The people interested in this website are

• anyone that wants to improve health, and/or reduce suffering for themselves, or their beloved family member or pet, and hopes to increase longevity. Those people will appreciate the information and quality of MD’s Choice products.
• particularly developed and focused on mammals – dogs, horses, and people
• available to all Medical & Veterinary Schools, members of the AMA & AVMA… as well as Orthopedic Specialists, Chiropractors, and other professionals that regularly deal with joints and bone… or digestion issues.
• MD’s Choice started on the human product side, in 1995… and still have numerous products for people (only a few key products are listed here… see for the rest of the people products and more information). 

  • ~ Want honest solutions,
  • ~ Care about themselves (and Others),
  • ~ Care about animals,
  • ~ Are either Athletes or over age 35

MD’s Choice formulas are backed by real science

The products are actually developed by real doctors… certified nutritionists, clinical instructors, researchers, veterinarian’s, and an actual medical doctor with a PhD in pharmacology & biochemistry.

Not by some ‘equine nutritionist’ that specialized in hay & grain, sweet feed, pastures, and agricultural issues, but not so much on nutrients outside of those areas.

Not by some ‘eastern medicines’ person, that got their ‘certification’ in a few months about ‘herbs.’

The doctors that designed the products for MD's Choice have years of training, and experience… and board certifications, and have acted altruistically in helping develop custom formulas for MD’s Choice without ever drawing a salary (from MD’s Choice)… just so they, themselves – and their own family & friends, can benefit from a better more efficient product formula. They are NOT quacks, naturopaths, or holistic anything. They are real doctors, with experience in real medical cases, valid licenses to practice, and most either have their own practice and/or were also involved with teaching (at the university level) and/or clinical research here in Tennessee (or since retired). They are not from some ‘mail order’ or foreign school handing out ‘certification’s for a few dollars, which a couple of our competitors seem so proud of.

The professionals that developed and formulated the MD’s Choice products are real, and actually studied nutrition, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes, cells, structures, and all those things natural to the body, actually usable by the body and wanted by a body to optimize health and healing. They care about mammals – human and pet – and spent years learning how nutrients and ingredients work in a mammals body; because they are practicing doctors, clinical instructors, actual researchers, and inventors of treatment protocols and solutions in the real world.

It’s vital to understand, there is absolutely NO ORAL SUPPLEMENT that will alter or eliminate calcium deposits, bone spurs, scar tissue, reverse a joint completely devoid of cartilage, or change physical abnormalities to the bone(s) at the joint surface. Nor will any supplement ‘climb in there’ and re-attach a completely detached ligament (it can help the rest, and help in the healing IF SURGERY IS DONE, but it will not ‘re-attach’ it). Any company claiming otherwise is LYING TO YOU. These type of problems will remain, and continue, unless surgery is done. That is reality.

With that said, synovial fluids absolutely can be improved with the right type of nutrients; science has proven this… and also conclusively showed that Glucosamine HCL or Oral HA are NOT nutrients that can positively impact issues related to synovial fluid (or joints). See the GAIT STUDY for the conclusion of that multiyear human study done by the NIH.

Ligaments & tendons can be strengthened, helping add some flexibility and mobility with the proper ingredients. Although it’s slower than an injection, or masking agent, proper nutritional supplementation can actually help improve joint health. Science proves which ingredients can (and can NOT) really work, and how those that are deemed ‘to work’ actually work, where and how they are used. Knowing that helps a person understand whether they are promoting healing or merely masking symptoms.

When it comes to the joint tissue, the ‘fast’ options don’t actually fix or improve anything, they just make the brain not ‘feel’ or notice the pain, discomfort, or problem as much; which can actually lead to further damage, because healing didn’t really happen. There are a lot of terrible products on the market, made by people that care more about making money than actually helping improve or eliminate problems. They offer an illusion of help, claiming some ‘fast results’ or ‘quick fix’ (but in reality, they are only masking the symptoms, killing the pain). Really, they are ignoring the science of what the ingredients really do (and don’t do), and how those ingredients impact other ingredients and treatment protocols. The science exists. It’s not a secret.

Surgery is the only ‘quick FIX’ for most serious issues like ripped ligaments or tendons, severe ring bone, or bone spurs. The MD’s Choice products are the next best thing, and should be taken PRIOR TO and AFTER surgery, as they actually help the body get back its feet faster and better (with or without surgery).

You can tell a lot about a company by merely looking at the ingredients they use, as well as what they don’t use. 

  • Companies that have products containing Calcium Carbonate, Iron Oxide, Glucosamine HCl (hydrochloride), are companies you should honestly and completely avoid!
  • The reason is because science and reality are not high on their list of priorities, or they wouldn’t be using those ingredients… at all, in any joint, bone, digestion, or general health promoting type product.
  • There is a whole lot of science, decades, proving those FORMS of ingredients aren’t highly absorbed, and mostly pass through the body (in the urine or feces)

Quality & Service are our chosen specialties

Since 1995, MD's Choice has maintained the very best guarantee in the nutritional supplement market, bar none;  with over a 90% success rate for those that actually use the MD’s Choice products as directed.

An unheard of commitment in the health industry. Our guarantee covers the initial period of use, usually 6 to 24 weeks, depending on the problem, not just 1 bottle, or 30 days, the majority of our competitors have.

For serious problems, please contact us directly for the most effective dosing for the specific body and situation. We want our product to work for you, and believe YOU WILL POSITIVELY SEE RESULTS or GET A FULL REFUND for the containers you purchased (limit 3 large containers). No formal testing (or doctors note) is required for reimbursement (as some of our competitors have).

Our company stands behind our product, because the science is solid, and we have a results based guarantee you can honestly trust! MD’s Choice has had zero complaints with the BBB for over 20 years, and either A+ or 'unrated' (because we don't pay for ratings); something few businesses of any type can brag about, especially businesses in the nutrition or health industries.
For individual consultation or questions about our products, call

Monday - Friday, 10am to 6pm, Eastern Time
or via email at:
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Science, especially nutrition, is a vital part of life... living... and longevity. Nothing on this website, or any other, should ever be given more power or authority than your actual doctor: that has seen the body, ran the tests, poked, prodded, x-rayed or ultra-sounded when necessary, thoroughly examined, and genuinely evaluated the history of the patient. Part of the reason the FDA has regulations and requirements, such as “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.” is to help protect the consumer from false claims, 'magic cures,' 'miracle claims,' and dangerously avoidable contraindications (side-effects). We understand and agree!

Drugs should have quality control regulations, safety requirements, and that includes all plant derived drugs (herbs) which have their place, but seldom ever in a 'daily supplement, intended for prolonged use.'  Supplements should be tested for all the common contaminants, including heavy metals, which MD's Choice has been doing since the very beginning.

Nutrition is key, good nutrition important, but even the best nutrition doesn't replace the hands on experience of doctors able to evaluate the individual on a case-by-case basis. There are far too many ailments, types of diseases, genetic issues, contributing factors, and medical issues producing side-effects and symptoms for any responsible person - especially a doctor or healthcare related professional - to do more than generalize or suggest some elevated or minimized concern, without in-person testing and a real world exam.

Our products are great, and have had the best Results Based Guarantee in the nutritional industry for over 23 years, which should tell you a whole lot about us and how we do business. WE CARE... If you have a serious concern, or life threatening situation, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR, or a specialist that can see the body, do the tests, and evaluate the individual situation.   Our Privacy Policy