Results Based Guarantee

First, and foremost, we – at MD’s Choice – strive to treat people how we’d like to be treated. Honestly, fairly, and with logical science based reality.

We don’t ‘blow smoke’ to get a sale, and despise ‘snake oil’ salesmen that push things contrary to science and our years of experience. If we don’t honestly think our product will help you, based on what you’ve told us… then we will tell you! Bottom line, it’s OUR money & reputation is on the line…

So please… if you’re not going to honestly ‘try’ our product, as directed, for at least 6 to 12 weeks, understand you are NOT LIKELY to see or feel ‘positive results’ in just ONE BOTTLE, or at just a ‘maintenance dose.’ WE ALREADY KNOW THIS…

Our Results Based Guarantee is for THREE BOTTLES – usually the large ones, for appropriate dosing to cover the initial 6 to 24 weeks of use (depending on dosing size & severity of problem)

We understand how, when, where, and why our product will ‘work’ for the majority. We accept it’s not 100% of the time, but we know why it REALLY DOES WORK for the 90% that actually use it as directed (and either use as a doctor recommends, or that called us for the best dosing for your individual needs, if they have serious issues).

Sadly, there are some people that think they can comparatively put a gallon of fuel into their vehicle and drive to the other side of this nation. That’s NOT HOW IT WORKS! Nutrition is ultimately the fuel for the body. The dosing needs to be correct, and at least reasonable. It needs to be taken EVERY DAY, usually at least two (sometimes three) times a day for more serious issues.

The MD’s Choice RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE is up to THREE (3) bottles APPROPRIATE for the body size (dosing), to allow the average 6 to 24 weeks of proper daily use, with the correct dosage… if you don’t see a difference, you get your money back!

So, to answer the customer wanting to know if a single 500g powder container (Gluquestrian) would be appropriate ‘to see a difference’ in a 1000# adult horse with moderate to sever chronic joint issues: The answer is, NO IT WOULD NOT!
Let me explain why: There would be a low probability that you would honestly ‘see’ a difference in even just one 1000g container for the horse and problems described, because of the age of the issues, size of the body, and current health of the joints… it will require a bit more product for a bit longer time to deal with the problems described… in our experience.
That 500g container would be appropriate for a large dog, large person, and the average Shetland pony with beginning to moderate joint issues.

Since our product does not contain symptom maskers, blockers, or pain killers… ‘results’ will NOT BE SEEN in hours, days, or even usually in just 2 or 3 weeks. Results will NOT USUALLY be seen in just one container, unless it’s primarily synovial fluid.

Our product promotes HEALING… by supplying the body the nutrients it needs for a specific system (region or problem), in forms the body can readily use. Unless it’s synovial fluids (for the joint product)… most structural change takes an average of 3 to 8 weeks at a loading dose… assuming average problems and often a DOUBLE STARTING DOSE. That is generally at least two to three appropriate size containers to get the necessary time on the product.

NOTE: That does NOT include serious injuries, or severe debilitating issues that have been chronic for many years…or larger than average bodies…. those situations WILL LIKELY REQUIRE HIGHER STARTING DOSES, and likely upwards of 8 to 12 weeks for significant enough positive change to be noticed. Seldom are results not physically seen (felt) by the end of the third bottle…

The following was my response to a customer that is nearly 350#, with severe RA… that used just one bottle (of the human product) at a ‘maintenance level dose’ (too low, for an actual existing problem)… and somehow expected some miracle cure (or relief)… which is scientifically impossible with our product, at that dose, for the issues he described.

Same logic & science for the other mammals using our product.

“I saw your message, and would like to know if you’d like us to try to help you solve the problem – if we can. [note: at this time, there was nothing about size, problem, severity, other medications or treatments in the generic message requesting a refund]

First, as far as I can tell you ordered just 1 bottle over 60 days ago, which is normally a 60 day MAINTENANCE SUPPLY for people already using our product (or a preventive type dose). The loading dose instructions on the bottle is 2 capsules twice a day (that’s 4 caps a day minimum for bodies new to our product) to start with, assuming average size body, activity level, and moderate issues. Larger bodies, and more severe issues may require higher dosing to start. We recommend talking to us if there is any question.

That means 1 bottle would have only lasted a maximum of 30 days (potentially less to start with, depending on age, weight, severity, location, continued use, other medications & treatments, and goals… which you are welcome to call us for more specific dosing for your individual situation). However, you stretched it to 2 months expecting something?!?! Isn’t that sorta like thinking you’ll get twice the mileage in your vehicle if you switch to jet fuel? Or your car will run just as good on just one quart of oil. Short sighted, and willfully ignoring over twenty years of experience and over 60 years of science.

Second, more than 90% of the people that use our product correctly physically see a difference, sadly it’s not 100%… but it usually requires at least 2 to 3 bottles, and starting out at the proper dose (at least 4 capsules a day – 2 twice a day – and working down, once the healing has occurred… which varies in time and severity of the issues with the individual, as well as continued use & goals).

Personally, at 6’4″ 260lbs, age 35 when I started, Dr. Davenport recommended that I begin at 9 capsules a day, 3 – three times a day – because I had serious joint issues, from a life time of injuries, accidents, and being so tiny. These days, twenty years later, I’m at 1 or 2 capsules a day (total), and can even skip days here and there… but it took me three years to get to this point. (If I have a joint related injury, I jump the dosing back up during the healing period… then taper back down… and I’ve found – for me – it helps a massive amount, and I recover much faster than most people would with the same injury).

Third, having done this for over twenty years… and using the product myself, I have a very clear understanding how it works. Unless the issue is moderate, in a major joint (knees, hips, shoulder), and JUST synovial fluid, we know that about 90% of the time it will NOT work to any significance in just one bottle.

If it’s a ligament, tendon, or cartilage issue it will absolutely take more product, longer, 99.9% of the time. If a person is very active, over about 170 pounds, or over 35 years old… they didn’t get that issue over night, so the odds are against the product ‘working’ in 1 or even 2 bottles. This is because there are no herbs, no pain killers, blocking agents, or symptom reducers (ie. herbs are plant derived drugs, which do not help heal, improve, or really solve the problem… but rather just mask it).

Our product works in a very specific way, and seldom in just one or two bottles, or too low of a starting dose (when there is a serious existing issue). Which is why we have a THREE BOTTLE RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE without talking with us, and occasionally longer, depending on the individual, their problem, and our talk with them.

So, the question remains: Do you do you honestly want to see if we can help you improve your health?? We’re happy to help you if we can… and you get your money back if we can’t. But please, either give us a fair & honest chance to help you… and commit to trying the correct dose for at least 6 to 12 weeks. 

If you honestly want us to try to help you solve the problem, we’ll need more details and specifics, so we can recommend the correct starting dose… and logical method to reduce the dosing, over time.

The following 10 minute video might help you understand a little more about how Arthrosamine ‘works’ –


Terry Mercer,
President, MD’s Choice, Inc.

Valuable Info about Ingredients Commonly Found in Joint Supplements:

Honestly, if you have a serious joint problem… and you feel you should ‘see’ the product ‘work’ in just one bottle, the odds are against you. That is NOT HOW OUR PRODUCT WORKS!

If you can’t (or won’t) commit to use ‘as directed’ for at least 6 to 12 weeks, at the proper dose, then PLEASE GO to a different company. Likely one of those companies that will mask your symptoms or block the pain. But hey, they might actually block the pain, none of our products do that, as your issues continue to actually get worse.