vs money' (or visa versa). However, healing is what healing is, and no amount of money can truly make it 'instant' or 'painless;' but rather only mask it or block it.  

For example:

  • An athlete, attempting to prepare for their next competition, will benefit more from a slightly higher dose than the average person.
  • In general, a younger person will need less than an older person.
  • A large person more than a smaller body.
  • A sedentary person less than a competitive and highly active one.

If you are shopping for (or using) a joint supplement

you absolutely want "Glucosamine Sulphate" in that product, preferably the 2KCl (potassium) form

  • • Not Glucosamine HCl
  • • Not Chondroitin Sulphate
  • • No Herbs
  • • No Fillers
  • • Not some 'magic' ingredient

For more information on the MD’s Choice products, and other high quality supplements, which don’t use herbs or any of the unproven and often money wasting ingredients that only make a fraction of the possible difference, please visit

The MD's Choice joint supplements are purposefully not liquid... because of the reality of the science! Contrary to the marketing hype: Glucosamine is NOT STABLE in liquid!

MD's Choice's products provide the other necessary basic building blocks to target the joint tissue, in high concentration, in forms the body can use. They do not mask the symptoms or kill the pain. However, just like the rest of the body, joints need to be fed every day, preferably 2 or 3 times a day, not just once a day, or every 4 - 6 weeks. Remember, the fastest, most effective, and economical way to address serious joint and connective tissue problems is to start a high quality oral supplement BEFORE the problem exists.

Preventive measures can really help a body be its very best, for the longest time. As well as help in the event there is an injury, as you're already supplying key nutrients... just add more while healing, reduce again when you're back to normal. The MD's Choice joint formula actually helps improve the synovial fluids, but, more importantly, it also strengthens the ligaments and tendons (and all other connective tissue and soft tissues), and supplies the body (systemically) with basic building block nutrients required to help the body build healthy joint tissue, in forms the body can readily use. (Yes, that's a mouth full).

With the MD's Choice joint formula, the ingredients are generally absorbed into the blood stream within 30 to 45 minutes, and can be found in the actual joint tissue within 4 to 6 hours. That does not mean it's a 'quick fix' or relief will happen right away, it's nutrition - not a pain blocker or masker.

It means that the body is getting the basic building blocks it needs, in the forms it can use, so it can start healing faster, easier, and better than it would have without those extra nutrients. It means the pain will decrease and go away over time, as the healing occurs. In other words, the MD's Choice joint formula does a whole lot more (and better) than oral HA by itself. And, it is better for the body than symptom blockers and pain killers. However, because of the potential for pain blocking in some bodies, which oral HA has shown with some, a few customers have reported a faster positive impact when they used oral HA in conjunction with MD's Choice's joint supplement. Just don't over use the HA, and be aware of the potential issues it causes while blocking the pain. 

MD's Choice has purposefully and knowingly avoided adding any pain killers and symptom blockers to their products, with the firm scientific belief that any such masking agents do NOT belong in a DAILY SUPPLEMENT INTENDED FOR DAILY PROLONGED USE.

Like any 'pain killer' - IF a person is going to use oral H.A.. it should be limited, controlled, and only used as needed... when needed... and daily use for more than 2 to 4 weeks at a time should be avoided. 

MD's Choice has three primary joint supplements:

  1. Arthrosamine Capsules for people of all ages, and smaller bodies; often used for toy dogs & cats, especially any with beef allergies.
  2. Arthrosamine Beefy Chewables for dogs (perfect for those under 150 pounds, the powder is recommended for larger dogs, as well as those with 'beef liver' allergies)
  3. Gluquestrian - powder for horses, and body's over 200 pounds (Yes, people use the powder, mixed with a variety of liquids (it just has to be ingested the same day it's mixed)). It's also used for large dogs, and a variety of other mammals.
Your Source for Quality Nutrition

Remember, the MD’s Choice products are PURE NUTRITION! The formulas on the key products have not changed since 1995, and It remains one of the most effective, most consistent, most bio-available (absorbable), and best 'joint formulas' on the market.

We care… and know our product can help make a difference in bodies of all ages.

The Doctors that formulated these products have NEVER DRAWN A SALARY from MD's Choice (or that wasn't why they did it; They wanted consistent high quality products for themselves, their family & friends, patients and clients, but ultimately:

They wanted to help change the world... ONE BODY AT A TIME!

For People
of All Ages

For more information on Arthrosamine™, a high quality joint supplement that doesn't use herbs or any of the unproven and often money-wasting ingredients that only make a fraction of the possible difference, please visit
Arthrosamine™ is pure nutrition for joints! Since 1998 MD's Choice has had a mind boggling RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE for nearly 25 years; maintained a 'zero complaints' rating with the BBB, and the guarantee isn't limited to just 30 days or 1 bottle!

They understand mammals, and absolutely know science. They are in fact NUTRITIONAL SPECIALISTS, that either actively practice medicine or have retired. Their goal was to help change the world, one body at a time... to help improve health when and where possible. Use it as directed, and if you don't physically notice a positive difference within the three bottles of faithful use you get your money back!

Many of the large budget marketing campaigns are written by the marketers, who don't have a clue about nutrition, absorption, bioavailability or effectiveness. Most doctors are NOT nutritional specialists and only took one or two semesters of nutrition in college. Our doctors, on the other hand, specialize in nutrition and preventative health for both human beings and animals. 

Give us a call from 7am to 5pm, M-F, PST (10 to 8 EST) with any questions, looking for a reseller in your area, or resellers placing an order.
865-380-0950 voice ~ 865-380-2212 fax

If you don't have free long distance, call 1-800-628-0997

Dr. Davenport

Dr. David Davenport, D.V.M., M.S., C.N.S. 

As a veterinarian and certified nutritional specialist (CNS) through the American College of Nutrition, he has devoted much of his time and studies to informing and educating people about the benefits of nutrition, dangers of herbs, and the fallacy of "quick cures." He believes in solutions through proper nutrition. He has spent many years in graduate coursework and research learning how to apply cutting-edge nutrition to clinical and preventive health care programs for both people and animals.

Dr. Martin

Dr. J. Eric Martin, D.V.M., M.S., C.N.S.

A veterinarian and certified nutritional specialist (CNS) through the American College of Nutrition, he continues devoting much of his time to educating students and clients about the benefits of nutrition, and the fallacy of "quick cures." He believes in medicine as necessary, and proper nutrition at all times. He has spent many years applying nutrition to clinical and preventive health care programs for both people and animals.

Dr. Bishop

Dr. Michael R. Bishop, MD, PhD, FACOG

graduated as a Pharmacist from Purdue before obtaining both a PhD in Pharmacology and Biochemistry, and a MD from Vanderbilt. He is a clinical instructor, a published surgeon and frequent speaker at scientific meetings. Over the past several years, Dr. Bishop has turned much of his attention to preventive health.

Dr. Blackford

Dr. Jim Blackford, DVM, MS, dACVS,

Retired Section Chief, Large Animal Surgery for The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. As an equine practitioner, surgeon, researcher, and instructor, he understands the critical importance of connective tissue health as it relates to the overall health and longevity of the body (horses in particular). 

MANY THANKS... to all that helped us!

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Nutrition is key, good nutrition important, but even the best nutrition doesn't replace the hands on experience of doctors able to evaluate the individual body on a case-by-case basis. There are far too many ailments, types of diseases, genetic issues, contributing factors, and medical issues producing side-effects and symptoms for any responsible person - especially a doctor or healthcare related professional - to do more than generalize or suggest some elevated or minimized concern, without in-person testing and a real world exam. IF YOU HAVE A SERIOUS CONCERN, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR!

Our products are great, and have had the best Results Based Guarantee in the nutritional industry for nearly 25 years, which should tell you a lot about us. WE CARE... quality, education, and service are our primary goals. We aren't the cheapest, but we are the 'biggest bang for the buck.' The dosing of our products are FLEXIBLE, based on the LEVEL OF NEED - from prophylactic to maintenance, therapeutic to treatment level needs. 

If you have a serious concern, or life threatening situation, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR, or a specialist that can see the body, do the tests, and evaluate the individual situation.

Any products we have are considered the very best in their class... and all the key products have a Results Based Guarantee!

We help change the world, ONE BODY AT A TIME!

Knowledge IS POWER 

  1. when it is proven with the test of TIME, not just strangers opinions! (even under the best of circumstances, unless you know them, you don't know their motivation... or thoroughness). 
  2. when it can be communicated, and then understood by those seeking it, along with the wisdom to use correctly!
  3. ONLY when it is applied! There are many great things stashed away in closets, hidden on shelves, buried in basements... and they aren't powerful, UNTIL THEY CAN BE APPLIED BY OTHERS! 

Terry Mercer

My unique experience with MD's Choice, and Arthrosamine, are WHY I'M HERE!

Despite having wrist, elbow, and knee surgery prior to meeting the doctors before the company was started in 1995. I was fast growing, 6 foot tall in grade school, six foot six and a half when I graduated. Tall, skinny, and a bit uncoordinated for many years, which didn’t work well for someone that was a bit of an adrenalin junky.

Consequently, from age 5 to about 45 I averaged at least one doctor treated broken bone per year, minimum (some years more, some accidents involved more that one broken bone, sprained joint, or twisted limb). Growing up in rural America in the 60's, The Long Rancher, Evil Knievel and Zoro were my hero's. Thankfully, I've only had two instances of broken bones since 2016, and most of my adrenalin junkie days are over. 

I started my first 'business' at age 10 (lawn mowing, raking, and gutter cleaning). I'd hustle the 'jobs' and work them, but also included some of my friends, as 'employees' - when there was enough work to go around, or it was a project that required more than one person. 

I started playing with cameras around that time, winning a blue ribbon at the County Fair back in 1974 with a photo my photography teacher entered on my behalf. It was a costly hobby back then, even learning to roll, develop, and print your own film; so my photography stuff waned until about 1992, when digital cameras were released. I LOVED IT! Despite it being 'small' (initial digital was just 320x200, great for the web, but not practical for printing quality above a wallet size) Limited only by hard drive/storage space. It became a serious profession, nights and weekends, around 2009; shooting sporting events and concerts. 

By age 13, I was a service project away from Eagle Scout, with every single merit badge that existed at that time. I had an aptitude for computers, and was one of the only junior high 'kids' allowed to program on the 'main frame' at the local high school and community college. I was in the US Air Force at 17... leaving my home town just days after my graduation; then with an Honorable Medical Discharge, I became an assistant manager of my first corporate store by 19. 

I enjoyed exploring, challenging myself, learning, and doing a variety of things, like, skating, boarding, bicycling, skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, bungee jumping & zip lines, roller coasters & sling shots, climbing, as well as assorted sports activities.

I often pushed my limits, doing things many people wouldn't even try. I've had motorcycles jumping over me, horses stampeded directly at, and past me. I've been on the line at football and basket ball games, with a camera in my face, focused on taking pictures of the players, as they crashed past the invisible line. I loved speed: having been nearly 100 mph on the water, nearly 170 on a motorcycle, nearly 200 in a car... even over 70 mph hanging on to a ski rope, being pulled behind a boat. I loved pushing the limits, and have been around a wide variety of unique situations over the years. However, I occasionally over estimated my ability (or the situation), or miscalculated, and consequently got hurt. 

My most painful break, ever, was BOTH HEELS... showing off on a trampoline, I did a forward flip landing in a pike position... but my heels slammed the 4" steel bar, with excruciating pain instantly shooting up my body. Over 40 years later, I still have sensitive 'bumps' on my heels, and physically can't wear certain types of shoes, because of how they impact my heels. 

The nastiest looking break: my left leg, when I was about 12. I was on some old school cross country skis, at a scouting event, 23 miles from Ashland. We were building igloo's, skiing, and ice fishing. While I was going down a slight slope, after it had snowed the night before, the tip of my left ski went under a downed tree (the right leg kept going). When the snow settled, my left leg was behind my back, with the foot coming out from under my right arm pit... with the cross country ski STILL ON. Yes, it was painful... especially getting the ski off, and then my dad and other adults loading me on to the sled my dad & I had built... to haul me out of the wilderness to the vehicle... then to the hospital. Before I finished grade school, I was very aware of the routine of x-ray techs, casts, learned to run on crutches, and could balance a wheel chair on two wheels (I could go down curbs and a couple steps without issue. Though I can still balance a wheel chair, I'm not sure I could jump curbs these days). 

While computers, cameras, and business were things I enjoyed... I also finished a small degree in PHYSICAL SCIENCES. Basically anatomy, diseases, 

I point out all that, because the study of 'nutrition' wasn't top on my list, it was because the doctor's insisted I knew something about the stuff I was helping them market. They insisted that I have a grasp of what the different ingredients used, especially for joint & digestive products, actually DO WITHIN THE BODY. They insisted that I wasn't just an 'order taker' - but someone that could ACTUALLY TRY TO HELP OTHERS SOLVE COMMON PROBLEMS! 

Arthrosamine capsules easily gave me over 30 years of joint health back! I'm a firm believer in the benefits this product has to offer; to the point I moved from the west coast to Tennessee to help the doctors bring this product to market back in 1998. I faithfully use it everyday! Today, over twenty years later, I'm the CEO of MD's Choice... and have strived to never cut corners on quality. We HAVE the 'Rolls Royce' type of product, at Cadillac prices. We acknowledge we aren't the cheapest, but when it comes to oral supplements... WE ARE THE BEST! The biggest bang for the buck, and we have stood behind that statement since 1998 with a RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE that isn't limited to 30-days or 1 bottle! We wouldn't have been able to do that if our product didn't work as the doctors that actually formulated it have repeatedly said!

Terry Mercer, Computers & Cameras, Web Development, and now CEO of MD's Choice 

Joints Report: The Good, Bad, and Useless - 2022

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