Earlier versions of the articles have been published in many different magazines over the years; mostly those focused on the science of health & nutrition here in North America.  

Over 24yrs of Science consolidated into easy to understand terms.  

This content is the result of thousands of hours, over the last 24+ years, by many professionals actually doing research, sorting through scientific abstracts, journal articles, research papers, and the latest findings released... as well as talking to thousands of end-users, patients, and clients over the years. 

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Joint Supplements: The Good, Bad, and Useless

What started as just 4 pages in 1998, has grown to more than 40 printed pages of information, with the addition of some new ingredients being promoted for joint issues and arthritis treatments.  Oral HA, MSM, Cetyl-myristolate, CBD Oil, and some 'herbal remedies.'  

There have been many teachers, students, and regular citizens that have actively used the nutritional information in the article to help improve their life (and/or that of their family, friends, and even pets). Since the 90's, our web sites have received tens of millions of visitors, from around the world, wanting to learn more about proper nutrition, and the assorted ingredients often used in supplements. And we get questions every day. 

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