There are real differences: 

‘Veterinary Supplements‘ 

designed by professionals, to specifically help solve problems, or increase productivity for purpose to allow, extend, or enhance quality of life. Generally, 'Veterinarian Created' (and carried) Supplements are the type of products designed to help SOLVE PROBLEMS... including "treat, cure, and prevent" through their own 'professional' clinic and client base. The Nutritional Specialists focus on designing products that can help a body more efficiently and effectively, by targeting 'what' the body needs (and is already looking for, and used to using), in forms it can effectively absorb and benefit from, which are usually more consistent & concentrated than normal diet or 'feed.'

In some states (and countries) 'Veterinary Supplements' are considered a ‘drug’ because of their potency, purity, and purpose; yet just a 'commercial feed' in other states. 

While ‘Pet Supplements‘ are OTC (over the counter) in all 50 states, readily available to the general public, they are seldom ever seen IN (available through) a Vet Clinic or hospital. Nor are they really suggested by most professionals, because these type of products are often less effective, usually diluted, and either inconsistent or significantly less potent than other options; or they contain 'herbal remedies' which open up a whole batch of other issues. But hey, they are often cheap – because they are MADE CHEAPLY, and often with foreign ingredients and sometimes even in countries we would not wish to even drink their water without boiling and straining it first! These type of mass marketed, often celebrity endorsed, products are designed to sweep the market for maximize profits, not solutions… and most of those type of companies don’t have the same product five or 10 years from now; as they are chasing the 'flavor of the year' or some 'hype' over actual science, and effective solutions. 

Many Vet Supplements can become ‘pet supplements,’ but most ‘pet supplements’ can never be considered ‘Vet Supplements.

Yes, the product is cGMP manufactured, in FDA inspected and approved facilities, with high ISO standards. There is rigorous testing on the ingredients, and over the years with the product in the field. A standard process we’ve effectively used since 1995, and it really does work… or we wouldn’t still have a RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE all these years.

Our products are focused on joint problems in horses, canine arthritis, knee and hip problems. The digestive product is also amazing, and helps with many different issues, as peer reviewed articles delineate. Our products are currently available through many Veterinarian's.

Some places can be overwhelming, like petmd, pet meds, Chewy, Paws, Smart Pack, Smart Pak, KV Vet, Tractor Supply, and other such retailers. They often have what they think is ‘turning quickly’ and profitable, rather than ‘the most effective’ and best.

MD’s Choice started with the human products in 1995, and expanded to official animal labeled product with All the products were designed by professionals, FOR professionals. Focused on the science of supplying what the body needs to optimize & maintain health, in a safe and serious fashion. Veterinary Medicine is a key factor in our decisions, since the most science over the last 50 years exists with animals.

The price, quality, and consistency of our products haven’t changed all these years. If you haven’t tried our products, you don’t know what you’re missing! Especially if you have a joint or digestive issue. With our Results Based Guarantee, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! has a FREE REPORT, and a great deal more information, in the article: “Joint Supplements: The Good, Bad, and Useless.”

~ If you use any supplement, then form, quality, and bio-availability (absorption, the amount actually used by the body) really should matter (for yourself, and any body you’re using those supplements on).

~ Safety, effectiveness, and efficiency in the supplements you purchase should also matter.

~ Science is real, and it shouldn’t be ignored. The reality is supported by facts, stats, testing, experiments, and experience. Far too many companies in the supplement industry focus more on paying those celebrities to endorse their products, deceptive or misinformed advertising, and utterly false implications to push their inferior products on the unsuspecting consumer.

~ Whether you are using a supplement to improve performance, support health, improve longevity, or to help deal with an recent injury or chronic problem… then MD’s Choice products should help eliminate most concerns, for some specific issues, by supplying what the body needs, in forms it can readily use. However, we do not have any ‘weight loss’ or herbal ‘remedies,’ for some very specific reasons.

~ If you purchase a new car, you have a reasonable expectation it should work, with minimal hassle. The same should be true with supplements. They should either work as described, or you should be able to get your money back. This is something MD’s Choice started doing in 1998 with a 100% Results Based Guarantee… which has satisfied 100% of our customers! We know our products won’t ‘work’ for 100% of the bodies, but will for more than 98%… and after more than 20 years, we know precisely when, where, and how our products will (and won’t) work.

Getting our joint product for Osteoporosis, or degenerative bone disease isn’t going to solve your problem (we do have a bone product that can effectively help with those issues, but even then may not eliminate them, or necessarily replace any need for surgery). Getting our general supplement, one of the Complete Formula’s, won’t really help your joint, digestion, or bone issues… despite having 97 different nutrients: vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. We know our products… and IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT US: via phone (865-380-0950 - leave a message with the best time & number to call if the phones aren't answered; as some days are busier than others) Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, eastern time; or email (

We take helping people seriously, and if we don’t believe our product can actually and honestly help you… we’ll tell you. If we know what might, we’ll tell you that too. One of the side effects with our Results Based Guarantee, it takes all the hog wash out of the conversation. It’s OUR OWN MONEY ON THE LINE if you buy a product from us that doesn’t work as described. We know that, so we strive to give you the most accurate information we possibly can, to help you find a solution to the problem you called about.

Digestion & Joint Supplements, and ‘general health’ are our primary products.

If you’re using one of these ‘competing’ products: move free, pain free, cosequin, cetyl-m, vital 3, dasaquin, instaflex, or any oral joint supplement, PLEASE take the time to sign up for the FREE Article at, and understand the results and importance of the multi-year unbiased study, involving over 1500 people, over the course of 6 years. The GAIT Study is clear on glucosamine HCl and chondroitin, they don’t really help improve anything, and aren’t actively absorbed by the body! The FREE Article goes into why… as well as most all of the other common ingredients used in joint supplements, which aren’t covered in that study. It also discusses things that can work – explains how they work – and what the various ingredients really do within the body.

These are things the doctors at MD’s Choice knew back in the early 90’s, which is why they started formulating and designing select supplements. The GAIT study just massively confirmed what they already knew. The doctors had the goal of helping solve problems, and improve certain types of issues, which weren’t honestly being addressed by supplements at that time (or really now, nearly 30 years later, with very few exceptions). It was personal to them - for their own family, patients, and practices... so they bothered to study it in depth, and designed functional solutions that have been tried and tested, and repeatedly used, over the years by thousands of people. EFFECTIVE PRODUCTS, with predictable solutions, usually within 3 to 12 weeks, depending on the body and issue. 

Joint issues? There are no better oral supplements than MD’s Choice joint supplements… for horses, dogs, cats, and people!

Digestion issues? We have the answer for many digestive issues… common to dogs, cats, and even people! (The equine version is special order large quantity orders only at this point, because of the cost and availability of one of the equine specific ingredients).

Over 26 years in business, with a 100% Results Based Guarantee that is unmatched! Unheard of in the supplement industry! Since 1995, the Prices, Quality, Consistency, and Effectiveness of Our Key Products Have Not Changed!

MD’s Choice understands and believes in the SCIENCE of Nutrition; and, producing the highest quality supplements possible at competitive prices.

Our products are specifically designed by real professionals, actual doctors, and experts in the field of nutrition and anatomy… with goals of targeting and solving problems, fulfilling deficiencies, and assist you and your animals in having a better, healthier life!

MD’s Choice is pure nutrition, with quality targeted supplements, offering both normal and performance nutrition options.

Our products contain no masking agents. No pain killers. These are tricks many of our competitors use.
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Quality & Service are our chosen specialties

Since 1995, MD's Choice has maintained the very best guarantee in the nutritional supplement market, bar none;  with over a 90% success rate for those that actually use the MD’s Choice products as directed.

An unheard of commitment in the health industry. Our guarantee covers the initial period of use, usually 6 to 24 weeks, depending on the problem, not just 1 bottle, or 30 days, the majority of our competitors have.

For serious problems, please contact us directly for the most effective dosing for the specific body and situation. We want our product to work for you, and believe YOU WILL POSITIVELY SEE RESULTS or GET A FULL REFUND for the containers you purchased (limit 3 large containers). No formal testing (or doctors note) is required for reimbursement (as some of our competitors have).

Our company stands behind our product, because the science is solid, and we have a results based guarantee you can honestly trust! MD’s Choice has had zero complaints with the BBB for over 20 years, and either A+ or 'unrated' (because we don't pay for ratings); something few businesses of any type can brag about, especially businesses in the nutrition or health industries.
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Science, especially nutrition, is a vital part of life... living... and longevity. Nothing on this website, or any other, should ever be given more power or authority than your actual doctor: that has seen the body, ran the tests, poked, prodded, x-rayed or ultra-sounded when necessary, thoroughly examined, and genuinely evaluated the history of the patient. Part of the reason the FDA has regulations and requirements, such as “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.” is to help protect the consumer from false claims, 'magic cures,' 'miracle claims,' and dangerously avoidable contraindications (side-effects). We understand and agree!

Drugs should have quality control regulations, safety requirements, and that includes all plant derived drugs (herbs) which have their place, but seldom ever in a 'daily supplement, intended for prolonged use.'  Supplements should be tested for all the common contaminants, including heavy metals, which MD's Choice has been doing since the very beginning.

Nutrition is key, good nutrition important, but even the best nutrition doesn't replace the hands on experience of doctors able to evaluate the individual on a case-by-case basis. There are far too many ailments, types of diseases, genetic issues, contributing factors, and medical issues producing side-effects and symptoms for any responsible person - especially a doctor or healthcare related professional - to do more than generalize or suggest some elevated or minimized concern, without in-person testing and a real world exam.

Our products are great, and have had the best Results Based Guarantee in the nutritional industry for over 23 years, which should tell you a whole lot about us and how we do business. WE CARE... If you have a serious concern, or life threatening situation, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR, or a specialist that can see the body, do the tests, and evaluate the individual situation.   Our Privacy Policy