One of the most common questions is PROPER DOSING.

Understand, all MD’s Choice products are designed with a FLEXIBLE DOSING, which take into account certain factors specific to the individual, as well as the CURRENT level of health (and time goals).

Proper Nutrition really does depend on a few factors, such as: diet, age, weight, location (of the problem) and severity; as well as any other medication(s) or treatment used (on the body – for anything else), the current activity level, exercise routine, and other physical goals can also impact dosing.

IF you have a serious, pre-existing, or chronic problem, you’ll likely need a bit more to start with… the only questions are how much more, and for how long. No one wants to ‘maintain’ a problem, they want to improve it, help it heal, and have it go away when possible. So, taking a ‘maintenance dose’ will NOT HELP SOLVE AN EXISTING PROBLEM!

And yes, there are some issues our products can help, but will never make ‘go away.’ Our joint or bone products will NOT alter structural abnormalities, remove bone spurs, reattach ligaments tone lose, or straighten maladjusted healing. Surgery is what fixes those things, and our products CAN ACTUALLY HELP REDUCE RECOVERY TIMES when you have surgery on those type of things, which is why Orthopedic Surgeon’s recommend or prescribe our products before, during, and after joint related surgeries. Our products supply the body the nutrients it needs, in forms it can actually use, to help expedite the repair and maintenance of the body in a natural and reasonable fashion. No magic; no quick fixes; no masking agents or pain blockers (use those as needed, when needed, and as your doctor recommends). We offer pure, quality NUTRITION… the body CAN ACTUALLY USE!


In general, nearly any and all ‘nutrition’ should be taken at, with, or just before a meal… so the stomach acid is activated, and starts to churn and optimize the use of what ever nutrients it finds within (whether food stuff or supplementation).
Do NOT wait until after you’ve eaten, if possible, as you want to get the most out of the focused nutrients you’re supplying to your body.
As for the food… it doesn’t have to be a lot, or even a whole meal… it could be just a slice of bread, or lite snack, if you’re traveling or out and unable to get a meal to follow up. The more regular your diet can be, is also better for your body… and easier on your systems.
Some people can effectively take a handful of pills on an empty stomach and actually obtain the full benefit from the nutrients supplied; but many can’t. It really depends on HOW HEALTHY your digestive tract is… how much stomach acid you normally have. Most people have an idea how long food stuff sits within their digestive tract, and that is a key factor to extracting nutrients (from food or supplements).
The MD’s Choice products are designed to break down quickly, with minimal stomach acid… and begin to be useful to the body. However, that still works out to about 15 to 30 minutes for the average person, for absorption to occur.
The average Ph level in the stomach of an adult, with something ON THEIR STOMACH (the brain thinks is food stuff), is going to be around 3 to 4.5 for most people. The lower the number, the more acidic… the faster the break down. However, if a person has chronic digestive problems, that number might creep up to the 5.5 to even 6.5 range (7 is neutral… no acid = no break down, stuff sits, ferments, and causes ‘acid reflux’ from the gases of the sitting food stuff). At a Ph of 7, digestion is tough to impossible… unless food is basically liquefied. Often chronic constipation, or even impaction, and weight gain issues are more likely with higher ph levels and the poor digestion associated with that.


Morning & Night, Morning, noon, and night… the more you can split the dosing, generally, the better it is FOR YOUR BODY, and the more effectively nutrients will be used; just like your regular dietary meals…
For example: over the years, for most people trying to actively solve (or significantly help) a joint problem, taking ONE CAPSULE of the human Arthrosamine THREE TIMES A DAY (morning, noon, and night) offers about the same levels of actual USE within the body as TWO capsules just twice a day. So splitting the dose more is not only the best for the body, but can also help save you some money. However, many people don’t ‘like to take pills’ or won’t take them faithfully every day around the same time, so twice a day is easier for many.
There are very few supplements that can be effective, if there is really a need or deficiency you are trying to fulfill or support, with only one dose a day… or just ‘one a day.’ This is ESPECIALLY true if the supplement contains any calcium. 500mg of elemental calcium in the most popular form found on store shelves, calcium carbonate, is a huge cow pill packed pretty tight. That would be quite tough to swallow, but also nearly impossible for a body to actually use much of. Those ‘one pill a day’ general supplements are something to be wary of. They are barely better than nothing.
Basic Dosing: WITH FOOD is better, and SPLIT THE DOSE into as many consistent parts as you feel you can faithfully (and actually) commit to doing. Usually either 2 or 3 times a day, and usually with meals.
Let us know if there are ANY other questions.

Common Sense Factors: A full grown adult may require more supplementation of specific nutrients than a youth (kids usually requires more calories, and a broader spectrum of nutrients, because kids burn more energy… and are still growing).

However, the adult may require more specific nutrients, targeting specific systems, during a healing process… merely because they have a larger body and potentially years of ‘wear and tear.’

~ A large body will often need more than a small body.

~ An active body will use more than a sedentary body.

~ A body with an existing problem, will require more focused nutrient supplementation (during the healing process) than an otherwise healthy body.

Most bodies can usually drop to a ‘maintenance level’ dose within a few weeks, (though some more serious issues, and spinal problems often take months; sometimes as much as one to three years for some of the most serious issues). Real improvement is not fast. Things like cartilage usually takes 18 to 24 months just to lay down 1/32th of an inch of new cartilage.

The starting dose mostly depends on the body size, and level of damage, but the other factors do play a part. CALL US IF THERE ARE QUESTIONS.

Some other medications and treatments may also impact the initial starting dose… negatively or positively. For example, if a horse is doing a 5 or 7 shot series of Adequan, a person can usually drop one or two ‘levels’ with our Gluquestrian product for that horse (because Adequan will usually help act as a ‘loading dose’ for our oral joint supplement). Or a person getting an HA injection.

As tactless or mean as it sounds, the reality is that a person needs to determine what is more important (TO THEM) – Time, Money, or just killing pain. Because each has potentially has a different dosing recommendation, requirements, and options… depending on the individual problem and goals.

Two things are sure:

~ no one really wants to ‘maintain a problem’ if they can really improve things, so why start with a ‘maintenance dose’ expecting any difference in a short time? And,

~ if there is a problem, you’ll absolutely need to start at a higher dose (more NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT) for a few weeks to months, and to actually give the body the necessary time to fix itself when possible.

NO SUPPLEMENT – none – nada – zip – zilch – will ‘shave off’ bone spurs, or ‘regrow bone’ that was disintegrated, dissolved, or was crushed… ANYONE claiming it can be done with an oral supplement, and/or without surgery, IS LYING TO YOU!

Once healing has occurred, YOU USUALLY CAN BACK OFF (the dosage), working your way down to a maintenance, or even preventive level, dose over time. As the problem goes away or significantly lessens, fewer nutrients are necessary to maintain the health (unless there is an injury, genetic issue, or chronic disease… those issues will usually require more, for longer).

Another interesting thing we’ve seen over the last 20+ years… bodies ON OUR PRODUCT generally heal about 20 to 50% quicker if surgery or a more aggressive treatment is necessary AND THEY REMAIN ON OUR PRODUCT through their recovery process. All orthopedic surgeon’s using our product have their patients on the product prior to the surgery, and tell them to remain on it (reducing the dose in a few months, usually 6 to 24, depending on the surgery… the patients age, and the health of the rest of the joints). Many actually send them home with product and specific instructions… because they’ve witnessed the difference our products make in their patients recovery, and the benefits to the OTHER JOINTS! Most of those surgeon’s over the age of 40 actually use our product for their own joint health.

Again, starting with a ‘maintenance’ dose hoping to ‘treat’ a problem, is silly at best. Start off with the NECESSARY dosing level for the individual needs, supplying the nutrients to the body (in forms it can readily use) to actually promote healing and improved health will require a level appropriate to the individual, and their problem. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in nutrition.

We’re talking PURE NUTRITION, not drugs, no symptom masking … so you won’t feel (or see) instant change or ANY QUICK PAIN REDUCTION.

One Size Fits ALL is Ineffective

Sadly, since the 60’s it seems that ‘fast food’ – ‘quick results’ and ‘easy dosing’ is expected by many… wrongly buying into the marketing fallacy that such things as ‘one ____ a day’ is really effective or optimum, just because some company’s marketing says it is. The misinformation allows less ethical companies to promote falsehoods.

It’s science, common sense, and reality. A triathlon competitor might require 4,000+ calories, whereas a normal adult might sustain perfectly on just 2,000 to 2,500 calories, and a sedentary elderly person may need only 1200 to 1,500 calories (with any more than that causing unwanted weight gain, or other health issues).

As we age, digesting food becomes more difficult. Also, which nutrients and the amounts our bodies most need can also change. PH level in the gut plays a vital roll in nutrition. The PH normally raises from about 2.2 as a child (very acidic – can melt crayons), to 3-4.5 as a young adult to middle age (can eat just about anything, and quickly digest it… often have trouble gaining weight). Then it often jumps to around a Ph level of 4.5-5.5 (more rumbling of the gut, food sits longer, tougher to get the nutrients needed, might start experiencing ‘acid reflux’ – though the cause is often misdiagnosed… and antacids can quell the symptoms, they are but a band-aide on a festering wound… and solutions CAN EXIST for those interested). Anyhow, there are Ph levels as high as 6 or more, for some geriatrics, which might even require their food to often be blended or liquefied, or they will have serious stomach and digestion issues, and painful discomfort; because what they eat just sits there. (Our Liquid Complete Formula can often help those bodies. But it’s not cheap, about $50 to 100 a month for the average body. It contains 97 different vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and enzymes; and is part II of our CRITICAL CARE MEALS.) Remember, a Ph level of 7 is ‘neutral’ and like water, doesn’t have the acids necessary to ‘break anything down’ (or apart) in the food we eat… so it just sits! So, a liquid can help… getting ‘stomach acid’ (in a pill form), and pancreatic enzymes, via supplementation can also help… and has effectively helped some end some of their chronic suffering.

Digestive juices are a necessary part of our health, especially as we age, when we are more prone to having problems (due to aging, over use, abuse, and injury). ‘Gut health’ is important to the health of our entire body! Diet & Nutrition absolutely impacts hormones, the immune system, and helps us deal with sickness, and even fight off most diseases.

A physically active – still growing 16 year old that is 6ft, requires considerably more calories than a sometimes active, but otherwise healthy 6ft male age 45, and both require much more, and different quantities of nutrients, than a 5ft 2in sedentary woman in her 70s. It’s all science, logic, and reality… which is somewhat flexible, based on the specific needs, diet, and lifestyle of the individual.

‘One size fits all’ seldom does, especially where nutrition is concerned.

It has also been proven that factors, such as how you eat your food will influence how many nutrients and calories can actually get into your system. The longer (and better) you chew your food, the more healthy calories the body can usually retain, verified by a team or researchers from Purdue University.

How Long Does It Last?

For this example, we’ll use the Gluquestrian 1,100g Powder product:

First, understand, this same product is used for virtually all mammals, including people. We specifically, and purposefully, use human grade ingredients… and have it manufactured in a human grade, FDA inspected, cGMP certified, facilities.

One level scoop (which is 1tsp) = 4 capsules = 4 beefy chewables.

If there is no problem, the goal is preventive, helping the joints be the best they can be… the horse is either young (without problems) OR usually under 10 years old, and isn’t being worked real hard or competed on… then a 1100g container (which has approximately 240 scoops) lasts up to 240 days. (Level 1 – preventive… no current issues).

An older 800-1000lb horse, with moderate signs of arthritis, not being ridden hard, would be at a maintenance dose of about 2 scoops a day, lasts up to 120 days. (Level 2- average maintenance dose).

Whereas, that same 800-1000lb horse, with severe joint issues or injury… that isn’t really ride-able (or not without serious pain killers)… might be starting at 6 to 8 scoops a day (4 in the morning, 4 at night… though 2 scoops 3 times a day can usually accomplish about the same thing, in the same time frame). Which could make it about a 30 day supply (at 8 scoops a day, or 45 day supply at 6 scoops a day) out of that same 240 scoop container… during the treatment period (usually 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the issue). Level 5 – severe issue, major joint injury, founder, or navicular syndrome (can’t hardly walk, climb steps/inclines, or get up or down without severe joint pain, and usually some type of help).

Understand, a ‘scoop’ is equal to 1 TEASPOON (about the size of a stack of 6 dimes)… very tiny, concentrated. No fillers, expanders, or waste. It has virtually no smell, and only a slight salty taste (from the potassium salts used in the 2KCl form, which helps enhance bio-availability). Also, the scoop should NOT be ‘heaping’ or ’rounded,’ but level to slightly dipped.

A body will benefit from the right nutrients, in forms it can readily use. That’s what the MD’s Choice Products supply, targeting specific systems.

The length of time a given body is at a certain dosing level really depends on the individual, the severity of the problem, the location, length of time the problem has existed, and a few other factors. The average is about 2 to 16 weeks per level, until it reaches a maintenance or preventive level.

As healing occurs, the dosage can be reduced… often to a maintenance (or even preventive dose) within a few weeks (or months).

If there was a problem, step the dosing down slowly… don’t reduce the dose by more than one level every couple weeks. If everything appears to be good for at least two or more weeks, drop the then current dose by ONE scoop (or capsule, or chewable) per day – not per application. Stay at THAT new level for at least a week or two.

If things are still good after that week or two… and keep doing that until you’re either at a maintenance dose.

IF, at any time, things appear to get worse, jump the dose back up to the last level that was working for them for at least 2 to 6 more weeks, then try working them down again.

So, if you’re at 6 scoops a day, and all is well, drop to 5 scoops (2.5 and 2.5, or about 1.6 of a scoop three times) for a couple weeks.

Still good in a week or two at that dose? Try going to 4 scoops (2 and 2). Most horses will maintain at 1 or 2 scoops a day off season, 2 or 3 when they are regularly being ridden or competing. Endurance and 3-Day Eventing Horses, and Olympic Class Jumpers will usually be at 1 three times a day, or 2 – twice a day. Especially if the body had problems in the past that were NOT INJURY related (i.e., genetic or chronic).

If, at any time, after dropping a scoop (a day) things get worse… bounce them BACK UP to the previous level for 2 to 4 weeks, before trying to reduce levels again.

IF they get a new injury, increase the levels appropriately for at least 2 to 4 weeks.

If there wasn’t a problem – or it was minor, after the initial ‘loading dose,’ you can safely drop them to the maintenance (or, if they are young and not having chronic problems, a preventive dose).

In general, here is the scoop on Gluquestrian (powder)… Arthrosamine Beefy Chewables (chewables for dogs), and Arthrosamine Capsules (for all mammals 1 to 300 lbs, people, dogs, cats, and other mammals):

The Following are guidelines to help you get started and determine a bodies joint health level (to start with) for Medium to Average Size body:

Level 1: NO CURRENT JOINT ISSUES, Low to Medium risk, young fast-growing body. (1 scoop – chewable – or capsule per day)

Level 2: Juvenile to Middle Age (for the species) with mild joint issues, those that can get around well… without limping or obvious pain issues, WITHOUT using painkillers and are not competing. (2 scoops – chewables – capsules per day)

Level 3: Bodies with moderate joint issues, those that are usable, but often experience joint popping, trouble with change-ups or limping after riding (running, climbing stairs, getting up & down, walking briskly, having lameness issues, and obvious soreness). (4 scoops – chewables – capsules per day)

Level 4: Bodies with serious joint problems or injuries, those that cannot be ridden easily (or carry weight – if a dog or person, trouble getting up and down), and just daily routines often require painkillers. (6 scoops – chewables – capsules per day)

Level 5: Bodies with extreme joint problems, those that should not be ridden at all (have serious restrictions, of dog or person). Then it’s recommended that you contact us to determine the proper dosage. (8 scoops – chewables – capsules per day).

As with all nutrition, it’s suggested to break it into at least 2 doses per day – morning and night. If possible, especially when there is a serious problem, three times a day is even better… and more nutrients will be used by the body more efficiently… often, if the dose can be split up into 3 times a day CONSISTENTLY, the dose can usually be reduced by about 20 to 25% with the same results and time frame… so 2 three times (6) a day would be equal to 4 twice a day(8)).

A body that is 20 to 50% larger than ‘average’ (medium) should add at least 1 level. So, for example: the average horse is 800 to 1000 lbs. The average dog 10 to 45lbs. The average person 110 to 175lbs.

You can CLICK ON the image to expand.

Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl is the basic building block of all cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and joint fluid which is vital for joint health. It is the highest quality and most bio-available form of Glucosamine on the market. The 2KCl is Potassium Salt, which most mammals are deficient in, will benefit from, and their body will readily use; which helps make our formula even more bio-available. We use a very specific ratio of glucosamine to sulfate to potassium… which is tested every single batch, and allows our products to remain consistent and of the highest quality for nearly a quarter of a century. NACl = SODIUM Salt, which nearly every single body, other than those under oxidative stress or sweating along, get more than enough sodium in their diet, which can make absorption and use or any nutrients combined with that more difficult to use, and more likely to pass through the system.

MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) supplies biologically active sulfur, which is required to build joint cartilage and connective tissues & improves lubrication. There are only 6 companies in the entire world that manufacture MSM, only a couple that is the only product they make. The type we use is the absolute best, from a company that originally discovered MSM nearly 33 years ago, and holds 26 human patents, and 26 animal patents, on process, function, use, and many peer reviewed clinical trials over the years to back up their claims. Dr. Bergstrom was a pioneer in the field of nutrition and bio-availability.

Manganese AAC (Amino Acid Chelate) is the most concentrated, and bio-available for, discovered decades ago by Albion Labs. Manganese has been found to be essential in the formation of skeletal cartilage and is require in the biological chemicals that use Glucosamine.

Ascorbate (vitamin C) is used in this product for ingredient stability and to increase product shelf life. Most all animals, except human beings, many in the ape family and guinea pigs, produce all the ascorbic acid their body needs, in the liver from glucose, from today’s modern diets. Most mammals that have a normal steady diet get most all of the vitamin c they need, with those few exceptions; unless they have an immune deficiency, liver dysfunction, or prolonged oxidative stress.

The MD’s Choice Joint Supplements DO NOT contain Chondroitin Sulphate. Never have, and never will. Studies have show that when taken orally, only 10% to 30% of Chondroitin Sulphate is absorbed, and only a fraction is actually used by the body. Whereas up to 98% of the MD’s Choice joint formula is actually absorbed within 30 to 45 minutes, and can be found in the joint tissue within 4 to 6 hours. No product with chondroitin can honestly say either of those things.

The MD’s Choice products do NOT contain CetylM (CetylMeristoloate). Cetylated fatty acids are a group of naturally occurring fats. They include cetyl myristoleate, cetyl myristate, cetyl palmitoleate, cetyl laureate, cetyl palmitate, and cetyl oleate. Cetyl myristoleate usually receives the most attention in joint products, because it has shown to block pain or inhibit some symptoms. Many products that contain cetyl myristoleate also contain a mixture of these other cetylated fatty acids at varying levels, that are often inconsistent from batch to batch. IT DOES NOT HEAL, HELP HEAL, or PROMOTE HEALING! But this ingredient may act as a symptom blocker or reduce pain for some bodies.

The doctors that founded MD’s Choice strongly believe that pain killers have their place, benefit, and need… but should be used AS NEEDED, when needed, and under no circumstances belong in a daily supplement intended for prolonged use.

MD’s Choice products do NOT contain Oral H A (Hyaluronic acid, which is also known as hyaluronate, also called hyaluronan, and is an anionic, nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan), or any other painkiller.

Another important scientific note: Hyaluronic acid is also a component of the group A streptococcal extracellular capsule, and is believed to play a role in virulence. (Just wrap your head around that one, there are many interesting studies on the topic).

Next, Hyaluronic acid is also a major component of skin, where it is involved in tissue repair. When skin is exposed to excessive UVB rays, it becomes inflamed (sunburn) and the cells in the dermis stop producing as much hyaluronan, and increase the rate of its degradation. Hyaluronan degradation products (remainders) accumulate in the skin after UV exposure. Further, in some cancers, hyaluronic acid levels correlate well with malignancy and poor prognosis. Hyaluronic acid is, thus, often used as a tumor marker for prostate and breast cancer. It may also be used to monitor the progression of the disease. The various types of molecules that interact with hyaluronan can contribute to many of the stages of cancer metastasis, i.e. further the spread of cancer. Hyaluronic Acid Synthases (HAS) play roles in all of the stages of cancer metastasis. By producing anti-adhesive HA, HAS can allow tumor cells to release from the primary tumor mass, and if HA associates with receptors such as CD44, the activation of Rho GTPases can promote epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) of the cancer cells. During the processes of intravasation or extravasation, the interaction of HAS produced HA with receptors, such as CD44 or RHAMM, promote cell changes that allow for the cancer cells to infiltrate the vascular or lymphatic systems.

Finally, in the formation of a metastatic lesion, HAS produces HA to allow the cancer cell to interact with native cells at the secondary site and to produce a tumor for itself. (Bharadwaj AG, Kovar JL, Loughman E, Elowsky C, Oakley GG, Simpson MA (2009). “Spontaneous metastasis of prostate cancer is promoted by excess hyaluronan synthesis and processing”. Am. J. Pathol. 174 (3): 1027–36. PMC 2665762 Freely accessible. PMID 19218337. doi:10.2353/ajpath.2009.080501)

The MD’s Choice joint products are also guaranteed to work more effectively than liquids. However, the MD’s Choice products do NOT HAVE any of the herbal pain killers, masking agents, and symptom blockers all the liquids we’ve seen the ingredient list to thus far… which their manufactures claim ‘work,’ are actually filled with. You can learn much more about that at: – where just your email address will gain you access to a link of over 40 pages of “Joint Supplements: The Good, Bad, and Useless” (a list of ingredients commonly found in joint supplements sold in the USA and other countries, and what they actually do within a body).

Remember, just because they ‘appear’ to be in less pain does NOT MEAN they are actually healing! The true test is reduced swelling, improved range of motion, speed, flexibility, AND physically healthier joint tissue.

Use pain blockers wisely and only as needed.

Questions: To further help you, we will need some answers (adjust for species).

    • WHERE is the the problem?
    • How bad are they (on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being unbearable)
    • How old (age)?
    • Size (height & weight)?
    • Under what type of circumstances does the problem happen?
    • Is it repeatable and consistently happening, or just occasionally?


    • How is the body being used? casual, athletic, working (specifics)
    • How often is that joint (area) being used? (An athlete working out and competing will often need more support than someone only occasionally exercising, verses someone that never stretches or works out).


    • For horses: How often are you having her trimmed? How is (s)he trimmed? Anything special? Shoed – or barefoot?
    • For people: what type of shoes are most often worn during a normal week? How much time is spent sitting (car, home, office)?


    • Any x-rays or ultra sound on the afflicted joint(s)?
    • Anything unique or abnormal about the affected area?
    • Any other medication or treatments, or supplements, tried?
    • Any other details or points you think might be important?
MD’s Choice products are PURE NUTRITION… working the right way, in a safe and healthy way, using in forms the body can readily benefit from. They are NOT a ‘quick fix’ in most cases. If drugs aren’t used, it usually takes weeks for most bodies to start noticing a positive difference (unless it is just synovial fluid, and even that can take days to weeks).
It’s our job to help make sure our product is likely to help… and to assist in figuring out the best starting dose and rational expectations for YOUR unique situation (and need). The more information we have, the better we can help you (or determine our product(s) might not help you… or what other medication or treatment(s) you might want to talk with your doctor about, to help accomplish your goals within your budget of either time or money).
Please feel free to answer the above questions, and we’ll try to help you the best we can.

MD’s Choice is the only supplement company that provides PURE Nutrition (no herbs) with the most important human-grade nutrients and offers guaranteed results or your money back that isn’t limited to 1 container, 30 days, or some hoop jump set of impossibilities many of our competitors employ.

We use the products ourselves, our family & friends use these products. MD’s Choice sincerely cares about the quality, consistency, safety, effectiveness, and function of our products. We hope all this matters to you, and are thankful for the 90+% of people that honestly try our product for 3 containers who notice the difference, and become part of the MD’s Choice family of happy customers!

IF you still have questions, feel free to send us a message or give us a call M-F 10am to 6pm E S T (7am to 3pm Pacific Time, though there is usually someone around most weekdays until at least 5pm PST/8pm EST).