An ingredient you’ll NEVER see in any MD’s Choice product.

Here is why: Molecularity, when it goes through the digestive tract, it’s smallest parts are too large to effectively get into the blood stream, much less the joint tissue. Science shows that over 70% of the ‘best’ chondroitin sulphate on the market in found in the feces within 24 hours! Making for some expensive poop!

Just say NO to Chondroitin

Any company still using ‘glucosamine & chondroitin’ in their oral joint supplement is willfully ignoring decades of science on absorption, function, and reality! It should be a signal to educated consumers that THAT COMPANY doesn’t really know much about nutrition, willfully ignores science, or doesn’t honestly care about their product or customers!

Furthermore, there are some major differences within the same compound. Yes, it can get very complicated. There is a company in Texas, Nutrimax (Cosequin, Cosemin, etc.) that has a patented process… and the undisputed best chondroitin on the market, although their own science shows up to 70% of their ‘special’ patented chondroitin exits the body within 24 hours (unused)… yet their form really has been scientifically proven to be the best type of chondroitin, at 250,000 daltons (the molecular size), manufactured.

HOWEVER, one needs to understand science: NOTHING larger than 5,000 daltons can be absorbed by the joint tissues. (which is why up to 70% of their ‘best’ is found in the poop within 24 hours). Yeah, they have the best ‘chondroitin’ on the market:


Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl is the best choice!

The professionals at MD’s Choice designed formulas that actively use select ingredients, in their best forms, with specific ratios, with the optimum combinations of ‘contributing nutrients’ to create the most bio-available products possible for the money. This ensures the maximum amount of key nutrients were safely made available to the body, to actively help the body either solve specific problems, or maintain optimum health.

No magic… just real science!

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