One of the most common questions are:

HOW LONG DOES THE PRODUCT LAST? (Shelf Life, prior to being opened). And,

What is the difference between the EXP date (EXPIRATION) vs MFG date (Manufacturer)?

In general, unless otherwise stated, all MD’s Choice products are good for at least three years from the MFG Date, with very few exceptions.

Product needs to be stored in cool dry place, room temperature or colder (refrigerator or freezer ok for all powder, capsule, and chewable products). Temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or less, are fine… especially for ‘the bottle’ currently being used.

It’s important there are NOT BIG TEMPERATURE VARIANCES causing condensation within the container, and ‘moisture’ will degrade the product more quickly (still usually months).

Once opened, the ‘dosing’ usually determines the maximum time it can last. But, if you leave it in a hot car, tack trailer, or open in the rain… you could ruin the product.

Most of our products have the EXP date, some the MFG date… the latter (MFG) gives you knowledge of when it was last officially ‘manufactured’ – hence tested, blended, bottled, and put in our cold storage. Our product will last for at least three years from that day with reasonable care, when left sealed. The EXP is basically the ‘BEST BY’ date, in most cases. With that said, we have a jug of Gluquestrian that has been in a freezer for 12 years, that is opened once in a while to be view and have a scoop pulled, and it still tests out perfectly at label specs.

HEAT & MOISTURE (for the dry product), and TYPE OF INGREDIENTS really matters the most when determining shelf life or ordering quantity. We have many people that calculate what they feel they will need for the next 6 to 12 months, and longer, and purchase all at once, to save that $9.75 PER SHIPMENT and to take advantage of any specials we might have. The main thing, to allow the product to last the longest, and be the best, is to LIMIT the temperature variance and don’t store in high heat areas, or open in high moisture areas. It’s not a problem to purchase what you’ll want or need over the next 6 to 24 months in the same order. . if you want it to last longer than that, LET US KNOW prior to your order.

We’re talking PURE NUTRITION, not drugs, no symptom masking … so you won’t feel (or see) instant change or ANY QUICK PAIN REDUCTION.

We use the products ourselves, our family & friends use these products. MD’s Choice sincerely cares about the quality, consistency, safety, effectiveness, and function of our products. We hope all this matters to you, and are thankful for the 90+% of people that honestly try our product for 3 containers who notice the difference, and become part of the MD’s Choice family of happy customers!

IF you still have questions, feel free to send us a message or give us a call M-F 10am to 6pm E S T (7am to 3pm Pacific Time, though there is usually someone around most weekdays until at least 5pm PST/8pm EST).