Hello Everyone… last updated 12 August 2020

Covid-19 … sorting through the facts, exposing some fiction

We are currently working on an update through out this document… please keep checking back, and refresh the page occasionally, as updates with new information happens every so often.

If discussions involving truth, science, logic, common sense, politics, and reality bother you…  then you’ll probably want to just skip this page, and go to some other article on our website… or take a look at our products that have nothing to do with the virus. Because if you’ve bought into the lame stream media’s narrative of doom & gloom, and their claims of “no hope unless everyone wears masks until there is a vaccine,” then I will challenge your position, and likely TICK YOU OFF in places, with some facts, information, and opinions contrary to the media narrative. I will also be pointing out (with links) WHY THIS HAS BEEN POLITICIZED!

Adding in ‘politics’ into the topic was NOT MY CHOICE… but discussing the reality is necessary, so people *might* both understand WHY some things are actually happening, being allowed to happen, and how some politicians (especially a few liberal governors and mayors) are SO WRONG, and SHOULD BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE and public representation forever! Some should seriously be charged with criminal offenses, for THEIR ACTIONS… and forced to defend why they did certain things they did (and threatened others licenses, livelihoods, jobs and businesses if they didn’t comply with the ‘mandates.’) Actions that were predictably stupid, which actually helped spread the virus… and actually COST LIVES. They should HAVE TO explain/defend their actions in a court of law… that is how wrong they were! SOME of them had actions that ACTUALLY COST LIVES!. But we’ll get to all that much later.

When THIS TEXT LINE IS GONE, that will signify we are done with the current update.

As explained in more detail later, the goal is to explain some actual SCIENCE in easy to understand terms, and point out some LOGICAL REALITY about Covid-19,  backed by education and experience. Put your CRITICAL THINKING caps on, and be prepared to see some things the media hasn’t made easy, or obvious.

We trust the information we are presenting can help build AWARENESS; as well as point out some of the LIES by both the media (and some politicians) they’d want us all to believe.

Yes, this virus is real, More real than Y2K was; And it spreads fast and easily. Both points have been proven. HOWEVER, there is a ‘purposeful sensationalized manipulation of the truth’ done by the media, and certain politicians, to promote agendas! For some in politics, it was as simple as “Don’t let a good crisis to go to waste.” For far too many, it became a political weapon to use against Trump, to generate some federal funding, and to further their more local agenda.

Dr. Simone Gold is board certified EMERGENCY ROOM PHYSICIAN that actually treats patients, but has been censored by fakebook and ewwtube. She is SPOT ON with most everything regarding the covid virus… and the reality of both prevention and treatments. She’s also consistent with what we’ve been attempting to point out here SINCE MID-MARCH! FACTS DO NOT LIE! Repetition of those claims PROVE THE POINTS… while there isn’t a ‘cure’ there really are some effective PREVENTION and TREATMENT OPTIONS.

The media knows it, fauci knows it, as do many other ‘professionals’ in advisory positions, but telling the general public doesn’t achieve their goal(s).

COMING OUT PUBLICLY can get doctors FIRED, their contracts terminated, and their licenses threatened! Wrap your head around that! It’s happened to Dr. Gold, and many of the other doctors, that have TRIED TO HELP EDUCATE the media and general public. Had President Trump hated on them the media might have embraced them, but since he agreed with them… said that WHAT THEY WERE SAYING needs further investigation and more critical evaluation… answers are ON THE WAY… they were demonized, fired, ridiculed, and threatened.

Seriously, we’ve had a few people WANT TO RETURN product merely because of THIS COVID-19 INFORMATION PAGE, even though we sell nothing for Covid (or viruses)! Some people seem to just FEEL so THREATENED by reality they have to flee. “Oh my god, that’s not what the people on CNN or MSNBC, or their local Governor said!” It apparently hurts them too much, and they refuse to discuss it or think for themselves. Sadly, as the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but… ” +

One such person was supposedly a ‘medical investigator,’ that wanted to return the product. We have a ‘Results Based Guarantee’ on our Joint & Digestion products that aren’t limited to just one container or 30 days, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal… EXCEPT, when she was asked WHY she wanted to return the product, she claimed it ‘made her animal sick.’ When you have a food product, or supplement, that is a serious accusation, and we would be irresponsible to not take it very seriously.

So, within a few minutes of hearing about this, I personally called the customer to get the details. When asked what (type of animal), then how (much given… and how sick), why (she thought it was out product), it was all reasonably good until I asked her WHY she decided to give her HORSE just 1/2 tsp once a day (which is equal to 2 capsules of the human product, and about 1/8th of the recommended dose, 1/32nd of the maximum dose), which is 1/4th the label recommended starting dose, and did someone tell her to start at that? She said no, she was just being cautious.

When I asked her HOW she knew the horse was sick… she said it was ‘throwing up.’ The problem with that is: HORSES CAN NOT THROW UP! They have a sphincter muscle around their lower esophagus that PREVENTS THAT from even being physically possible. When I told her I would send her a call tag to have the product picked up, so we could get it tested… to make sure there wasn’t some containment in the product making her horse sick (first time in 25 years anyone suggested our product made their horse ‘sick’ (or vomit))… but she started back peddling, and said she thought she needed a REASON TO RETURN the product, and that made the most since… and I was over reacting. I pointed out that ‘making a body sick’ – because of ANY food product or supplement was a SERIOUS accusation, and had to be treated seriously. She then stated she’s spent way too much money on this horse, and was just trying to get some of it back, you know, because of this covid stuff. On one hand I was relieved her accusation was hog-wash, but angry she lied. At the same point, though she used about 80 to 90% of the product, we still approved her return (and the refund). Frankly, I don’t want customers that lie or manipulate! Maybe she wouldn’t have acted that way if she weren’t upset over the covid stuff… or broke because she’s not working as much. Ultimately, I feel for the pets of those people, but I’m sure that persons pets’ problems are beyond what our product can do. 

Two points from all that: a) WE KNOW we can’t please everyone all the time.  Our products are the BEST IN THEIR CLASS, and we know them well… and while we give our best efforts usually, we refuse to bang our heads on brick walls… so, we strive to help those WE CAN… and leave the rest for some else; and lastly, b) emotions can easily, quickly, and irrationally BLOCK COMMON SENSE & REALITY. 

The video below is Dr. Simone Gold. If you haven’t listened to her, PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT… she’s effectively treating PREVENTION (pre-disease) with huge success.

It’s sad that the media, and the powers to be, have attempted to silence these doctors. Shame on fakebook, ewwtube, tweeter, and all the media that hasn’t tried to EMPOWER THE TRUTH and reality! 

The ‘numbers’ the media AND POLITICIANS ARE GROSSLY INFLATED, and manipulated! (including President Trump, but he’s just repeating the numbers he’s being told by the liars and manipulators; he’s not a doctor, doesn’t have any background in healthcare or science, and didn’t likely realize his health advisors had some serious issues of their own… until it was too late).


BUT, masks are a PLACEBO in most cases, and usually not being used correctly…and there really are VIABLE OPTIONS available!

Americas Frontline Doctor Summit

Without Proper Context, Leaked COVID-19 Data Is Worse Than Misleading


Next, staying clear of people that are coughing and sick IS THE BEST ANSWER… if you can’t get access to the prophylactic measures. This is particularly important IF YOU ARE AROUND SICK PEOPLE, or in doubt that you might be. The mask mandate, unless you are sick, is NOT EVEN IN THE TOP THREE BEST ANSWERS!

We have NOTHING TO GAIN, NOTHING TO SELL… to help with this virus (or any other ‘virus’ or infection)… only a desire to help other’s understand what is REAL. And HOW to better deal with some things – with awareness, rather than panic, fear, or stress.

In places, we will point out some reasons WHY the manipulation (of the truth and bad actions) of certain people in power are likely happening during this crisis; and what quality science and real experiences by front-line healthcare workers ARE ACTUALLY FINDING THAT WORKS – for them, their family, friends, and patients.

We want to start by saying that we sincerely feel for all the people that have passed, all that are suffering, as well as all those that are nervous and afraid… all that have been directly and indirectly harmed by this virus, and by all the feelings and fears provoked by the media and some government officials.

We feel for those having trouble with stress, the rules, shut down, or feeling they have to endanger themselves… the unemployment, those trying to keep their business afloat, as well as those trying to care for themselves and their loved ones… we are NOT unaffected, unfeeling, or unaware. However, we know – with certainty – that EMOTIONS WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM or HELP PEOPLE BECOME SAFE! The Treatment, and AWARENESS, requires critical thinking, logic, science, reality, and some basic understanding. Remember, a poisonous snake CAN NOT HURT YOU if you are outside it’s striking range! If you don’t play with it… don’t tease it. Frankly, it’s even better when you chop it’s head off, and move on! They it can’t get your loved ones, pets, or others. This virus is very much like a poisonous snake… just smaller, invisible, BUT not nearly as deadly and it’s both AVOIDABLE and CONTROLLABLE! 

We sincerely feel for all those in a state, county, or city that are ran by people that have knowingly and purposefully MADE IT POLITICAL… and somehow ‘feel’ it’s perfect for Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart to be open… but not similar small mom & pop operations. We feel for those in rural areas that have some mayor or governor that feels mandating closures or masks somehow makes since. It’s tough to deal with bad politicians, and people acting out destructively in this nation. People shouldn’t have to live in fear, or ignorance, because of all the misinformation and sensationalized headlines, which honestly aren’t representative of the truth. It seems investigative reporting, ethical journalism, and critical thinking have left the majority of the media… who are not pushing social agendas, and attempting to ‘fundamentally change’ the core foundation this Nation was built on: FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, with the GREATER GOOD IN MIND, and “A” priority, but not “THE” priority! Shame on the politics that have enabled all this, and the ‘experts’ that knowingly led this nation down a series of rabbit holes that have actually helped COST LIVES (really), and placed our Constitution IN JEOPARDY!

We have faith, that just like after Y2K, 9-11, H1N1, Katrina, Sandy, the terrorist actions, and all the other disasters this nation has faced in our life time, things CAN BE ‘back to normal’ for the vast majority in this nation very soon! Though the rhetoric is likely to get much worse in the media until about mid-November… when the election is over. Then it will miraculously become minimized, and over shadowed by other events (like who won the elections). We didn’t make this political… the media and politicians did, the youngsters rioting, looting, destroying, and acting out did… but mostly THE MEDIA and a handful of BAD ACTORS: fauci, cuomo, pelosi, W.H.O., china, and others are pushing agendas that have made things more challenging for many.

We understand the key elements in THE MATH the media has been pushing, promoting, and repeating, to provoke fear, panic, and compliance ARE WRONG! Their math is purposefully twisted, and is an agenda driven manipulation of the truth.

We also understand the difference in ‘treatment’ vs ‘cure’ – and TIMING!

Please don’t misunderstand: I am saying the ‘virus is real,’ but it is NOT WHAT “WE” (the people) have been led to believe, told to fear, and pushed into shut downs over!

I’m saying that the

  1. virus IS REAL
  2. disease is avoidable, and preventable, for most people…
  3. ‘case numbers’ are ‘the virus’ NOT THE DISEASE (there is a key difference),
  4. case counts are ‘test numbers’ (not ‘individual people’) in most of the ‘high count’ areas… and that difference is extremely vital to REALITY!
  5. ‘death count’ in some counties is grossly exaggerated, inflated, and knowingly wrong… and so does the CDC (really, but their solution was weak & ineffective).
  6. MULTIPLE valid treatments have been mostly ignored by the media, and hushed by those with a NWO type socialist agenda.
  7. Dosing and Timing (of those Preventive Treatments) is vital… the side effects and negative interactions with OTHER medications or medical conditions ARE KNOWN (and have been for years)… most are published in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) for years,
  8. Preventive measures (the science) has been KNOWN for AT LEAST 15 years… (and PUBLISHED IN PEER REVIEWED MEDICAL JOURNALS)… used on OTHER CORONA-VIRUS’S, just not “THIS STRAIN” – but they had solid good ideas, and purposefully ignored them, then lied about it, then completely tried to twist it.
  9. the facts have been purposefully avoided by fauci, and many of those ‘healthcare’ professionals tasked to advise ‘the people’ and POTUS (President of the United States).
  10. and some things are being (and have been) purposefully manipulated… not just in some counties or states here in America, but in some other countries too.


Those things are fact…

There really is An Effective COVID Treatment the Media Continues to Besmirch

Notice, the word TREATMENT… I didn’t say ‘cure’ – because there isn’t the latter at this time. But there are effective preventive measures and treatments, when used correctly at the right times. Again, something I’ve been actively trying to point out and discuss on this page since mid-March. It’s not new information, but MORE CONFIRMATIONS!

Question  How have case rates, treatment approaches, and in-hospital outcomes changed for patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic?

Findings  In this cross-sectional study of 15,244 hospitalizations involving 14,724 patients with AMI, case rates began to decrease on February 23, 2020, followed by a modest recovery after 5 weeks. Although no statistically significant difference in treatment approaches was found, the risk-adjusted mortality rate among patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction increased substantially.

Beginning February 23, 2020, AMI-associated hospitalizations decreased at a rate of –19.0 (95% CI, –29.0 to –9.0) cases per week for 5 weeks (early COVID-19 period).

Meaning  The findings of this study show that changes in AMI hospitalizations and in-hospital outcomes occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic periods analyzed; additional research is warranted to explain the higher mortality rate among patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.


Again, supporting one of our early assertions… right, wrong, or for manipulation… the ‘death NUMBERS’ WERE BEING PLAYED WITH, and even as the CDC tried to point out in late March, ‘liberal counting’ WAS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!

Before you ‘tune me out,’ let me explain, so you can consider the following:

First, there are at least THREE completely different ‘death counts,’ with vastly different numbers. The two primary, and most common ones, are NEITHER honest nor accurate. The reality is DEATH IS SAD ENOUGH… without padding the numbers, expanding the claims, and promoting unsafe practices that may help spread the virus, while banning activities that are not likely to cause or contribute to the spread was wrong on many levels.
Closure of pre-K through 12 schools (the kids most likely to be less than hygienically aware, careful, and capable of helping spread a virus) made sense FOR A SHORT TIME. Long enough to get enough hand sanitizer and information distributed to TEACH THOSE CHILDREN to WASH THEIR HANDS and to be extra careful if they felt sick. Mandating the kids wear masks… even when they aren’t sick, don’t have a running nose, fever, cough, or other symptoms… when that could be a double edge sword of indoctrination, and a procedure that actually makes CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN EASIER (such as kidnapping). Nearly everything has a ‘reward AND CONSEQUENCE’ – and knee jerk reactions, over generalizations and over reactions, aren’t helping.
Closure of some crowded events commonly known to help spread viruses (the flu, etc.) over the years, IN SOME GEOGRAPHICAL AREAS, made perfect sense for a short time, WHILE people were being educated about the virus and disease; and the hand sanitizer was made more readily available. Doctors needed the opportunity to evaluate the most effective treatment options, preventive measures, and wade through the information that WAS AVAILABLE. They’ve had it… and the reality is ‘generic masks’ on everyone isn’t justified, but rather a control measure; especially on untrained people. But those selling masks are LOVING IT!
The HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS – that didn’t USUALLY or normally deal with infectious diseases – should have been HONESTLY EDUCATED by the CDC, NIH, but weren’t. The media and our local government officials, should have PUSHED FOR TRUTH AND REALITY, and then ACTUALLY HELPED EDUCATE THE PUBLIC about how to avoid, prevent, and deal with ‘the virus.’ But instead, the media, fauci (and the other advisors to the POTUS), and most in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE wanted to push fear… control… and MONEY! Frankly, those STILL pushing political agendas and ‘worst case scenario’ numbers by MAY & June, and ‘shut down because of a second wave’ hyperbole, should be sanctioned (fired, asked to resign, boycotted, or not re-elected); because, by MAY, it was admitted by the CDC and others, that the numbers ‘claimed’ were NOT honestly supported by ANY REAL WORLD MATHEMATICS, AND that preventive measures WERE POSSIBLE!
The ‘death count’ (for covid), in the majority of the counties with numbers over 500, have not been substantiated beyond ‘yes, there is a dead body… and according to a lab, a nasal swab came back positive.’ (for the VIRUS, which is all a nasal swab CAN TEST FOR)
Again, and this is important, ‘the body’ was POSITIVE FOR WHAT? The virus, or the disease?
Next, and really the most important question actually ignored: Were either actually, or honestly, THE CAUSE… or even really a significant contributing factor to that persons death?’
Wouldn’t you seriously WANT TO KNOW? I know, it’s sad and messed up… that we (as citizens of one of the most powerful, most informed, greatest nations on earth) are NOT being told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Shame on those that SHOULD KNOW, and should know better!
It really doesn’t matter WHAT YOU think or feel about politics; or which party-line you love or hate, or lean toward. When the powers to be spend taxpayer money, make laws, and threaten businesses… they don’t come out and say, “democrats get this rules, republicans those… and the third party candidates those.” Instead, they tell hair dressers and DENTISTS that is you open your STATE LICENSE WILL BE REVOKED! They tell Bars and Restaurants, if you don’t conform YOUR STATE LICENSE to serve alcohol will be revoked! That is power… that is control. Yet, if you went to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, or many of the other ‘big box’ stores… business was BOOMING! Nearly every day was ‘Black Friday.’ UPS, Fed-x, and even USPS all claiming RECORD MONTHS, and having to hire more people to deal with all the shipments and deliveries to those people stuck at home.
Investigative reporting, honest fact checking, and real integrity among those ‘in the know’ seem to be grossly lacking these days. Few, a very few, in the media bother calling out those that are wrong, even repeatedly wrong. But there are many on the ‘social media’ side that are FULL ON CENSORSHIP on anything that remotely speaks out contrary to the agenda driven narrative.
We are stuck with career politicians that have become multi-millionaires WHILE DRAWING A TAXPAYER FUNDED SALARY! Many were not rich (or wealthy) prior to entering politics. They didn’t ‘come from money,’ didn’t marry into money, or invent something that netted them a huge windfall of cash. Nope, many made it the old fashion way, like nancy pelosi, through insider trading, taking unethical advantage of their power and control… nepotism and cronyism. The swamp is real, and those parasites intend to keep their power, control, and money! They intend to grow their wealth… while passing laws, bills, and regulations that impact the majority of this nation… entire industries and nations. Term Limits would drastically help, as well as a few other reforms, but that’s a topic for a different time. At the same point, it’s “THOSE POLITICIANS” that have pushed the shut down, the closures, the restrictions. The ones that live in multi-million dollar mansions, and have armed security for themselves and their family. You know, the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ crowd of leaders. Consider, just how many in congress went without pay? How many Federal Employee’s were laid off during this shut down?
Who decided WHICH industries, businesses, and sections to SHUT DOWN? How was that decision made?
We are sincerely feel for all that have been harmed… but the reality is what it is, and it’s NOT WHAT THE MEDIA IS TELLING PEOPLE! It’s NOT what most government officials pushing for masks, closures, and more restrictions are telling people. WAKE UP PEOPLE! The media is handling us! Manipulating those that will listen… those that are afraid, those that don’t know better.
I don’t want to discuss ‘politics’ on a ‘health’ and ‘well-being’ site… whether it’s for animal products, or human supplements. But it’s clear someone needs to speak up, speak out, when there are more and more mayors, governors, and congress-persons PUSHING POLITICAL AGENDAS over TRUTH and REALITY!


The CDC Announced today (August 10th):

Avoid wearing coronavirus face masks with vents, valves, CDC says in updated guidance

OMG – I said this in MARCH, repeated many times in April, May, June & July the type and purpose of the MASKS MATTER… how they are worn, fitted, handled, used, and either cleaned or disposed of ALL MATTERS!

The CDC has an anti-Trump agenda! There are a whole lot of STUPID DINGLE BERRIES in high executive offices within our government that SHOULD BE FORCED TO RETIRE… because they have CAUSED & CREATED panic without cause, allowed numbers to be manipulated without verification, and pushed a shut down merely to DESTROY TRUMP! Shame on them… and

Shame on those professionals that KNOW BETTER (or should), AND DO NOT at least try to correct the media, the misunderstandings, and wrong information… and advocate for the absolute differences between the virus and disease, the clear differences in PREVENTIVE MEASURES, EARLY TREATMENT, and after the cytokine storm.’ (the later of which is an ‘out-of-control inflammatory reaction’ that happens (in a body) WHEN the virus becomes the disease, which can then damage the lungs, and potentially even the heart and other organs.)

PREVENTION IS KEY… but the virus spreads easily, so preventing the spread isn’t likely to ever happen (only slowed).. until there is either ‘herd immunity’ or a viable vaccine. So, common sense would point to PREVENTING the virus to mutate, or otherwise TURN INTO, the disease… which is nearly 100% possible, and has been repeatedly discussed… and censored by social media, denied and mocked by most lame stream media, and denied by many in positions that KNOW BETTER… all because President Trump SAID IT FIRST, and actually DID IT! (effectively), as have thousands of other’s that used it correctly, at the right doses, in the right way, at the right time (TO PREVENT, and EARLY – pre-disease – TREATMENT). It is NOT A CURE, and is far less likely to help anyone, or anything AFTER the disease has actually started attacking the immune system. TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

“The average healthy person does not need to have a mask, and they shouldn’t be wearing masks,” says Dr. Eli Perencevich, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University of Iowa’s College of Medicine, according to Forbes.

Read more here: https://www.sacbee.com/news/nation-world/national/article240780786.html#storylink=cpy

Masks DO NOT MATTER – unless you are a healthcare worker, OR SICK – then wear a mask, wear it right, and learn to use it correctly!

WASHING HANDS and the STUFF OTHER PEOPLE THAT MIGHT BE SPREADERS TOUCH is far more important. The spread is NOT mostly ‘from’ breathing, talking, or even coughing. 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 𝗶𝘀 𝗺𝗼𝘀𝘁𝗹𝘆 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘀𝗲 𝗽𝗲𝗼𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝗪𝗜𝗣𝗜𝗡𝗚 𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗜𝗥 𝗡𝗢𝗦𝗘𝗦 & 𝗠𝗢𝗨𝗧𝗛𝗦 𝗧𝗢𝗨𝗖𝗛… 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗻 𝘁𝗼𝘂𝗰𝗵!

That is awesome, and consistent with what I’ve been saying. All without any mask, or coughing… just the ‘sick person’ persistently TOUCHING THEIR FACE and spreading it WITH THEIR HANDS.

Duh… that is the stuff the media should be EDUCATING PEOPLE ABOUT… teaching people, and advocating for. WIPE, WIPE, WIPE… clean, clean, clean… watch what you touch that OTHER PEOPLE TOUCHED… because that is far more likely to BE THE CAUSE OF THE SPREAD than ANYTHING a mask will stop (unless, of course, a person is actually coughing).

Wrap your head around this… and the reality that ‘the death toll’ involves nearly 50% IN NURSING HOMES, vulnerable groups of people with PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS, often compounded by barely better than adequate care to begin with, and a high percentage of serious comorbidities (conditions that would already endanger their life, even before the virus or disease). Seems obvious, right?

Why more professionals that know better aren’t talking is because FAKEBOOK, EWETUBE, and actual STATE LICENSING GROUPS ARE CENSORING, threatening, and pushing the anti-Trump agenda! IF you haven’t figured it out, the demoncrats in power HAVE MADE THIS POLITICAL! They ARE PUSHING AGENDAS… to distract from the crappy candidates they have hoisted up to run against Trump. They seem to feel that there are enough STUPID PEOPLE wearing masks, afraid of the virus, hurt by the shut down… scared of the riots & looting… and somehow blaming Trump for all of it… that ole grope’em Joe the dementia king, and SOPM Harris will have a chance. (SOPM = spending other people’s money) She’s pushing MEDICARE FOR ALL, CITIZENSHIP FOR ALL, GO GREEN ALL THE WAY, and a pile of other moronically stupid thoughts with severely predictable negative country destroying consequences. We really don’t want some other idiot in the white house that has people CRAPPING IN THE STREETS of the district they represent!

IT ALL GOES TOGETHER… hopefully voters are smart enough to see the links… and mini-mike’s hand in it all, since he was scalped by fauxchahontis (Warren)… and he quit… the W.H.O. (where he’s a director), Johns Hopkins (where he has a whole wing named after him), the stock market (which is how he made his billions), and the reality of the media (which he greatly influences) all started pushing this as a POLITICAL EVENT… “never allow a crisis to go to waste” was the mantra of the demoncrats in 2008… and it’s now on steroids… with billions of shadow money working to defeat Trump. SOME parties of the CDC & NIH are playing along, but occasionally ‘correcting’ themselves’ for when the storm is over (after election).

Most of the ‘working people’ that are democrat are good, nice, honest, well meaning people that have been LED ASTRAY, and are sadly misinformed. PLEASE… take the time to LOOK INTO THE PEOPLE, the positions, the ACTIONS of those you vote for! I don’t like braggarts, womanizers, or cheaters either… and Trump was NOT our ‘first’ (or fifth) choice… but he was absolutely the ‘better than hillary’ choice! Today, and through this coming election, he will be the ‘better than biden’ (who has literally lost his mind, and harris – who wasn’t able to gain a two point polling when she was actually running for president, and who would take over for biden the moment he’s officially declared mentally incompetent). The DNC powers know all that… and they are ATTEMPTING TO BACKDOOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE with someone that absolutely shouldn’t even be in the running for anything! A failed prosecutor, a failed presidential candidate… I still don’t love him, but Trump HAS DONE WELL despite the constant uphill battle, therefore HE WILL HAVE OUR VOTE THIS NOVEMBER… because the consequences of what the democrats the DNC is pushing are serious, predictably negative, and much more likely than not. Personally, I LOVE the fact that Trump WAGS THE MEDIA (and certain democrats), rather than war. Personally, I HATE that healthcare and longevity have become politicized… but they became that when the stupidity of obamacare was started, without addressing WHY the costs have risen so much… or how to lessen the COSTS (for the uninsured, under-insured, AND THE INSURED). There were rational answers, but the lame stream media and most politicians avoided them (and still are).

Send a CLEAR MESSAGE: DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY (NOT ONE) DEMONCRAT… and help push to REPLACE THAT PARTY with one that is FOR THE PEOPLE, by the people, and OF THE PEOPLE! Because it’s sure not the demoncrats!


You can love, like, or hate Glen Beck… I frankly don’t ‘love’ Glenn Beck, haven’t in many years. Way too much ‘doom and gloom’ … ‘they are out to get us’ day in and out … he’s the more sane and balanced version of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. … but Beck’s been correct and on the right track more than most ANY OTHER national media person, with very few exceptions.
Listen to the CREDENTIALS and EXPERIENCE of this Board Certified DOCTOR, Dr. Simone Gold. What she’s saying is ALSO CONSISTENT WITH WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING since mid-March… there ARE OPTIONS! But they are being blocked in some states (and countries)!

FACT: When the count was first noticed as ‘wrong’ back in mid-March, the CDC kinda tried to straighten it out, but it was literally too late, and without enough honest direction and specific requirements by late March (2020). They completely dropped the proverbial ball, and failed being specific enough (and forceful enough).
So, the CDC created their own count, leaving the John’s Hopkins count alone… rather than challenging, correcting, or dealing with the falsehoods in the reported number.
However, even with the CDC, there are (at least) two different ‘COVID death’ numbers (and charts). On the most popular one, the one easiest to find, uses many of those similar numbers as John’s Hopkins, with the addition of columns of numbers for ‘all causes, EXPECTED, flu, and pneumonia, then some twisted ‘flu, pneumonia with covid.’
  1. However, the CDC counts, sadly ALLOWED counties to intermix ‘lab confirmed’ for SARS-coV-2 (the virus) on a nasal swab… and those actually dying WITH confirmed covid (the disease) in their system… calling them all ‘covid’ when in reality they aren’t (it’s been estimated that upwards of 80 to 90% of those ‘claimed’ numbers are really NOT ‘covid’ though they are STILL labeled as such).
  2. the second ‘covid count number’ are PRESUMED (could have been… but weren’t actually tested, or hospitalized, or even treated for ‘covid’ (the disease))… which some of the hospitals, in some counties, within certain states, have been allowed to count in some over generalized ’causes of death,’
  3. The problem existed through March, and part of April, and to the point that the actual and true numbers may never really be known. (A study in Italy did autopsies on a number of the bodies, and found that 88% actually did NOT DIE FROM COVID – the disease, but actually OTHER CAUSES (again, 88% of those numbers REALLY were NOT ‘covid’ – as claimed and counted)… but because the person tested positive for SARS-coV-2 (the virus) they were STILL COUNTED AS ‘covid deaths.’)
  4. Further, neither set of numbers lists any comorbidities (i.e., if they didn’t have the virus was that person likely to die, or was the disease really a cause or serious contributing factor to their death??).

Again, death is sad… and I AM NOT trying to marginalize or minimize anyone’s death. I AM ATTEMPTING TO FIND THE TRUTH among the pack of lies, misinformation, and purposeful manipulation the media (and some politicians), which REALLY has been happening!

Panic EQUALS MONEY… unchecked spending, irrational rule making, far less accountability (never to years later), as well as a very real POLITICAL mixture of ‘setting differences aside’ (in public face) and ‘stabbing in back’ (private wars).

This entire thing is sadly and absolutely politicized, which is (I believe) WHY there is so much unchecked misinformation, and so many bogus counts… and so much unrest in some states. Even fakebook and youtube have started censoring ACTUAL DOCTORS TREATING PATIENTS that have been speaking out FOR PREVENTIVE MEASURES! Doctors TRYING TO GET THE WORD OUT… doctors on the front lines, but have been getting silenced. Those doctors KNOW, that a large percentage (nearly all) CAN benefit from using PROPHYLACTIC medication to BLOCK (prevent) the disease from EVER HAPPENING! Stopping it BEFORE the disease sets in – that understand the differences in DOSING, TIMING, and RESPONSIBLE USE of Prophylactic options! They know if you ‘treat it right’ and PREVENT IT from becoming worse, you don’t have anything to ‘cure.’ Yet social media has TRIED TO SILENCE THEM!

Neither of the most popular counts (CDC or John’s Hopkins) are REALLY ‘accurate’ (or attributing to the counts honestly).

The reality is the word ‘covid’ is being USED, and blamed, for a great many deaths ‘it’ (the disease) frankly had nothing to do with!

However, at this stage, the numbers are so intermixed, intertwined, and the reality of death, in and of itself – for any reason on people under 90 – is so emotional, and can be so difficult, that it’s likely impossible to separate out the REAL NUMBERS, and the truth. In many cases, both the death numbers AND CASES, have only been confirmed positive FOR THE VIRUS (not the DISEASE) in the vast majority of the ‘counts’ (cases and deaths) which the CDC knows (as does the NIH and WHO).

Yet, the agencies with the power and purse strings refused to force verification, actual testing (FOR THE DISEASE & honest likelihood of CAUSE OF DEATH) early on, so we are stuck with data that isn’t correct, accurate, or honest (and they know it, but have allowed the media and governors of some states, and executives in some hospitals, to CONTINUE ON WITH THE FALLACY).

If a person tests positive for THE VIRUS, they are forever more a ‘covid statistic’ (one way or another… wrongly, much of the time). It is unethical, scientifically dishonest, fundamentally wrong, but the media continues to feed misinformation and attempt to provoke emotions, and sensational headlines, rather than trying to PUSH FOR HONEST NUMBERS, real facts, and reasonable education of the population.

This is all compounded and complicated even further here in America, during an election year, with President Trump who tends to polarize some people, vs joe biden who’s better days were a couple decades ago when his mind was mostly working, and he could communicate with some articulation, like he was when he said, “if the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.” (that prosecutor was investigating his adult drug-addict son’s illegal and unethical business activities in their country).


The citizens of America should absolutely be some of the MOST & BEST INFORMED… but aren’t, purposefully… because the topic surrounding this virus has been POLITICIZED by the media, and by certain state politicians trying to push for funding they otherwise would have never been able to touch! Understand, I didn’t make it political… the media and politicians did!

Further, the counts used in January through May 2020 do NOT take co-morbidities, or other causes, into account… especially in most counties that had more than 100 ‘covid deaths’ counted during that time. There currently are not any ‘real numbers’ (or even consistent testing requirements) that CONFIRMS or verifies that a death was actually caused BY, FROM, or was really even contributed to ‘having the virus’ OR (more importantly, in my opinion) THE DISEASE (actual covid-19)… not just the positive for the virus.

Again, the CDC (media, and powers to be) have purposefully allowed states to NOT take into account co-morbidity, such as stage 4 CANCER, heart attacks, stroke, gun shot, sepsis, drug overdose, car wrecks, murder, suicides, etc. where a person WOULD LIKELY HAVE DIED ANYWAY if they didn’t have ‘the virus’ (at whatever stage). However, in those certain states, if the body tested positive for the virus, by golly ‘that was a covid-death … add it up.’ THAT IS WRONG!

A customer (that hadn’t yet read through this page) called wanting JUST THE TRUTH. The truth is:

  • the virus, like the flu, is real…
  • the numbers are cooked,
  • people were purposefully (or negligently) infected to help jack the numbers,
  • some of the early tests were known to have issues, but used anyhow…
  • some tests are giving upwards of a 20% false positive…
  • the media is more worried about defeating Trump than actually educating the general public
  • there are ignorant people generically pushing ‘masks for everyone.’
  • a valid ‘treatment’ option that prevents the virus from becoming the disease, HAS BEEN KNOWN about since the 90’s… and was discussed in a peer reviewed medical journal in 2005. Even discussed by fauci, prior to his agenda driven doom & gloom change on March 5th.


And, come November 5th… it will all fade away, just like the Y2K hyperbole… with both sides claiming victories over their irresponsible choices, actions, and rhetoric.

Sadly, most of the SHUT DOWN, over spending, lack of PROPHYLACTIC METHODS (preventive measures) were the fault of faker fauci, spineless brix, the china controlled w.h.o., conman cuomo, and the lame stream media pushing sensationalized fear mongered headlines with the intent to make Trump look bad (or worse) and to change the narrative from ole grope ’em joe extortion (caught on camera, demanding the firing of the prosecutor investigating his son in Ukraine)… the predictably failed impeachment, and the backfiring of the collusion crap, and the fact that Elizabeth Warren completely handed mike bloomberg his butt in his first (and last) democratic presidential candidate debate. He withdrew from the race on March 4th, and on March 5th… all the scamdemic rhetoric started by the media, the politicians, and people that hated Donald Trump the next day. Coincidence? Maybe… but doubtful…

The truth is that more than half the NY numbers are likely OTHER CAUSES: suicides, murders, and death by natural causes, and other causes… and NOT covid! But they are sure counted as if… especially in February, March, and April. The truth is that SOME EXTRA CASES/diseases, that were preventable, were DIRECTLY CAUSED BY the directives and mandates of andrew cuomo, the governor of new york! Especially those in the Nursing Homes, and those that because ill days after standing in lines withe some infected people waiting to be tested. The truth is that new york averages over 160,000 deaths a year, over 13k per month… and ‘mass burials’ (potter’s field) has been IN USE since at least 1968… but the media and powers to be made it sound recent, unique, and like it was something ‘just for this.’

Truth is that it is a real virus, killing those with issues and over saturation that weren’t using prophylactic (preventive) measures, but most of the deaths from ‘covid’ could have actually BEEN PREVENTED! Especially those ‘healthcare workers’ – known to be working in the trenches, around patients that didn’t get the preventive treatment.

Understanding the EXCESS DEATH NUMBERS is vital, and have been ignored by nearly all of the media. That ‘excess’ number, for ALL OF AMERICA, is about 10,000 total, to date… for the last 7 months, and is actually reported on a hard to get to spot on the CDC’s website (linked to later on this page). It is NOT the 154,360 number that John’s Hopkins is reporting… or the 136.577 ‘deaths INVOLVING covid’ the CDC is reporting (notice their new terminology hedge?!?). By the way, according to the CDC, the current YEAR TO DATE tally on ‘all deaths’ in America is 1,538,284 which is about 9% (total) higher than the ‘all deaths’ (all causes) number for the same period of 2019.

The ONLY ‘overwhelming’ that happened there in New York was the purposeful panic, and actual manipulation of conman cuomo… the king of psychological three-card monte… trying to not allow a crisis to go to waste! He’s trying get federal funds… KNOWING the SCOTUS officially and finally backed Trump on Feb 26th to cut off sanctuary states that refused to cooperate with ICE, and he knows this might well be very his last chance at federal funds for a very long time!

That POS (perversely offensive scammer, but the other meaning works too) cuomo should be held accountable for all those that REALLY DID get sick because he forced nursing homes to take in covid patients, thus spreading infections to the most vulnerable. He should be held accountable for panicking people to go stand in lines WITH SICK PEOPLE… so that initial negative test was meaningless, because people became positive AFTER THAT… due to his stupidity in pushing testing to jack his numbers (though he initially wasted over 90% of the tests… but his actions actually helped spread the infection through out his scamdemic!).


The contraindications on HDQ & Chloroquine have been medically known and published in the PDR for at least 17 years that I know of. It’s been an EFFECTIVE and USED DRUG, approved by the FDA for about 65 years. It’s NOT NEW… the contraindications (side effects, negative interactions, and safe dosing levels) have been clearly defined for more than 40 years! fauci knew ALL THAT, but didn’t notify the President, the task force, those governor’s he was advising, or the people he was talking to in the press conferences. SHAME ON HIM! He should be fired, sanctioned, and held accountable FOR HIS ACTIONS… but more on that later.

The #1 problem with 99.9% of those ‘studies’ that claimed HDQ (hydroxychloroquine) or CQ (chloroquine) failed was they USED TOO MUCH, or used it AT THE WRONG TIME!

“How much does a condom help stop pregnancy if you are already pregnant?”

Common Sense and science don’t often mess. The truth USUALLY comes out. I struggled to find an analogy to explain to my nearly 80yr old mother why SOME doctors could claim HDQ wasn’t working, and why some could prove it was… and that was the best example I could think up that she’s for-sure understand.

If you’re testing a condoms effectiveness on women that are already pregnant, it will obviously fail. The preventive treatment options are much the same. IF the dose is too high – or too often, they fail in the worst way; and if the disease has already set in, there is little they can do to honestly help ‘prevent’ something that HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. Timing and quantity are key. This is absolutely a case of ‘more IS NOT better!’

I’d been digging through the studies, and talking with doctors all over since January (2020) on the SARS-coV-2 / Covid-19 topic… averaging more than 40 hours a week ON THE TOPIC… because I could SEE where the media and certain politicians were likely to take it… and I posted the first article here on our website, on the topic mid-March.

Technically, it’s not a ‘cure’ – any more than a condom is. The anti-virals are, when taken correctly, are an efficient PROPHYLACTIC. A condom does you no good IF YOU’RE PREGNANT, Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine are prophylactic measures… they help you EITHER avoid or lessen the virus… they PREVENT the virus from BECOMING the disease. That is NOT A ‘CURE’ – but rather an effective PREVENTIVE TREATMENT!

Initially got some flack, but NOT ONE actual medical professional has been able to ACTUALLY DEBUNK ANYTHING I’ve said on the topic… a few have contributed even more information (and study links). I’ve zapped a few of the ‘bandwagon’ naysayers, mostly nurses… some which see the miscarriages, the breach and still borns… the back alley self-treatment… and somehow equate ALL THOSE EXCEPTIONS with reality. Once they step away from their FEELINGS long enough to see the FACTS and studies, most have changed their minds on the topic. (while a couple have refused any discussion, denied any facts, and believe their PULLED and BAD studies trump the studies and information I’ve presented, and they blocked me).

However, more have thanked me, and a few have apologized for being jerks without first considering what is being said and disproving that.

A few have claimed “it’s all just YOUR OPINION” which isn’t true either. Yes, over the last few months some of MY OPINION has leached through in places, because it’s my opinion those responsible for the panic, the mandates and actions that were predictably wrong SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! The fact many of the consequences TO THEIR ACTIONS were predictable are A FACT to those that can critically think. Sending KNOWN virus positive people to nursing homes is akin to sending children to play with poisonous snakes… sooner or later, SOME WILL BE BIT! Odds, and the law of averages, are FACTS, an opinion would be guessing how many.

It’s MY OPINION that EDUCATION and pushing FACTUAL AWARENESS are a zillion times more important than ‘masks.’ Especially the generic use of masks in untrained hands.  Though there are STUDIES proving different masks DO different things, DIFFERENTLY… who and how they protect is also exceedingly different! But hey, don’t allow the FACTS & VALID SCIENCE get in the way of those attempting to SCARE THE HELL OUT OF EVERYONE to force shutdowns!

The challenge is the LAMESTREAM MEDIA, and the reality that this virus HAS BEEN POLITICIZED… and USED to try to destroy Trump, the economy, the American INDEPENDENCE… even certain business, and certain industries.

Sadly, I predict record foreclosures, record bankruptcies, and we’ve already sadly been hearing about record raw food dumps and suicides. My point is THERE IS AND WAS A BETTER PATH! It was known, published, but TOTALLY AVOIDED & LIED ABOUT BY fauci (who absolutely knew), by Brix (who remained silent), and many other HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS & DOCTORS that chose to remain silent, because the academics didn’t have specific double blind placebo crossover studies to prove it (by the way, those would be both unethical and wrong – as by their nature SOME WOULD PURPOSEFULLY NOT BE TREATED though they were lead to believe their were getting a treatment). There are sadly far too many politicians that actually wanted the shut down, wanted to purposefully try to counter – deny – and mock everything Trump said, even when he was right.

PROPHYLACTIC (preventative) measures are key… and SHOULD HAVE BEEN what faker fauci, the CDC, NIH, SG, and WHO were pushing, promoting, and ramping up for ALL ALONG. Not masks. Not a shut down of the nation, the economy, or of most industries. But they had a political agenda, and Trump is not a medical or healthcare type… and sadly trusted the wrong person (fauci).

I don’t know if fauci was paid (to misled Trump), or if he just doesn’t like Trump (so much he was willing to be complicit in this charade). People have actually been harmed, while a great many people that COULD HAVE been helped or saved, had the preventive measures been taken, rather than the bogus shutdown, push for testing, temporary hospitals, and ‘wear a mask’ hyperbole.

I’m honestly not sure what fauci’s reasons were, only that HE PLAYED US ALL! He sounded like he knew what he was talking about… like he could be trusted… like he ‘was the guy with all the answers.’ And considering he’s been a PART OF ‘infectious diseases’ since 1968, helped isolate and define the HIV/AIDES virus, worked on the Ebola virus, the SARS-1, and H1N1… and even had papers published on the identification and treatment protocols for the CORONA VIRUS in people… he sincerely sounded like “THE GUY” in January and February. 

However, he changed his own stance right after March 5th, when bloomberg had withdrawn from his run for the presidency, and the opportunity in the crisis was seized by certain political powers and the media. Fauci started hedging, denying, saying he didn’t know things he absolutely knew – things he’d been studying for nearly two decades, and had been directing taxpayer money to research and development on those same topics, EVEN TO THOSE SAME CHINESE LABS! He was playing stupid. Initially most thought he was ‘just being caution’ or ‘careful’ so the media wouldn’t take him out of context; soon that proved to not be the case.

He knew the Brazilian study was stopped after 11 died… failed because they were MEGA DOSING their subjects! 600mg 4 times a day… DUH! fauci SHOULD HAVE FLAGGED THAT! As should have the ‘researchers’ and doctors administering the huge doses. He knew… or should have at least questioned that issue, because it was the ‘twist’ that initially changed all the talk about PREVENTIVE use of off-label drugs.

The MAX DOSE is listed in the PDR. A NORMAL dose is 200-250mg ONCE EVERY WEEK or TWO, which was getting 99.99% success! The MAXIMUM DOSE I’ve read, assuming the patient doesn’t have serious heart conditions, is 200mg once per day if they are IN THE MIDST OF THE VIRUS, in a VULNERABLE GROUP, and otherwise KNOWINGLY BEING SATURATED (i.e., healthcare worker on a covid ward). The PROPER DOSE makes a huge difference, and is JUST AS KEY as the ability to get it if you are IN NEED. 

Why didn’t fauci PUSH & promote the mass production of the PREVENTIVE MEDICINE? Every single human being on the planet could have been given a LIFETIME SUPPLY of one of those preventive medications for a fraction of what the CARES ACT is going to cost the American Taxpayers! Probably for less than it cost to get the emergency hospitals set up in the new york area, which weren’t really ever needed… and only ‘cursory use’ (for show). Had there been some EDUCATION about use, precautions about Over Dosing, or Abuse… then it would have made sense to ‘mass distribute) the existing drug

I’ve been working with doctors (human and animal) for over 25 years… I’ve been wading through ‘studies’ and ‘research’ for as long. My ‘day job,’ here with MD’s Choice, has been taking the information from the doctors & studies and convey it in HUMAN READABLE (ie, high school level) English. I manage about 50 websites that deal with the topics of ‘health’ and ‘preventive’ care, and dealt with all the tradeshows (reseller, wholesale, and professional) since 1998 for our company. I’m NOT the smartest person in the room, but odds are I know some of them, and have earned the respect of some of them… because I know when and how to ask the right questions, to get the best answers.

Today, July 29th, I got into it with another ‘nurse’ that thinks she knows more than she actually does. My response to the “mask nazi’s” over generalized FALSE CLAIMS:

I’m amazed at the number of people calling themselves ‘medical professional’ that CONTINUE TO OVER GENERALIZE… and lump ‘all’ masks together, or even ‘all’ N95 masks! They are AS DIFFERENT AS TENNIS SHOES! They serve different purposes, for different occasions.

The ONLY THING they have in common is that the WEARER is supposedly able to breath air that has “at least 95% of airborne particles” filtered out; of course, that assumes the mask is FITTED & USED PROPERLY. Those that lump ‘all masks’ together, claiming ‘protection’ and ‘helping others’ are either willfully stupid, or ignorant, of the vast differences BETWEEN masks… even the N95 versions. Which have a variety options:

  • vastly different materials
  • filtered (type of filter)
  • respirator
  • filtered respirator
  • sports action
  • usually no carbon filter, so max ‘air flow’ can happen

Then there are the ‘face shapes, mask shapes, even connection types.’ Then there is the mentality and awareness of the wearer. All such factors actually and honestly matter.

Over generalizing isn’t helping, nor does it educate anyone.

ALL MASKS are not the same… nor should they be generically promoted as if they are. Teaching people THOSE DIFFERENCES, and how to honestly deal with them, how to fit, handle, sanitize them is all important… but in the grand scheme of things…


HAND SANITATION and what YOU DO with YOUR HANDS is the MOST VITAL PART unless someone is coughing in your face, or within 6 to 10 feet facing you… YOUR HANDS is how you would MOST LIKELY CONTRACT IT! That is reality… but you enjoy that false sense of security with those ‘generic’ masks… on untrained people… that still don’t understand TOUCHING THEIR MOUTH, NOSE, EYES is the MOST COMMON AND REAL WAY THE VIRUS IS ACTUALLY SPREAD!

NOT from people breathing, talking, or frankly even coughing – unless they are facing you and close.

Saturation absolutely matters. But the HANDS MATTER MOST… unless you are sick & coughing, THEN COVER YOUR MOUTH and wash your friggin hands!

She called me names and deleted me. Oh well… you can lead some to water, but you can’t make them LEARN!

Regarding the scientific reality of masks:

As one of my doctor friends (who I talk with multiple times a week, and have since about 1990) pointed out: two of the first things they teach in med school: a) surgical masks protect the patient NOT THE WEARER from infections, and b) they are basically NO GOOD within about 15 to 20 minutes of use, because THE FRONT becomes saturated with anything the wearer has, and is now being ‘pushed through’ the mask.

The third thing, PROPER TRAINING – and fitting – how to wear, deal with, put on and remove ‘the mask.’

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has a whole thing on masks (which I’ve link toward the end of this, when I discuss more of the science, and what they say). 

Masks are a huge placebo for the vast majority, and sadly something that actually CAN HELP make things worse for those that don’t know any better.

People seem to forget (or didn’t realize) that ON AVERAGE, the state of New York (alone) has a population of nearly 20 million CITIZENS, with countless travelers (domestic, international, business, and tourists), visa holders, refugees, as well as a host of illegals. Before ‘covid’ New York (alone) experienced OVER 13,000 deaths PER MONTH, about 3,077 death per week… from NATURAL CAUSES, accidents, suicides, and crimes! “Potter’s Field,” and ‘mass grave’ burials, were COMMON PLACE long before covid… though cuomo and the media attempted to try to sensationalize it. ANYONE that isn’t claimed within two weeks after the medical examiner releases the body WENT IN the mass grave. That has been happening since the beginning of America!

Potter’s Field “exists on an island, off the coast of The Bronx, in Long Island Sound, unmarked stones rest atop mass graves showing where one plot ends and another begins. Each plot contains 150 bodies. This is New York’s potter’s field, one of the largest cemeteries in the United States where the unclaimed dead, the unknown and the very poor have been laid to rest for more than a century.

Accessible only by boat, about 1 million people have been interred on Hart Island. Another 1,000 coffins are buried there each year, said Carleen McLaughlin, director of legislative affairs for New York City’s Department of Corrections, which oversees the cemetery. According to the agency’s website, the city purchased the island in 1868.”


So, the mass graves the media was showing (of unclaimed bodies) in March and April, were SOP (standard operating procedure) for those without families, with families that either couldn’t afford, didn’t want, or couldn’t claim the body of their family member. It’s important to understand HOW the media, and certain government officials, purposefully (and knowingly) used ‘sink holes’ of truth, to paint images of oceans of trouble.

Sorry, but the reality of the factors are vital, and if there would have been honestly & integrity from the actual scientists in charge of things… THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN EDUCATION (of the masses), and awareness building of the people (like how to actually help protect yourself and your loved ones)… wise spending of the money toward prophylactic measures for all in the healthcare and essential services areas… and those geographies were vulnerable people might be impacted. There would be no room, or time, for all the flip-flopping, mask hyperbole, vaccine carrot, misinformation, sensationalized headlines, and push for panic! And, lastly, there damn sure wouldn’t have been a NATIONAL ‘shut down’ of nearly everything but select businesses.

The vaccine *might* eventually get there, depending on how it deals with things, like strain mutations. But remember, the FDA ONLY Requires 50% Efficacy for COVID-19 Vaccines… and there will INITIALLY be limited testing with other treatments, medications, and the challenges often associated with ‘new drugs.’

Instead, county & state governments, IN SOME GEOGRAPHICAL AREAS (not all), with the help of the lame stream media, is provoking fear by tossing everything together like some ‘killer stew’ and calling it all “COVID-19.”

The WHOLE MASK THING IS A FARCE! This was published in the New England Journal of Medicine – May 21st, 2020:

We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.”


At some points in mid March through April, there were some claiming upwards of 10 to 12% ‘death rates,’ which WAS NOT EVER TRUE, or even statistically possible, based on what was known (then… and especially not now) – in reality!

With ‘everything added together,’ the media and certain government officials claimed it ‘could be’ upwards of 2.2 million Americans dying from it… especially if we didn’t close down, lock down, and ‘FLATTEN THE CURVE’ ALL the hospitals would be overwhelmed, and there would be nothing but huge amounts of dead bodies. But the ‘flatter curve’ wasn’t to stop the spread, it was to LOWER the daily totals by EXTENDING THE CURVE. Ultimately, they predicted the ‘same’ basic numbers, just more ‘spread out’ – thinking that it would be ‘more easily handled’ by hospitals, and give scientists more time to figure out treatments and cures. That WAS important, in fact vital, in many geographical areas. However, the ‘powers to be’ ignored the reality that proper use of PPE’s necessarily meant the supply was limited in some areas, nonexistent in others.

They avoided and denied the science that there were absolute differences in masks (and what they actually do & don’t do, scientifically proven long before ‘covid’). Some masks, in fact THE MOST TOUTED N95 ‘respirator’ masks, can actually help SPREAD the virus if the wearer is sick. Some masks, like the surgical and filtered cloth masks, can help protect of the person IN FRONT of the wearer, but do NOTHING FOR THE WEARER.

Ultimately, in the hands of untrained people that are fidgeting with their masks, just the act of wearing a mask and how a virus spreads, can be INCREASED by using masks! But nope, the powers to be haven’t pointed that reality out, have they? The functional reality is that NEITHER ‘a mask’ nor ‘staying at home’ will necessarily avoid, prevent, or cure ‘the virus’ or stop the disease.

The reality is, and science has proven, there were more that ‘stayed home’ with a sick person that actually GOT WORSE & helped spread it… because the powers to be failed to educate, and listened to flip-flop fauci. (sorry if you like dr. fauci, I used to… but not since mid-March). HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN THE FACE or MOUTH for this ‘pandemic’ because he WAS NOT fully HONEST, and he actually did KNOW BETTER ON MOST THINGS. He hedged everything and said STUPID STUFF he knew was untrue (or actually HAD A REAL ANSWER that he knew, but he claimed not to… because ‘it hadn’t YET been double blind placebo controlled tested WITH COVID-19’ (though it had been with other viruses, other situation, and with factors that remained the same regardless of the virus). fauci had been studying the ‘coronavirus’ and it’s effects on people, as well as possible treatments, since the 90’s that I know of, and can prove. (but we’ll get to all that later, for those interested about his complicity in the shut down and media blitz of misinformation and bad information).

Sadly, because of the ‘panic’ that ensued, far too many geographical areas called EVERY death of every person that tests positive from a nasal swab for ‘SARS-coV-2’ (the virus) as if they died because of ‘covid-19’ (the disease) EVEN IF that wasn’t really true. Wasn’t really what they died FROM, or because of. THAT one fact is why there are such high counts, and frankly why there are at least three very different ‘counts’ here in America.

If you doubt me, listen to Dr. Birx who has admitted to the ‘very liberal count’ by the CDC for ‘covid deaths.’


Put on the thinking cap… there is an absolute difference between the ‘flu’ and ‘pneumonia’ … as there is an absolute difference between ‘crude oil’ and ‘gasoline’ … over 80 to 90+% of the ‘cases’ (which test POSITIVE) were tested for SARS-coV-2 (the virus), not the disease. The majority, outside of the nursing homes & hospitals, did NOT ACTUALLY DIE FROM THE DISEASE.

The ‘nasal swabs’ – test for the VIRUS, not the disease.

Those ‘counting’ failed to state if it (either the virus or disease) were REALLY even an honest factor in why the person died.

Not everyone on an intubator had covid (or the virus). However, they are ‘counted AS IF’ they died ‘from or because of’ the disease; even though they were actually never tested FOR THE DISEASE! Wrap your head around that.

Yes, the virus is the PRECURSOR TO the disease, but like the flu, or crude oil, the vast majority ‘with’ the virus NEVER ‘progress to’ the next level, and won’t NECESSARILY or ACTUALLY get ‘covid-19’ (the disease). However, still today (late-July 2020) the CDC (and lame stream media) is acting as if those facts don’t matter. There are VIABLE PROPHYLACTIC  (preventative) OPTIONS for most people… that has actually been known since at least 2005, if ONLY a doctor will prescribe it, and a pharmacist will fill that script.

It’s sad when a person dies. But it should be criminal if hospitals and county cornors are pushed to ‘fudge’ the death certificates… or push for a ‘virus check’ (and avoid the DISEASE VERIFICATION). It’s sad when people that die from stage 4 cancer, a heart attack, stroke, dehydration, or any of the other common causes of death, accident, suicide, or even murder… are being counted as ‘covid deaths’ in some geographical areas. The vast majority of those people normally happen, based on the population of an area and general health of people in that area. However, POSITIVE VIRUS (SARS-coV-2) tests, through a nasal swab, is over generalizing and wrongly being ‘called’ “covid-19;” further, that corpse is then CLASSIFIED AS A “COVID-19 CASE” (or “DEATH).” EVEN THOUGH ‘covid’ (the disease) was never confirmed, never tested for, and likely not even the cause. The purposeful commingling of the terms is only further confusing the reality, and numbers, because they are absolutely, and scientifically, not ‘the same.’

In far too many counties, ALL of those ‘covid deaths’ really AREN’T!

In SOME counties, they are counting EVERY death of anyone & everyone that tested positive FOR THE VIRUS, not necessarily the DISEASE, as a ‘covid-death;’ regardless of whether either actually played any roll in that persons death.

As for the case numbers:

Obviously, the more people ‘tested’ the more positives there will be. This will remain predictably true, until, like polio or the measles, there is either a viable vaccine and enough ‘heard immunity’ for it to die off in that geographical area. It still lingers in some parts of the world, but for most… it, like polio or measles, becomes a thing of the past.

Again, and this is also important to understand:

In SOME COUNTIES, they were COUNTING ‘test numbers’ not the individual people (as implied); so, ONE PERSON might actually account for 3 to 15 or more ‘positive numbers’ on their ‘cases’ list. And if they lived in a household containing 5 people, then there were often ‘5,’ or more, added to the ‘presumptive cases’ number; even if those people weren’t tested (yet). In many counties, if person ‘A’ tested positive, then EVERYONE AROUND THEM was quarantined sometimes – depending on the county. They would also be tested, or called in for testing, usually more than a couple times (counted when it suited the group counting them). This all sounds fine, until you realize it COULD include ANYONE & EVERYONE on an airplane, bus, train, event, hotel, motel, apartment building, store, event, office, or business that was ‘around’ that ‘positive’ person (even if it was a false positive). If your co-worker tests positive, it could trigger mandatory testing on EVERY KNOWN PERSON that supposedly came in contact with them, OR WAS JUST AROUND WHERE THEY WERE, for the previous two weeks.. and force a shuyt down of the business UNTIL & unless everyone isw tested.

Ultimately, it’s one of those double edge swords that sounds preemptive, and responsible… but the reality is that the majority, at least 83% that are exposed won’t get it at all… and about 8.5% that might get it will be asymptomatic, leaving about 8.5% that *could* really benefit from some preventive treatment, and closer monitoring. The majority of those people absolutely ‘exposed’ AND having either a ‘saturation or comorbidities’ issue, WOULD likely benefit from using one of the prophylactic drugs, to help prevent the virus from morphing into the disease (more about that later).

The media irrationally and unfairly pushed ‘testing’ – especially in March and April – and sadly the fauci’s and birx allowed President Trump (who doesn’t seem to really know much about healthcare or testing, or treatment protocols) to claim ‘everyone’ could be tested… and ‘the government’ (cough, taxpayers) would pay for it all.

There were some clinics that were testing for thousands of dollars of OTHER STUFF (the government didn’t pay for) as their ‘pre-cursor protocol’ for the covid test (they wouldn’t do a ‘covid test’ UNTIL they tested for everything else). A few of those hospitals, clinics, and doctors were TAKEN TO TASK (legally) on those ‘procedures’ and forced to eat the ‘extra’ lab testing costs they were over billing individuals and/or their insurance company. But many weren’t taken to task (yet)… and were smiling all the way to the bank.

The reality was the initial nasal swab testing was neither fast nor accurate. Sadly, those lines of scared, unprotected, people fell prey to the stupidity of those officials ignorantly pushing mass public testing; and the 2 to 12% that were actually sick HELPED SPREAD the virus in March, and April, thanks to bad information, irresponsible medical advice, tainted tests, mishandled tests, and the reality that false positives REALLY HAPPENED, as did false negatives. What was even worse, second only to the spread, was the fact that a ‘negative’ test result was ultimately MEANINGLESS!

The CDC, NIH, and WHO have all, finally, acknowledged that a high percentage of the first few types of tests (in January through mid-April) produced false positives (an estimated 5 to 15% of the positives weren’t really positive… and some of the numbers were supposedly a false negative – depending on the test used, application process of the test, and lab used). Even by 26 May 2020, 98% is the best they can ‘guarantee’ from the nasal swabs. Which is STILL a reality of a potential 2% false report…

Further, and vital to some reality also, “CDC coronavirus test kits were likely contaminated, federal review …” an article that snuck under the radar of most people Jun 20, 2020 … “Scientists saw problems during manufacturing, but CDC still shipped kits to state and local labs.” That information quietly hit the NY Times and Washington Post… not much on the television or cable networks. Here’s a copy of a couple supporting articles:



It’s also note worthy, that the purposeful push for initial testing (in March & April) not only wasted 85 to 98% of the tests, they also wasted people’s time, lab time, ppe’s (personal protective equipment), and the health professionals time doing those mostly bogus tests on side walks and in tents, and drive ways. Most of the tests were done by well-meaning, but ill-equipped and untrained people… some even with tainted test kits.

VITAL to reality, which the media failed to explain… and most politicians ignored…the fact is a negative test result IS MEANINGLESS, and was really just a ‘at that moment’ … because it didn’t mean the virus wasn’t incubating, the person didn’t already have antibodies, or that the person didn’t ‘catch it’ at, or after leaving, the testing area… or in the days to follow (especially in metro areas, during March & April, using public transportation).

Further, if you look at fauci’s work, paper’s, and attitude PRIOR TO March 5th… he – himself – was promoting some scientific fact and ethical honesty. “It’s no worse that the flu” & “masks don’t protect the wearer” (he actually said those things, and had valid reasons and science supporting them).

Then… around the March 5th, W.H.O. and fauci started really helping the media, and pulled in the CDC (Center for Disease Control), NIH (National Institute of Health), and SG (Surgeon General), and certain political officials to push and promote fearmongering. It was THEN that things became obviously ‘political.’ Most of them started referencing the ‘dooms-day model’ from the climate change scientist in England that predicted 22 MILLION DEAD Americans. But it wasn’t until BOTH fauci and cuomo started almost daily broadcasts, that fauci started saying “we need a shut down to flatten the curve”… which morphed into “everyone has to wear masks, or we’ll be over whelmed.” Cuomo started pushing for respirators, ICU beds, and money… piles upon piles of money. They both started transforming the message and narrative into panic and fear.

Then cuomo even went as far as saying ‘you aren’t afraid for yourself, surely you’re afraid for your older parents or grandparents!… you don’t want to kill them, do you? I don’t know, maybe you do.’ in his manipulative condescending tone, just days before he ordered nursing homes to take in virus positive people, and hospitals to ‘double occupancy’ (whether they were supplied or staffed properly, or not).

The narrative was turned into “everyone needs tested, wear masks, wash your hands, and we need to close down the nation to ‘flatten the curve’” garbage. (yes, I do mean garbage… because much of what he said after March 5th wasn’t based so much on science, or reality… but an agenda intended to cause problems and raise money, while making President Trump LOOK BAD).

The purposeful orders by some governor’s to Nursing Homes to ‘open their doors’ to supply beds to KNOWN POSITIVE PEOPLE, should be deemed CRIMINAL!


Those wrong actions should have been immediately called out by fauci, birx, and all other’s advising the POTUS, but weren’t. It should have been PREDICTED by the CDC, the NIH, by Universities, and infectious disease specialists… and W.H.O. (world health organization), but instead they remained silent enablers; all the while claiming to be ‘experts in the field’ and ON THE TOPIC when they, themselves, started giving conflicting and contrary information – on the “do’s and don’ts,” as the number of cases and deaths jumped in those irresponsible states.

With all the over generalization with the ‘masks’ and the stupidity of the media (national, in particular), people forget that surgical masks were designed to protect the person IN FRONT OF the wearer and NOT THE WEARER. They filter and redirect what LEAVES the wearer… not what the wearer breaths.

Standard N95 Respirator masks filter what the wearer breaths, but NOT the air ‘exhaled’ (so if the wearer is sick, those germs are SPREAD, unless the respirator is filtered… which can make the breathing even more difficult for the wearer).

Only full faced ‘carbon filtered respirator container’ masks, which are properly fitted, and 100% enclosed, are designed to filter BOTH directions; which are why they are an active part of hazmat suits, like the CDC wore during the Ebola outbreak … because they are top of the line safety involves PROTECTING THOSE THAT MIGHT find a cure, define the problem, and keep them from getting any AIR that might be contagious. However, if they person in the suit is careless, or under trained, them ‘touching’ anything with the virus CAN still help transfer or spread it.

OSHA still has the information about the differences in masks, and their DIFFERENT purposes. It’s nothing new, and I’m not just pulling it out of my neck. But sadly, the majority of the national media is NOT educating people, or calling out the outright LIES that are happening. That’s frankly sad.

“Respirators are designed to reduce a worker’s exposure to airborne contaminants. Respirators come in various sizes and must be individually selected to fit the wearer’s face and to provide a tight seal. A proper seal between the user’s face and the respirator forces inhaled air to be pulled through the respirator’s filter material and not through gaps between the face and respirator. Respirators offer the best protection for workers who must work closely (either in contact with or within 6 feet) with people who have influenza‑like symptoms.

It is important to medically evaluate workers to ensure that they can perform work tasks while wearing a respirator [because some people WILL HAVE PROBLEMS]. For many workers, medical evaluation may be accomplished by having a physician or other licensed healthcare provider review a respiratory questionnaire FactSheet completed by the worker (found in Appendix C of OSHA’s Respiratory Protection standard, 29 CFR 1910.134) to determine if the worker can be medically cleared to use a respirator.

Employers who have never before needed to consider a respiratory protection plan should note that it can take time to choose an appropriate respirator to provide to workers; arrange for a qualified trainer; and provide training, fit testing and medical evaluation for their workers. If employers wait until an influenza pandemic occurs, they may be unable to implement an adequate respiratory protection program in a timely manner.

Surgical Masks are used as a physical barrier to protect the user from hazards, such as splashes of large droplets of blood or body fluids. Surgical masks also protect other people against infection from the person wearing the surgical mask.

Such masks trap large particles of body fluids that may contain bacteria or viruses expelled by the wearer. Surgical masks are used for several different purposes, including the following:

  • Placed on sick people to limit the spread of infectious respiratory secretions to others.
  • Worn by healthcare providers to prevent accidental contamination of patients’ wounds by the organisms normally present in mucus and saliva.
  • Worn by workers to protect themselves from splashes or sprays of blood or bodily fluids; they may also keep contaminated fingers/ hands away from the mouth and nose.


Surgical masks are not designed or certified to prevent the inhalation of small airborne contaminants. These particles are not visible to the naked eye but may still be capable of causing infection. Surgical masks are NOT designed to seal tightly against the user’s face. During inhalation, much of the potentially contaminated air can pass through gaps between the face and the sides of the surgical mask and not be pulled through the filter material of the mask. Their ability to filter small particles varies significantly based upon the type of material used to make the surgical mask, so they cannot be relied upon to protect workers against airborne infectious agents. Only surgical masks that are cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be legally marketed in the United States have been tested for their ability to resist blood and body fluids.” (not stopping viruses from infecting the wearer)

It really ticks me off when people that should know better, and should have some training in wearing & using different types of masks, generically tell healthy people to ‘WEAR A MASK!’ Sorry, but that is a bogus hyperbole! Especially if the people haven’t been around anyone that is sickly or tested positive, and lives in a rural area that doesn’t have many cases (or deaths related to SARS-coV-2 or Covid-19) in a month or more.

In reality, the correct answer is It DEPENDS!

  • the geographical location (likelihood of coming into contact with a person WITH the virus) is the number one key factor. Out of nearly 3,200 counties in America, almost 80% of the ‘counted’ deaths exist in just 21 counties directly surrounding METRO AREAS. If a person isn’t in, and doesn’t have anything to do with people FROM those counties… there is far less to worry about. THAT is reality!
  • whether the person is even AROUND strangers & other people (which might be positive for the virus) is the second big factor. Young kids, but also college age partier types, COULD unknowingly help spread the virus… as can all those ‘protesters’ (rioters and looters). Make sure you WASH YOUR HANDS, and ANY material THING(s), that strangers or potentially infected people *might* have touched.
  • the TYPE of mask used… LEARN THE DIFFERENCES, and make your selection wisely… depending on YOUR NEED (and that of your family & the people you are around). Make sure any mask you CHOOSE to wear is fitting properly, and filtered when necessary.
  • USE OF HANDS of the wearer, and
  • their sanitary ability with those hands


Gloves are NOT helpful IF a hand with the virus rubs the eye, scratches the nose, or puts something with the virus on it in the mouth.

Again, you can doubt me all you want, but here is the downloaded PDF directly on the OSHA website on the topic of what different types of masks really do: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3219.pdf

fauci (and those organizations) should have been EDUCATING people, helping instruct people to HELP PROTECT THE VULNERABLE… advising SICK people and the vulnerable to SELF-ISOLATE and WEAR A MOUTH COVER if they are coughing, have a fever, feel sick, or think they might be positive… TO PROTECT THOSE AROUND THEM… and to seek medical attention to (hopefully) get some PRE-DISEASE TREATMENT! Before the virus has a chance to become Covid-19.

Begging, shaming, or even just telling people to wear ‘a mask’ to help protect themselves from the virus is both over-generalizing, and ethically wrong!

Expecting other’s to protect you… or do things that won’t spread the virus, is equally as ignorant! There will ALWAYS BE those ‘irresponsible people’ … that is a fact of LIFE! If you know that, prepare accordingly. If a person is in an area that has a lot of positive people, then ONLY a properly fit carbon filtered respirator mask AND virus free hands can help the wearer avoid the virus.

If you, your therapist, nursing friend, or pseudo-science nerd, or some that wears a mask at their work might want to disagree, which is their RIGHT, but they would BE WRONG! Here is MORE supporting material:

“Some N95 masks have valves that make them easier to breathe through. With this type of mask, unfiltered air is released when the wearer exhales.”

Health care providers must be trained and pass a fit test to confirm a proper seal before using an N95 respirator in the workplace. Like surgical masks, N95 masks are intended to be disposable. However, researchers are testing ways to disinfect N95 masks so they can be reused. [UV light for about 15 minutes on each side can supposedly work, as can misting the mask with a disinfectant and allowing it to sit and dry for 24 hours before using again). DO NOT store in the SAME SACK, bag, box, or container… unless IT IS ALSO SANITIZED}

Some N95 masks, and even some cloth masks, have one-way valves that make them easier to breathe through. But because the valve releases unfiltered air when the wearer breathes out, this type of mask doesn’t prevent the wearer from spreading the virus. For this reason, some places have banned them.”


There are a few different studies involving different types of ‘masks,’ for different purposes, over the years. Here is one, printed in 2015, regarding ‘cloth masks’ – involving 1607 hospital HCWs (Health Care Workers) aged ≥18 years working full-time in selected high-risk wards.

“This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. Further research is needed to inform the widespread use of cloth masks globally. However, as a precautionary measure, cloth masks should not be recommended for HCWs, particularly in high-risk situations, and guidelines need to be updated.”


Personally, in the area I live… 99% of the businesses which are open do not require masks, on the customers, neither does the county I live in… so I do not wear a mask 99.99% of the time, though I do have one (or two) with me (or in the car). I have one filter mask, one respirator, one bandana type, depending on where I am and why I may need to wear one.

I wouldn’t wear a mask IN THIS AREA, or three of the surrounding counties, UNLESS a) I had symptoms AND had to leave my house (or thought I *might be* around others that could be sick), or b) it was a posted requirement at a place I CHOSE TO GO (or had to be), I would NOT bother wearing a mask.

With that said, IF I lived somewhere else, like New York City, which currently REQUIRES a mask to be worn in public, my attitude might reflect the reality of the location and number of deaths, and actual medical care available in that geography. But here, in the rural area of East Tennessee, I avoid hospitals, public transportation, crowds, and large groups of strangers… and WASH FREQUENTLY when I’m out. I feel quite safe from the virus, and disease, BECAUSE it’s honestly RARE HERE!

When I do go out: I DO sanitize my hands (and shopping cart handle) upon entering & leaving a store; and try to either not ‘touch’ handles of common things, like doors, or use public toilets.

I DO try to not touch my face, wipe or blow my nose in public… touch my eyes… or eat finger foods with hands that weren’t first clened.

If I FELT the slightest bit sickly, had a fever, or was coughing I would STAY HOME, unless I had no other choice (then I’d wear a mask)! I’d order Domino’s or some ‘arms length’ delivery service, pay over the phone, and tell them to ‘leave it on the deck.’ That would be my choice, IF I WERE SICK, rather than being around people… and potentially getting anyone else sick.

There is so much false information and over generalization about masks… it’s sad it’s not clarified better. WEARING A MASK isn’t going to solve the problem, or even necessarily protect you (the wearer).

Do NOT use hand sanitizers with methanol contamination. Personally, I have the ‘regular’ hand sanitizer that was ‘popular’ PRIOR TO this virus, or use plain soap & water. You do not need “anti-bacterial” soap to kill the virus.

Correctly mixed Everclear 190 proof, hydrogen peroxide (3%), 98% glycerin & sterile distilled water also works, when stored well; but can be a fire hazard. So be careful.

Methanol, or wood alcohol, is a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested and can be life-threatening when ingested or large amounts are absorbed through an open wound or opening in the skin.


This doctor, Dr. Kelly Victory, a trauma and emergency physician with a specialty in disaster preparedness and response, and public health, does a GREAT JOB defining things, and she’s a SPECIALIST that knows her stuff. You can call it what ever, but what she says (about ‘the virus’ is pretty much spot on with the information I’ve been sharing since March from the professionals and experienced doctors I’ve been speaking with, and reading the research from). Check it out:


fauci (birx, Carson, and even President Trump) really should have pointed out HOW STUPID (negligent and potentially criminal) andrew cuomo was being with his orders of doubling hospital beds, pushing covid patients to nursing homes, as well as the reality that nursing homes don’t USUALLY HAVE or use many ppe’s. But nope, fauci didn’t do any of that. Shame on him… he can say the other’s didn’t either, but seriously he had years to plan, prepare, and provide… and he authored multiple papers on the topic over the last fifteen (15) YEARS… first one published on the coronavirus in people back in 2005.

It was fauci that dropped the proverbial ball the hardest and most, because he SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE EXPERT on the topic… he actually studied and thought about, and researched it (supposedly) more than ANYONE ELSE President Trump trusted. Yet, fauci failed… HUGE! fauci was the ‘chauffeur’ to cuomo’s series of ‘dipping’ in the taxpayer funds, and manipulating reality. fauci *might* have been a ‘useful idiot’ (unaware and naive), but I doubt it… because HE HAS SERVED THROUGH at least 6 PRESIDENTS, and has been the ‘top dog’ through the last FIVE (5)! He can claim ignorance of politics all he wants, but a person doesn’t remain IN THAT POSITION through all those Presidents, and not have a clear grasp of both politics and the media.

I’ve had a couple customers upset with me referring to cuomo as a ‘conman’ – the facts support what I’m saying, and time will frankly also. Sadly, that ‘reference’ is probably understated, because… in my opinion, cuomo isn’t just a ‘conman’ but rather actually an ‘unprosecuted felon!’ He was DIRECTLY responsible for AVOIDABLE and senseless deaths of people IN NURSING HOMES by ording those homes to ‘allow in’ (and actually forcing them to take KNOWN POSITIVE CASES into their facilities – with his executive order and offical memorandum).

He did that at a time that it was KNOWN that the MOST VULNERABLE group of people were the ELDERLY! Those people over age 65… and he purposefully ordered nursing homes into taking known positive cases into their care. He ALSO knew that nursing homes historically do not care for, treat, or deal with ‘contagious diseases’ therefore don’t usually have any stock (or training) for ppe’s (personal protective equipment)… yet refused to supply those nursing homes he just ordered to BECOME INFECTED with PPE’s (or additional help or training). SHAME ON HIM! That is gross negligence, at least… and potentially felony murder at worst! He really should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for HIS ACTIONS.

(On May 10th) “Of the nation’s more than 26,000 coronavirus deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, a fifth of them — about 5,300 — are in New York, according to a count by The Associated Press, and the toll has been increasing by an average of 20 to 25 deaths a day for the past few weeks.

Cuomo faced criticism at a recent briefing for saying that providing masks and gowns to nursing homes is “not our job” because the homes are privately owned.” [note: he said that AFTER his EXECUTIVE ORDER requiring Nursing Homes to TAKE IN KNOWN positive cases… under threat of losing their license!]


(June 16th report was) “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his health commissioner, Howard Zucker, had all but made such discharges mandatory. If a hospital determined a patient who needed nursing home care was medically stable, the home had to accept them, even if they had been treated for COVID-19. Moreover, the nursing home could not test any such prospective residents — those treated for COVID-19 or those hospitalized for other reasons — to see if they were newly infected or perhaps still contagious despite their treatment. It was all laid out in a formal order, effective March 25. New York was the only state in the nation that barred testing of those being placed or returning to nursing homes.

In the weeks that followed the March 25 order, COVID-19 tore through New York state’s nursing facilities, killing more than 6,000 people — about 6% of its more than 100,000 nursing home residents. In all, as many as 4,500 COVID-19 infected patients were sent to nursing homes across the state, according to a count conducted by The Associated Press.”


“For anyone that has a passing familiarity with Cuomo, however, his call to move past politics for the greater good was worth at least a grim, wheezing chuckle. Cuomo forswearing politics is like a shark loftily intoning against swimming through water. Zero-sum, power-broker politics is what Andrew Cuomo does — indeed, what he excels at — and no pandemic is going to change that.

Even as Cuomo was staging his daily crisis briefings and play fighting with his kid brother on CNN this week, where Chris is an anchor, he was also taking advantage of the pandemic to drive through a vindictive and life-threatening state budget through the legislature. It was a naked power grab unprecedented even in a state legendary for its murky and undemocratic government.

The day after Monday’s convention center press briefing [March 30th], the New York State legislature was staring down a midnight deadline to pass a budget. The process was complicated by the logistical difficulties of conducting the usual debate, conference, and negotiation with most lawmakers physically absent from the state Capitol. But it was also made immeasurably more difficult by the fact that Cuomo — his calls to transcend politics notwithstanding — was insisting on jamming complicated and contentious policy initiatives into the budget negotiations, daring legislators to hold up a crisis budget if they wouldn’t get on board.”


I can not tell you why things were allowed to progress to misinformation, fear mongering, the shut downs, and massive spending (multiple trillions). I can only try to point out some of the known facts, reality of actual math, and the ethical science really did NOT matched up to the fear and panic fauci and cuomo were promoting, and the reality that fauci purposefully did nothing to stop either the media or government from pushing the over-generalized false information & misinformation.

By March 22nd, just before America’s ‘shut down’ – there were 6 different known potential treatments THEN… and most of them had very well established contraindications (known side effects, issues, and negative interactions with certain medical conditions & medicines)… they were LISTED IN THE PDR (physicians desk reference). Yet fauci repeatedly claimed he didn’t know anything. Seriously, the guy did a paper, on coronavirus in human’s, in 2005. He’s been looking at, and discussing this very topic, and getting billions of dollars for research FOR THIS VERY THING for at least 15 to 20 years, again, HE SHOULD HAVE HAD A CLUE… and some EDUCATED GUESSES, but instead played dumb.

You need to do just a bit of searching, and look at those IN THE FIELD TREATING PATIENTS outside of the new york, new jersey, and michigan areas. HOW DID THOSE OTHER STATES like Washington, Oregon, and California… which had infections of the virus, and deaths from the disease BEFORE those north eastern states… HOW DID they DO IT? Why are their death rates so much lower??

Another question the media is avoiding, and most honest American’s never questioned, ‘why would they inflate the numbers in those hot spot states?

The most logical answer goes back to an old quote, as Winston Churchill was working to form the United Nations after WWII, he famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. In another context, Churchill’s insight on human nature can also be applied to the reality that on February 26th, 2020 the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) sided with the Trump administration that the federal government could CUT OFF ALL (100%) of the federal funding to sanctuary cities/states?

I know, just a conspiracy theory, an opinion, a strange coincidence in timing, huh? But hey… this type of a natural disaster was able to side step all that clamoring about how Trump was withholding money from new york (and other sanctuary states); and allowed them to dip their hand in the federal well, to get those states many BILLIONS… to the states, and to the citizens… and to those ‘healthcare facilities’ – and insurance companies. Money most of those would otherwise never get, or likely TOUCH AGAIN, from the Federal government… especially so long as they remained ‘sanctuaries’ for illegals, purposefully blocking ICE from doing their job. Wrap your head around that one… and feel free to double check that sad reality.

If you want some answers, ask why BLOOD TESTS or LUNG TISSUE samples weren’t required to CONFIRM the DISEASE… by the state officials, the CDC, and powers to be. Only nasal swabs, which shows only that the patient has the virus (not the disease).

Why not make the ‘covid count’ based on hospitalizations? Intubations? Blood tests, CONFIRMING the disease… rather than the ‘precursor to’ (the virus) which is the most likely to spread, will make many sick, but itself is statistically less deadly than the flu… or some other method that has solid test results confirmations (of at least 99.9%) that a person REALLY HAS COVID – THE DISEASE??

Instead, they use ‘cases’ and ‘the virus’ for their counts, then purposefully intermixing ‘virus’ with ‘disease’ implying they are somehow the same. Both decisions, predictably allow the numbers to climb… especially as the number of tests increased. Seriously, they use ‘virus testing,’ which was initially not even 98% accurate, but also merely a ‘snap shot in time’ – because a negative today could be a positive tomorrow or in a week; and they knew all that, but continued to use those markers on purpose.

Things that make you go hummm…

Seriously, consider for a moment, just how many REGULAR HEALTHY PEOPLE at your local Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, gas stations, farmers markets have ‘come down with the virus’? Have many died? How many of those people are potentially in the ‘vulnerable’ group?

Here in East Tennessee, I’d estimate that at least 50% of those ‘essential workers’ in those type of businesses are in the OVER 50 age range, with more than half of those working are in the 60 to 70 range. People, like myself, that KNOW there really is no such thing as a ‘free lunch,’ and understand that the landlord and mortgage company won’t care if you ‘can’t’ make the payment… and any ‘delay’ just tacks on more ‘time’ to the future (to pay then, with interest, what you didn’t pay today)… so we better figure out a way to MAKE IT WORK, and get those bills paid IF WE CAN. I don’t have the numbers, but guess that is likely the truth in most rural areas that had ‘essential services’ remaining open with few problems. It was the OLDER PEOPLE in more than half the businesses that actually, and self-sacrificially, CONTINUED COMING TO WORK on time… and prepared to do what was necessary, to help when possible.

Please don’t misunderstand… the virus is real, the disease is real, much more so in some metro areas more than rural areas, or even the suburbs. Even in the metro areas, it seems to still be ‘just certain areas’ (hot spots) and confined places, like a hospital, nursing home, apartment building, people that rode xyz subway, bus, or train.

What I’m saying is, while it CAN KILL YOU… especially if you become saturated with the virus, have co-morbidies (lungs, heart, and compromised immune system in particular)… and that some deaths from (and because of) SARS-coV-2 (the virus) and Covid-19 (the disease) really happened (sadly)… MOST of the numbers reported by John’s Hopkins or CDC DID NOT HAPPEN FROM or BECAUSE OF “COVID-19″… as they say and imply. That is reality!

The virus turning into the disease had far less to do with age than immune system VULNERABILITY. fauci knew that, but he purposefully didn’t educate toward those facts… and stuck with ‘over 65’ (age) as the claimed primary factor. This hurt many in March (and April), because health condition was far more important. Some governor’s still knowingly pushed ‘virus positive’ patients INTO NURSING HOMES for care! (talk about gross stupidity, and beyond just gross negligence – cuomo, and a couple others).

If you had pre-existing lung conditions, or were immune system compromised, had cancer… had certain comorbidities, and/or became HYPER SATURATED (as in some of the healthcare professionals, and public transit workers, did early on)… then you were in the VULNERABLE GROUP. Using the correct PROPHYLACTIC dose of one of the off label drugs to help keep the virus from turning into the disease, could be very wise in some geographical areas where exposure was more common.

Age only mattered because of the CONDITION OF THAT BODY, how well the individual body was taken care of… and what co-morbidities (pre-existing conditions) there already were. Yes, the average 30 year old can fight off the flu (or this virus) far easier than the average 60 or 70 year old, but it boils don’t to HEALTH of the individual more than their age.

Again, I am NOT saying the virus isn’t real, or that it isn’t seriously bad in SOME counties in this nation, or countries in the world… or particularly dangerous to SOME people. But here is what the CDC is actually saying behind the scenes, which the lame stream media is not telling you!

“The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26% (or a multiplier of 0.0026). Officials estimate a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic (that’s a real math multiplier of 0.004) and project a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26% (a real math multiplier of 0.0026) And, is again, almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged it a month ago.” For those that don’t remember (or know), that .0026 number is very close to the number I pointed out around March 22nd when this page was first posted!


(for those that think I made it up, click on the word REPORT in the paragraph above… their most current chart & numbers will show up in a new tab).

What I AM very specifically saying, is that nearly all, with the exclusion of about 21 counties in this nation, people should be EDUCATED and allowed to RETURN TO THEIR JOB or BUSINESS if they feel comfortable with that INFORMED DECISION. People should be aware, not afraid. Careful, not locked down.

I’m saying TEACH PEOPLE how to be safer… help make sure there is plenty of hand sanitizer and disinfectant methods, and educate them about the differences in masks, importance of disinfecting things TOUCHED BY OTHERS. GET people OUTSIDE, in the SUN LIGHT, where the virus can’t survive for long. The REALITY is that most people are more likely to die of anything OTHER THAN covid-19, with the exception of those with serious pre-existing lung, heart, or immune system issues in nursing homes or hospitals where virus positive people are PUSHED INTO, or those getting hyper saturated by sick people (at work or home).

The reality is that the vast majority of the problems (and numbers) are in just 21 out of 3,142 counties in this nation, and nearly 90% of the remaining numbers exist in another 20 to 30 counties. Which means about 95% of ‘the’ numbers are in about 50 counties, and mostly just select areas of densely populated areas that share a lot of ‘public transportation’ and cliquish areas where a couple sick people can impact many more quickly and easily. So yes, if you live in a densely populated area, or working around a number of irresponsible strangers, participate in an EVENT that was irresponsible (and had a couple spreaders there), AND/OR are either in the vulnerable group or become saturated with the virus, you SHOULD BE MORE CAREFUL, and wash your hands more often after touching ANYTHING STRANGERS HAVE TOUCHED! Because you are MORE LIKELY TO GET IT! By all reports, if the virus turns into the disease, it can really mess you up (and even kill you).

The 21 to 50 ‘hot spot’ counties, with the high numbers, should be looked at more closely, and people living in those counties, maybe should have some EXTRA caution and concern, because there really are active VIRUS CASES THERE. However, what is happening in those counties should NOT be ‘shutting down’ and negatively impacting all of the rest of this nation (nearly 3,100 counties).

The top 21 counties exist mostly in the New York/New Jersey area, some areas in Michigan with just a couple ‘key’ hot spot counties in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Louisiana, California, and Florida. And then, most all of the ‘deaths’ and ‘cases’ are in just a couple focal points around a MAJOR METRO AREA in that county; potentially because they are sharing more public transportation and enclosed spaces. They are deemed ‘hot spots.’

It is those 1, 2, or 3 counties in the areas that have an issue, are NOT ‘the entirety’ of the state, and absolutely not the whole nation. Those counties should never have been representative ‘of the whole’ (state or nation) for a variety of obvious reasons: density, public transportation use (which absolutely could help speed and increase the spread), the crowds of strangers, and masses touching and coughing on THINGS OTHER PEOPLE will be touching. That’s not the way it is for small town America; for suburbia America, or Rural America.

At the same point, certain big EVENTS: Carnivals, Fairs, Concerts… especially those that involve people UNDER about age 30 (the carrier group)… and any ‘intoxication’ or ‘peer pressures’ should be MORE CAREFUL, more educational (about social distancing and sanitation), and more aware. It requires PEOPLE WITH THE VIRUS to spread the virus. Temperature checks at entrances make some sense. Having hand sanitizer readily available and encouraged is advisable. Thinking masks (or gloves) can solve the problem is beyond ignorant of reality and science.

The media is grossly over generalizing, purposefully twisting the math, and knowingly fearmongering, for THE ENTIRE NATION… for the wrong reasons, and in the wrong way. A ‘positive’ nasal swab is a test showing a positive for THE VIRUS, not the disease! The virus is NOT ‘covid-19’… that is the disease; the virus is SARS-coV-2 (which *can* turn into the disease, but like most flu cases don’t become pneumonia, and most crude oil doesn’t become gasoline… most people that get the virus do NOT GET THE DISEASE!).

As one of my doctor friends pointed out: “Covid-19 should be renamed ‘The Common Core Virus;’ because NONE of the math is adding up!”

Just like you, we are Americans, also living in this time of a National Crisis... just like most everyone else in this country. However, we are lucky to have a variety of educated science types, researchers, and doctors we can ask questions and get rational answers from. Below, are some things you might find helpful on the topic of ‘the virus.’

We have nothing to sell that can help people with the virus… and frankly nothing to gain discussing it; HOWEVER, consistent with our first goal when starting our company 25 years ago, which started on the PEOPLE side of focused healthcare, and transitioned to include a few products for animals, supplying INFORMATION that can help educate people IS STILL OUR PRIMARY GOAL!

When we have a product for a particular issue, having the best product for the money in a given class is key, but a very close second [goal] to education.

We believe that INFORMED ADULTS will make better decisions. We’ve had educational information, particularly nutrition and health information on-line, for people and animals, used by college and university students, and people from all over the world AT NO CHARGE, for nearly twenty-five years on a variety of websites, with a clear goal of helping people wade through the fiction to get to some fact; that is exactly how we might help now.

On March 26th, 2020 Scott W. Atlas, writer for the the Washington Times, made a profound statement: “the contagion of fear spreads far faster than the coronavirus COVID-19.

On 4/23 Townhall pointed out some of the obvious: Antibody Testing: Proves We’ve Been Had!they were far more polite, tolerant, and accepting than I would have been. An exert from the above linked article:

“We’ve been told that the true death rate is 7.4% in New York. We were told there would be hundreds of thousands dead. We were told that this was worse than the flu, which has still recorded more deaths to date in this past flu season—even though the CDC instructed medical personnel to start counting influenza, heart disease, pulmonary, respiratory, drug overdose, and possibly even car crash deaths as COVID-19 deaths.

We were told that we had to upend an economy, go into solitary confinement, and divorce ourselves from normal life because this would rage beyond any previous pandemic.

We were told that this virus with 846,000 current confirmed cases [world wide] was worse than the H1N1 that broke out on Obama’s watch that infected 60,000,000 people.

But none of these “truths” turned out to be so.”

(We were conveniently not told that Obama had authorized $3.7 million U.S. tax dollars to be used at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to utilize corona viruses in bats in 2015 — but that’s yet another deception of omission.)

On 4/18 – Dr. Marc Siegel finally announced on the ‘daily update’ exactly what I’ve been saying for weeks, paraphrased: ‘the death rate is NOT what the media and many of the politicians claimed… there are far more, likely millions more, that have ALREADY HAD THE VIRUS without issue, and didn’t even know it.‘ He was referencing a preliminary results of a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University. So far, they have found between 2.5% and 4.2% of Santa Clara County residents (Southern California) already had antibodies to this new coronavirus in their blood by early April.

Antibodies are an indication that a person’s immune system has responded to a past infection (of that virus). The Stanford researchers estimate the actual number was between 48,000 and 81,000 in that geography, or 50 to 85 times greater [just in that community]. This information is in the forefront of ‘re-opening America.’ Dr. Bob Wachter, chair of the medicine department at UC San Francisco, is suggesting a strategic testing, to determine just how many are asymptomatic and how many already have antibodies.

This page started mid-March 2020, because we noticed the fearmongering and false claims, and over-generalization being pushed in & by the media, repeated and promoted by some people in our government, and virally promoted by many on social media.

We chose to post the information HERE, ON OUR ANIMAL PRODUCTS SITE, to also point out that WE HAVE NOTHING TO SELL THAT CAN HELP PEOPLE WITH THE VIRUS, or prevent anyone from getting it. We didn’t want any confusion. MD’s Choice does not have any product for any infectious disease; we have NOTHING to offer for prevention or treatment! However, we understand SCIENCE, biology, and talk with a variety of doctors on the topic… and thought that just maybe SOME RATIONAL INFORMATION CAN HELP?!

This project initially started for two reasons:

1) we noticed the predictably false claims of 2.2 million deaths, and quickly determined that was absolutely NOT TRUE, accurate, or realistic. Why other’s, in powerful positions, didn’t point out the fallacy of those claims is not understood at this point. Also, the assorted claims of 2, 3, and 10% deaths rates ‘of the population’ many in the media and some politicians were shouting from roof tops were also false, and had not basis for justification. It was absolutely FAKE NEWS, but in March and April, that fallacy of fearmongering information is what was filling the airwaves. Clearly, there were some people obviously pushing some agendas, and frankly freaking most people out. The governor of new york and Dr. fauci at the top of that list. However, it was number

2) when we started getting questions, calls and emails on the topic of ‘the virus’ in mid February, and we had to spend some time trying to help answer, calm, and educate someone calling us… that became the second, and main, reason to start a page on the topic. So we weren’t having to ‘repeat ourselves’ to each of those contacting us, to see if we had anything to help… or any information or suggestions. The ‘page’ (here) allowed ‘the answer(s)’ to be shared with thousands, rather than just one at a time. It allowed us to dig into the science, the abstracts, studies, and information… to get better information… to talk with specialists, and professionals, to gather more accurate responses.

It took until July for many in the Trump Whitehouse to understand some of the issues with fauci, and to see the light of how and why he was ultimately the wrong person to be ‘the face of the White House for this virus.’ fauci flip-flopped, was non-committal, and panic provoking. One of the most interesting things was when the video interview surfaced of fauci from 2017 sharing his prophetic vision, “said there is “no doubt” Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency.”

There are some serious issues with the guy, and he’s not the bipartisan savior American’s were originally told.

The solutions, science, and calculations require the emotions to be set aside as much as possible. From mid-March through the end of April, and then occasionally through the date late edited (listed at the top of the page), we’ve updated this page. (Not much in June or July… because other’s started ‘understanding’ what we’ve been saying all along… and they are now helping educate others about the realities).

We’ve had a few ‘strangers’ (new to MD’s Choice/VetSupplements) call the information into question or doubt, MERELY because it’s on VETSUPPLEMENTS (an animal related site) rather than a human site. Those naysayer’s challenged to find errors, that actually bothered to try… have since apologize. It is seriously our goal to HELP and educate, with the best information, so if you see something is wrong, or has for sure changed, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

We choose to ‘put it here’ (on an animal site page) because it IS a ‘blogging platform’ – which is faster and better to ‘gather’ the information, and share the answers we get into ONE CENTRALIZED LOCATION, and this IS the place that is easier for us to keep up dated, and integrate graphics when necessary. And we did not want ANYONE CONFUSED thinking we were attempting to sell them ANY type of ‘cure, treatment, or diagnosis’ for the virus (or disease), which could have caused that type of confusion if we posted on one of our human websites.

This particular website was designed for articles (blogging) from the beginning, and is DYNAMIC (mobile, tablet, computer, or even TV). Anything that can view webpages, can view this site, and the page ‘auto adjusts to your viewing pleasure’ – that’s a huge factor, and a real time saver for us.

All our assorted ‘people sites’ require HTML coding, ftp’ing, and a bunch of other things this type of blogging site ‘naturally does’ quickly. Literally ‘edit & save’ and it’s AUTOMATICALLY updated on the website domain, in just a couple seconds, without having to mess with hardly any code, or jump through any extra hoops. That allows us to focus on the TOPIC, hence, this page: “Covid-19 … sorting through the fact, exposing the fiction.”

Since our first email on the topic on March 22nd, after this page was ‘made public,’ we’ve received thousands of emails and messages regarding covid-19. Many with questions; but most businesses we heard from expressing the ‘changes to their business,’ some announcing ’emergency hours only’ … ‘curb-side service’ only, or even ‘temporary closures’ or some other procedure change to how they were going to do business (or not) during this time. Not surprisingly, there were many trying to sell some product or service, or information, to generate an income to help keep their business going, their employee’s employed. Then there were those that did little more than spread even more doom & gloom, fear & misinformation.

This page is intended to share facts, demonstrate logic, show some common sense, and calm the irrational fears… which the media, some ‘academic types’, and certain political types are (were) attempting to ‘whip up.’

On about March 5th, the ‘news media’ really started being filled with doom, gloom, fear, and sadly quite a bit of false information. This is especially the case when it comes to their ‘projections’ and ‘models,’ and many of their ‘numbers claims.’ That is where we can offer some real math, honest perspective, and common sense… especially for those people outside ‘hot zones.’

If you turned on a TV, read most any news paper, get on the internet, or look at social media it was riddled with covid-death-covid-death… case numbers climbing… millions will die… fearmongering, hype, misinformation, ignorance, people panicking, political agendas, and even some pretty wild sounding conspiracy theories… some of which just might be more true than not. What the lame stream media has been feeding the citizens of this nation is an agenda driven pack of information, that had the intent to SHUT DOWN THE NATION, make President Trump look as bad as possible, and help get money – taxpayer money – in the hands of the sanctuary states (which just happen to also have the HIGHEST COUNTS). Something the media isn’t telling people, or pointing out, is that the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) officially authorized the federal government to cease sending any funding to on February 26th, 2020. But we’ll get to all that in due time. Point being, there were a whole lot of mole hills of truth, the media and certain politicians decided to try to blow up into mountains of fear, panic, control, and money! We can’t forget the money!

We (at MD’s Choice) started gathering information on the coronavirus in January. Speaking with the doctors on the topic, and doing some searching through known science, published studies, and real numbers (attempting to ‘fact check’ what the media was claiming). After 25 years in nutrition and health industry, it should be understood that the health and safety are a priority to us, and we care about making a positive difference when and where possible (even when we don’t ‘profit’ financially… we try to help a person find the right answer or at least get headed down the correct path). We aren’t in control of the proverbial coin, but can accurately call whether it lands on heads or tails… and whether there were any fouls, interference, or if it’s a trick coin.

We have communicated with many doctors familiar with treating coronavirus in animals, as well as some that have investigated different strains in people; in addition to doctors specializing in treating infectious diseases. It is from the answers, responses, information, and points from those well educated and experienced people, as well as years of rational thought, and common sense, that lead us to point out the answers we’ve learned.

Stuff being broadcasted on the TV and media outlets were purposefully sensationalizing, twisting facts and numbers, with bogus model projection claims, and a lot of speculated ‘worst case scenario’ claims, and unsubstantiated information… all in the name of headlines and ratings. Sadly, there really are way too many politics! But that is the world we are living in.

We DID NOT MAKE THIS POLITICAL! The news media and politicians did that, for us all! This is at least the third pandemic I’ve lived through in my 60 years on this earth, but the first one to shut down the nation. It is also the first to be hyped with the few sink holes of truth to create oceans of fear and panic, in a fashion similar to the Y2K profiteering and fearmongering.

If you are a huge fan of cuomo, you probably don’t want to read any more of this… because I will be calling him out for his role in the fearmongering manipulation, and some of HIS negligence and HIS potentially criminal actions! I sincerely hope HE, and any other political figures that actually and really HELPED CAUSED DEATHS, because people followed their predictably wrong DIRECT ORDERS and mandates, are HELD ACCOUNTABLE! But there are many facts contained below, long before I address what cuomo did that was wrong, knowingly avoidable, and irrationally done to unsuspecting citizens living in New York (and those surrounding areas he influenced). Just be prepared… because reality sometimes is shocking! Each day we’re learning more.

What They Don't Want You to Know About the Coronavirus

Is it still an epidemic, or is it all just panic?

Posted by Steve Deace Show on Monday, July 20, 2020

As for peace of mind… REALLY, if people ignore most of the media, especially the national garbage like MSNBC, CNN, and even most of FOX… and those that are chasing numbers or pushing fear, the average person WILL FEEL MUCH BETTER!

If we look at RATIONAL FACTS, and demand our congress-person HONESTLY REPRESENT US, without violating the Constitution of the United States, and stop looking at or thinking about ‘cases’ and ignore (and call out) anyone pushing CFR’s (case fatality rates), things will calm down for the majority far more quickly. It seems there are some that live in a bubble of fear, devoid of truth and reality… constantly panicked that ‘the virus will kill them’ and that, somehow, ‘a mask on everyone’ will somehow save them.

If we think, and actually calculate based on ‘population’ and ‘likely exposed numbers’ … even hospitalized with virus (vs intubations because of disease) … rather than ‘cases’… there could be more reality in the numbers.

There are no actual numbers of ‘confirmed with virus’ vs ‘confirmed with covid-19 (the disease).’ There is no co-morbidity list, or even a verified professional determination of CAUSE OF DEATH; nor (in over 90% of the deaths) even a biopsy, tissue or blood samples, to confirm the ’cause of death’ was in fact ‘the disease’ (covid-19) and not something else. Did a person have a heart attack? Stroke? Cancer? Aneurysm ? If yes, and they had a positive nasal swab, it’s listed as a ‘covid-19 death’ in many states, even though the person really may not have really, or even, had ‘covid’ (the disease) – but rather SARS-coV-2 (JUST THE VIRUS), which may not even have been a contributing factor at the time of their death. Those facts matter, but are being PURPOSEFULLY IGNORED by far too many that are in positions to ‘protect and serve.’

I do not expect President Trump to be (or become) a health expert. I understand WHY he initially believed and trusted fauci… the guy that has ‘worked for’ the government, in a health care advisory and problem solving position since 1968. The guy that helped find a treatment, albeit not a cure or completely solution, a vital piece of the puzzle to HIV & AIDS back in 1985. I can see why Trump listened to fauci, and trusted that fauci knew what he was talking about when he told the President that 2.2 million people would die if nothing was done.

Questions that are not being asked (or answered), but should be… and should have been since the beginning: Did the virus or DISEASE actually and really CAUSE, or even honestly contribute to, the death? If yes, HOW that was determined? Those answers would caste a whole new light on the reality of THE NUMBERS.

There is actually quite a bit publicly known, especially if the ‘petri-dishes’ of ‘enclosed populations’ are taken into account. But I’ll get to that math further down the page. There has been a lot that is PURPOSEFULLY AVOIDED, side stepped, and ignored by the media, and those politicians either with their hands out, or fingers pointing at Trump. Out agenda is SEEKING THE TRUTH, where ever it is.

In most cases, we don’t know WHERE most of those people that ‘got sick’ were (or when they were infected). Some they believe they’ve narrowed it down to certain places, such as nursing home, hospital cafeteria, public transportation, at work, home, or some special event or gathering, on public transportation or standing in line waiting to be tested, or at home taking care of a sick relative. When possible, knowing WHERE they LIKELY contracted it, helps expose patterns, and places to maybe sanitize better… and to avoid.

At least 9,352 soldiers exposed on the Aircraft Carrier, only 36 deaths from the disease (that’s .0038494439692044‬ death rate, scary… huh?). We know the numbers for the cruise ships, Aircraft Carrier, and the facts relating to those people should have been evaluated more closely by the powers to be (CDC, FDA, NIH, and media). If they did, they would have quickly seen that the panicked claims of 2.2 million deaths in the USA, or even 500,000 was highly improbable; and, that the ‘infection’ had more to do with HEALTH of the individual and SATURATION rather than age. But the media ignored all those facts.

The reality is in the REAL numbers, not the ‘cfr’ (case fatality rate) the media has turned into sensationalist headlines. And those ever climbing ‘case numbers’ have so many real problems.

  1. they will always climb, based on ‘number of tests’ – until there is heard immunity, mass vaccination, or the virus has burned itself out,

  2. there is no separation of ‘persons’ – those testing positive’ (allowing an increase (in the count) when there is a second or third ‘positive’ result from the same person. That ‘multiple counting’ has been caught in some areas),
  3. there are false positives, and even the best tests are still only 95 to 98% accurate,
  4. most people haven’t been (and, unless they are feeling sick, won’t be) tested, and
  5. many of the people (some estimate up wards of 88%) that are ‘counted as’ covid-19 deaths, didn’t really die FROM or BECAUSE OF covid-19… they just happened to have a nasal swab that tested positive (for the virus) at the time of their death, and even if they had no other symptoms, and known life threatening pre-existing conditions, they were still listed as a ‘covid-death.’


Those are the reasons CFR’s can NOT be trusted. Further, they grossly ignore all those exposed that never ‘got it’ (an estimated 83% minimum), and those that got it but have no symptoms (approximately 8.5% of the total)… but the powers to be really did, knowingly, sensationalize a known flawed number (CFR’s) to instill fear, stress, worry, and panic in the people hearing claims of a 3, 5, 7, 10, 12% ‘death rate.’ Of course no one wants to get that… the odds are against them.

If you pay close attention to the researchers and scientific abstracts and studies done by the immunologists & virologists, and those professionals that actually study, research, and treat ‘contagious diseases’ … and those doing the anti-body results… tens’ of thousands that HAD THE VIRUS, yet never manifested the covid-19 disease; with tens of thousands (to millions) not ever realizing they were ‘sick’ or had the virus. Once you understand there really is a difference, and HOW it impacts the body, then you might understand WHY this type of information, and these classifications of the numbers, are SO SIGNIFICANT.

If you STILL think I’m just making it up, consider the following – from the CDC – EXCESS DEATHS… the following graphic one of our customers sent us (look at the date of the count):""

Then, if you think it’s wrong… or too far off, consider the INFORMATION and COUNTS it was derived from, directly from the CDC web site:


Just like the ‘cases’ … from the beginning, most health science types KNEW that was a BOGUS COUNT that would absolutely increase until there was either heard immunity, a functional vaccine people were willing to take, or Trump was out of office (which ever came first). They also knew that the count COULD BE MANIPULATED once it was moved outside of a hospital, and verification protocols were NOT REQUIRED (other than a nasal swab looking for the VIRUS). To include more than just those people actually SEEKING/NEEDING TREATMENT in their ‘case counts,’ and even include ‘every test’ vs every ‘person’ (which inflated numbers more & faster in some geographies), and because of HIPPA… it wouldn’t likely be caught, and really couldn’t be verified.

Some media sources even claiming that ‘one in ten that get it will die.’ Of course that claim was NEVER TRUE! It was never accurate… it was based on some number pulled out of someone’s neck. EVERY single doctor we communicated with knew those numbers weren’t accurate, and didn’t add up; but the media, and some politicians, sure did push that CFR really hard to force shut downs around the globe.

Why you ask? The new sensationalized fear made better headlines than the predictable failure of the House Impeachment attempt. It seems the media felt these ‘sensational headlines’ (and the fearmongering) was better news than the booming economy, low unemployment rate, healthier small businesses, and record low fuel prices. So, they kept pushing the TWISTED news… just enough fact to get people’s attention, though it was really like a game of three card monte. The cooked numbers, the flawed points used in the math calculations & projections, and then the claims of ‘covid deaths’ that just weren’t necessarily so (and many of those that were honestly could have been avoided with different governors in charge). Had responsible preventive measures been taken by those in positions of power (fauci, birx, cuomo, etc.)

The Kirkland Washington Nursing Home, where the first deaths hit, should have been an obvious clue: PROTECT THE VULNERABLE should have been the lesson. Instead, at least six (6) state governors ORDERED nursing homes to TAKE IN KNOWN POSITIVE PEOPLE (with New York & New Jersey, Connecticut, and Michigan topping the list).

Real numbers, and more designations of information, demonstrates a far greater sense of reality, and a calmer focus toward the truth of what is really happening (even with cuomo’s padding).

STAYING CLEAR of crowds of strangers during flu season and any ‘outbreaks’ (of any communicable disease, virus, or issue)… and being EXTRA VIGILANT when you are in those situations, can HELP SAVE YOU (and your loved ones). Avoiding physical contact with SICK people, strangers, family, friends, (including the kids & grands) and take extra precautions when you HAVE TO deal with them… so you don’t get their bug, and pass it around the family.

WASHING THE HANDS after touching things OTHERS have touched… especially strangers and those that might be sick

Avoid dirty hands (with or without gloves) touching your mouth & eyes, UNLESS YOU KNOW they are clean & virus free…

WILL HELP avoid ‘catching’ the virus. Those should be common sense practices

I struggled to find an easy way to help my nearly 80 year old mother understand WHY the media was reporting that hydroxychloroquin (HDQ) was failing. This is what I came up with:

Question: What good does a condom do, in birth control, IF the woman is ALREADY PREGNANT?

Answer: NONE!

Well, it’s kind of the same with MOST of the ‘off-label drugs’ (the anti-virals) used to ‘treat’ covid. They really don’t treat ‘covid’ – they actually treat SARS-coV-2, the virus, and help keep the virus FROM BECOMING the disease! Knowing you have been exposed to the virus, and getting ON THOSE KEY DRUGS (as necessary and prescribed by your doctor – after a doctor examines you, and confirms the safety protocols) could be vital to your longevity, especially if done correctly BEFORE THE VIRUS TURNS INTO THE DISEASE!

But if you are taking ANY drugs, medications, herbal remedies… or have any known medical issues, you NEED TO MAKE SURE YOUR DOCTOR KNOWS because it could impact their prescription and treatment protocol.

Again, there are viable prophylactic options for those exposed to the virus, BEFORE the disease has a chance to take hold, because waiting until the virus becomes ‘the disease’ changes the rules (and treatment options), and for some reason the media is either ignoring those facts, or purposefully avoiding that reality.

PREVENTIVE options are important… yet they aren’t honestly being discussed. And when they are discussed in the media, they are usually wrong (or ignoring the importance of TIMING). Waiting UNTIL ‘the disease’ takes hold isn’t wise, those drugs DO NOT DO THE SAME THING to the disease as they do to the virus. So, IF you’re in a geographical area that a doctor will prescribe those things early when necessary, and you don’t match any of the contraindication issues, you’ll have a far better chance IF you become exposed or ‘get’ the virus.

100% of covid (the disease) requires both the virus, and an immune system compromised enough to transition into the disease via a ‘cytokine storm’ which is an ‘out-of-control inflammatory reaction’ that happens (in a body). It’s ultimately THAT ‘storm’ that allows the virus to become the disease, which can damage the lungs, and potentially even the heart and other organs.

The prophylactic drugs, similar to the purpose of the condom for preventing pregnancy, help PREVENT that storm from ever happening if they are used responsibly and early enough. If used after the storm starts, then timing is even more important, to try to BOOST the immune system enough to minimize and eliminate the storm.

99.996% of the population will NEVER REALLY GET THE DISEASE (even if they get the virus).

.002% to .004% of those that are ‘exposed’ to the virus, without anything (medication or other treatment) ‘die’ from the disease; but (again) 99.996% of those with the virus DO NOT GET THE DISEASE. IF those persons that are exposed, and have comorbidities, used the appropriate prophylactic measures, they could stop (prevent, eliminate) the virus from BECOMING the disease (in their body) in nearly all cases.

Most all of the numbers being ‘reported’ by the fear mongering lame stream media are FALSE, bogus, and intent upon SCARING and PANICKING, and CONTROLLING people… not educating them. Not helping them actually ‘be healthier’ or safer.

Scientifically, the eyes are MORE LIKELY to be ‘the entry point’ – IF – they come in direct contact with *A* virus (any) – then the ‘nose;’ or mouth; unless a person is licking (kissing, or such) something with a concentration of the virus. Eyes are more susceptible than either the nose or mouth for CONTRACTING the virus without DIRECT CONTACT of an infected person. Then, it’s usually from a person TOUCHING THEIR OWN FACE with infected hands (after touching something the virus is on)… even with gloves on.

It’s frankly sad, and a whole lot of the blame lies upon the shoulder’s (and face) of flip-flop fauci the head button pusher in the federal government… some on Dr. Birx, who seems to lack the spine to point out the REALITY that ‘the virus’ IS NOT THE DISEASE! Any more than crude oil is gasoline! Yes, all gas requires crude oil, but not all (or even most) crude becomes gas. Same with the virus vs disease.

Trump doesn’t know any better… but Ben Carson should… as should the Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams, M.D., M.P.H. E-mail Address: surgeongeneral@hhs.gov Phone Number: (202) 401-7529

Dr. Debora Birx, TRIED, but failed… the two ‘official counts’ are the presumptive (the huge, overgeneralized high numbers the media uses from Johns Hopkins)… and the ‘lab confirmed (which still sadly lumps all crude oil in with gas, as if they are the same, or rather ‘the virus’ (which is all that can be tested for with a nasal swab) with ‘the disease.’

There is a third count “excess deaths” (outside of the norm), which wasn’t ‘released’ until June 2020, and is still somewhat hidden and not discussed by the media or politicians, is actually under 10,000 for the USA! That seems significant to me, but the power’s to be seem willing to ignore it. While the main CDC count was at 113,303, the John’s Hopkins covid count was 133,991 (with a claim of 3,097,538 cases)… but the ‘excess count’ was 8,054. Those are some HUGE differences! Supposedly, over 65% of the deaths in New York, New Jersey, and Michigan were IN CONFINED INSTITUTIONS! (Nursing Homes & Prisons).

The saddest part is the LACK OF EDUCATING THE PUBLIC… the FALSE and BOGUS claims about ‘masks’ … the political manipulation, the huge sums of money changing hands, because of the fearmongering.

The ‘scientific reporting’ IN THE STUDIES being published, are generally more consistent for most of the free world, and more honest than most of the fearmongering media and certain state governors. Those that include actual numbers from a few different angles, add information and attempt to determine ‘statistical significance,’ and point out some facts (or debunking claims) are usually worth looking at. The problem is some are good to great, while other’s have too few ‘patients’ or a perspective that is based on too limited of a scope (attempting to justify a position, rather than seeking to find truth).

We are confident that the information below should help the majority feel better, safer, and more aware of what is real vs the hype the media is pushing.

People don’t have to be scared, but NEED TO BE AWARE and a bit more CAREFUL especially in areas known to have a lot of positive cases!

Remember, knowledge is powerful, but it’s really ONLY GOOD if it can be shared, recreated, and used to empower or improve things. ~ Terry Mercer

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is the virus, which can cause ‘the disease’ COVID-19 in people. However, it’s cart vs horse, petroleum vs gasoline, flu vs pneumonia… the two are NOT THE SAME THING!

Yes, the latter MUST HAVE the preceding, but the preceding doesn’t necessarily turn into the latter. Nearly every science type, sincerely interested in truth, knows that; as does any in the media honestly trying to report the truth. Yet most still intermix the wrong terms.

SARS-coV-2 is the virus… it is what spreads and causes most of the symptoms in the early stages.

Covid-19 is the disease, which only a tiny fraction of those that actually get SARS-coV-2 contract, but those with covid-19 (the disease) MUST have first had the virus.

It’s literally petroleum vs gasoline, flu vs pneumonia… you can’t have B without first A, but you can absolutely have A without ever getting B. And that, my friend, is WHY I don’t fear… because IF there is a reason to believe I have A… I know of a FEW things that CAN BE EFFECTIVELY done to help prevent and avoid B.

It’s irrational to feel other’s should be taking care OF YOU, FOR YOU… when YOU aren’t THEIR responsibility (and they aren’t yours).

Of course, if you are living in a nursing home, going to a hospital or quarantine area where there are KNOWN positive cases… you bet I’d want a filtered N95 FACE COVER / MASK, because I know that SATURATION MATTERS far more than any hyperbole about spittle. There are some people that really need to understand, IF THEY ARE VULNERABLE… they will need to TAKE EXTRA CARE OF & FOR THEMSELVES first and fore most!

They should be aware… watch the distance… and stay clear of strangers, small children that are mingling with other children… and places packed with strangers that might be irresponsible or impulsive. Social distancing, and making sure your hands are virus free before touching your face (mouth, nose, and eyes) is vital; that includes eating with your hands, make sure your hands are clean when eating something a stranger touched! Avoid public transportation when possible. Try to make sure anything a stranger touches THAT YOU HAVE TO TOUCH IS CLEAN, and/or you are able to wash your hands soon after touching BEFORE YOU TOUCH YOUR FACE! Or transfer the virus.

Wipe down the things strangers touched & handled if you’re in doubt. Again, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU (and I’m ultimately responsible for me). It is irrational to believe OTHER PEOPLE should be responsible FOR YOU! Because they ‘all’ absolutely will NOT BE… so you MUST watch out FOR YOURSELF, and your loved ones, based on the geographical area you’re living in.

MOST geographical areas… over 3,142 counties in this nation… don’t have a statistically significant number to fear. The vast majority of the people in the county I live in don’t wear masks, and many of the stores have remained open… just with shorter hours, potentially ‘spit shields’ and masks on employee’s… but open. A few have ‘Masks Required’ signs, but most of those cater to a large number of seniors.

If you happen to live in one of the 21 ‘hot spot’ counties… then you should be EXTRA CAREFUL, avoid any and all public transportation, crowds, and public officials as much as possible (especially the governors, which can apparently kill you if you’re in the wrong state! (confusion or shock won’t save you)).

I’ve been ‘out’ WITHOUT a mask nearly every day… and there are THOUSANDS of other’s around WITHOUT A MASK… and there hasn’t been a ‘death’ (from covid) HERE (in the county I live) since February, and then only a total of 3 (with a grand total of 262 ‘total cases’ EVER). Frankly I have ZERO concern about it outside of a hospital. With that said, I took a really hard fall at a gas station late March, broke my thumb, cracked my knee cap, broke my nose… and I refused to go to the hospital. I caught the 4″ tall curb the gas pump sits on right across my face, when I fell… landing on my face and knee… I had a 5 gallon gas can in each hand, and the thumb on the right hand was impacted at a strange angle… viola… real injuries… and blood from the nose & lip. The black eye is gone, I was thankful I didn’t knock out any teeth, and didn’t seriously damage my eye socket. I was frankly impressed I didn’t get knocked out, and my wife was amazed I was sitting there taking inventory of my injuries when she realized I disappeared. Point being, I HAD TO MAKE A DECISION. Because I smoked for nearly 40 years (quit just over 5 years ago), am 60 years old this year, and have had some lung issues in the past… my goal is to stay clear of hospitals at all costs, short of near death. So, I came home and doctored myself… waited for x-rays until I was sure it was ‘safe’ and reasonable to avoid anyone that ‘might’ have the virus.

I’m NOT saying don’t go to hospitals. I know a heck of a lot of people that have gone to hospitals for surgery, treatment, and necessary concerns that didn’t ‘catch’ the virus before, during, or after. Our mail carrier just had a double knee replacement, and is on our Arthrosamine to help speed his recovery. Less than a week later he’s DRIVING & WALKING! Impressive the strides modern medicine has made the last couple decades with some of the surgical techniques and procedures!

What did you do during H1N1? How about the flu each year??

Have you seen the numbers the CDC has calculated have died THIS YEAR from just the flu or non-covid related pneumonia?? Those numbers will be in a table later on this page. Seriously, if covid make you nervous, those flu numbers should put you in a bubble or bunker, because they are a whole lot higher than even the fake covid numbers.

PROTECT YOURSELF… because you can Not – now – or ever – expect ALL other’s to put your preservation above their own; or their goals above yours, or even in line with yours, unless you are paying them to… and even then it’s not 100%.

In the 90’s I was a trained Rescue Diver… and one key lesson is that drowning people WILL TRY TO CLIMB OUT ON TOP OF THEIR RESCUER, sometimes causing the death of both parties. Dealing with SARS-coV-2, and Covid-19, is one of those things YOU HAVE TO BE AWARE for your own preservation, before you can hope to help anyone else.

Education and honest, ethical, accurate information was NEVER required, or demanded, by the RIGHT PEOPLE in charge, which allowed BAD and tainted information to start accumulating. The topic involved ‘deaths’ and the reality is Trump initially joked about there wouldn’t be any deaths ‘from it’ in early January, so it was purposefully avoided by the media, and many democratic politicians, and soon became the ‘never-Trumper’ agenda, so a few people started pushing panic buttons.

The lame stream media played right into it… sensationalizing the fear, panic, and deaths, by perpetrating miss information, and partial truths. Yes, there were real deaths. Yes, SOME of those people died from or because of covid… but NOT ALL OF THEM that are ‘counted’ (claimed), especially not initially. It was the PROJECTION OF PANIC, the telegraphing of fear and deaths in China and comparisons to N1H1, Spanish Flu, and the plague that helped spread the fear and irrational behavior, and misinformation. It was an opportunity for certain people to change the media narrative, to get off the botched impeachment, collusion rhetoric, biden’s video of both public grope’s, and his extortion of the Ukraine government. Plus, the big orange man initially said their won’t be any deaths… ‘so we’ll make him eat those words’ became the mantra of the media.

ANYONE with a brain, some math and science in their background, KNEW ‘cases’ was a bogus and ever climbing number, until either heard immunity or a vaccine kicked it; and that a vaccine was seriously not something that COULD BE figured out safely or quickly. The ‘panic’ was seriously 100% predictable… and done on purpose; it fit an agenda! Of course people LOVE THEIR FAMILY & FRIENDS, especially their OLDER ONES (even those in nursing homes)… so threatening them, saying you CAN NOT GO SEE THEM, played into the bigger picture of fear, concern, hyperbole, and more rhetoric! Reverse psychology. Photos of other’s suffering, and worst case scenarios, the .00004 combined with the heart wrenching stories in the media, and viola transference, fear, and panic.

They KNEW how a ‘virus’ spreads… and that they were SHORT ON SUPPLIES (swabs, test kits, ppe’s… and labs prepared to actually DO THE TESTS) yet PURPOSEFULLY panicked healthy people standing in lines for hours with the 1 to 10% of sick people ALSO standing & talking in the lines, helping spread the virus. The media and powers to be that pushed the lines, ‘testing for everyone’ and ‘wear a mask’ policies continue to do so without any education (of their audience), warnings, or precautions. It seems they forget WHY there are warning labels!

They KNEW the most ‘vulnerable group’ was those with a compromised immune system… the ‘elderly’ and already sickly… those not getting outside much, having pre-existing lung & heart problems… while many states protected their elderly, some states (like new yuck, new jerksy, missedagain) PUSHED KNOWN virus positive people INTO NURSING HOMES! Causing both the spread to increase, the the death numbers to climb. THEIR POLICIES HELPED INFECT and KILL many vulnerable people, because of their orders. Seriously, “gross negligence” doesn’t honestly cover the purposeful stupidity and predictably wrong consequences from their actions!

Back to the facts:

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is a type of ‘zoonotic virus’ that jumps from animals to humans, and assorted ‘coronaviruses’ have been known (in the veterinarian world) for at least 50 years. For animals, many (to most) of these viruses can be treated with the vaccine NVX-CoV2373 which has existed for about 40 years, and should help give a huge head-start to those scientists looking for ‘a vaccine’ that will work IN (and for) HUMAN BEINGS.

The coronavirus has been known to affect and negatively impact the human world since at least the 90’s…not just 2019, but for nearly 30 years. There are peer reviewed scientific studies and government funding, as well as projections for danger (based on previous SARS & MERS, and H1N1 spreads. There were cautions & warnings from immunology and endocrinology symposiums, and universities around the world for at least two decades that I can verify. The United States invested billions for CORONA-VIRUS research over the last two decades. ‘Protection of people’ was the PRIMARY FOCUS, because it was theorized that it was a matter of WHEN the jump from animals to humans would happen next, NOT “IF.” That was the justification for the massive spending. Thanks, in part to those ‘animal rights’ people that somehow FEEL it’s wrong, unethical, and immoral to ‘test on animals’ … the research was MOVED TO OTHER COUNTRIES THAT ALLOWED THAT. Sadly, countries ‘America’ doesn’t control, and apparently didn’t have strict safety protocols. There is a lot of documentation out there on the topic of human’s ‘contracting coronavirus.’ One peer reviewed study on human’s was published in 2003.

So, while ‘this strain’ may be new, the cornavirus is far from new… far from unknown, and the off label drugs have well published contraindications (side-effects & negative interactions). However, much of the money spent was misused, and never applied to actual solutions… only creating ‘worst case scenario’ doomsday type ‘models’ estimating the ‘infection rate (and spread),’ factoring in assumptions of how assorted ‘control measures’ *might* work, to try to limit the damage.

The problem is the modeling wasn’t even close, and factored a whole lot of the wrong things, causing panic, chaos, and seems to be driving some political agendas in many different countries (and some states). So, for what ever reason, there are some states, and officials, that are ‘padding the numbers’ … and made public decisions that were the antithesis of ‘public safety.’

It’s a VIRUS. Bacterial diseases get cures, viruses must either have a vaccine or run their course.

For some, there *might be* some treatment or drug(s) that will lessen symptoms, reduce the duration, or prevent death in the vulnerable, exhausted, and those unable to fight it off. However, the reality is that unless there is a vaccine, ONLY ANTI-BODIES can prevent ‘the spread’ of a virus. Even then IT WILL STILL SPREAD, until it ‘dies off’ (had no where to go). As more people get anti-bodies, the virus loses it’s power because there are fewer people to infect, fewer able to spread it, which is where the ‘herd immunity’ phrase comes into play. Like the measles in the modern world, it eventually just goes away in most geographical areas. However, like Denver and a couple other cities learned, it can come back if people aren’t careful.

Only those without antibodies can get it. That doesn’t change the potential dangers for those that haven’t been vaccinated, but it drastically reduces the potential of a pandemic or spread. If you’ve ever gone to a doctor with the flu, and asked for antibiotics, only to be told ‘No;’ they are doing their job, knowing that antibiotics can only kill BACTERIA not viruses!

Dr. David Price, a critical care pulmonologist caring for COVID-19 patients in New York City at Weill Cornell Medical Center, lays out exactly what people need to do: “This disease is a wimp. Coronavirus is a wimp. It dies as soon as you disinfect it. It breaks down immediately when people wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer, the doctor said. “90% of the transmission is purely from picking up the germ on your hands and then literally putting it into our own bodies. The ways that you get this virus is almost exclusively from YOUR hands to YOUR face (90+%); and then from your hands to your inside your eyes, into your nose or into your mouth,” Price said. Unless someone is coughing in your face, or you’re in contact with body fluids, that is historically true… and THE MOST COMMON way viruses are spread!

Moral: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE, except with clean hands or material you know is absolutely clean.

You CAN NOT ABSORB IT THROUGH YOUR SKIN, so ‘gloves’ only matter if you have ‘open wounds’ or abrasions… what happens is hands MOVING IT TO THE FACE – EYES, NOSE, MOUTH – where it can enter the body! Whether it comes to your face from bare hands or gloved hands.

If droplets are breathed in from an infected person coughing, or ‘talking wet,’ directly around you… especially in front or to the side within about 6 to 10 feet, you can get it! GET THOSE THAT COUGH TO COVER THEIR MOUTH or YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU STAY AWAY and away from anything they coughed on or touched!

The virus is NOT airborne! Any more than spit or a baseball is airborne. You have to TOUCH IT, or come in direct contact with it from another person’s mouth, touch, or their shed virus (infection) ON SOMETHING YOU BREATH or TOUCH (and then only if you have to touch your face with the hand that ‘has the virus germs’). Like a ball, it has weight which is affected by gravity. If there is a stiff wind it will travel a bit further; but, in general, unless a person is spitting or forcefully coughing without any cover in your direction, 6 feet is generally the ‘safe distance’ from another person’s mouth (less if their mouth is covered).

Despite some claims in the media, to date, not one valid example of ‘airborne’ has actually proven to actually have happened. However, the reality is droplets CAN transfer to objects… which can be touched, transferred, carried, moved, and stepped in. An infected person in a cafeteria, or restaurant, actively touching things… not covering their mouth, or covering it with a hand that touches things, CAN TRANSFER VIRUS TO OBJECTS… which CAN INFECT MULTIPLE PEOPLE! Consider, host(es) touching menus, dishwasher touching the plates or silverware, cook touching plates or uncooked foods, or server touching anything in their area, and viola’ that is how a virus can be spread! And one reason why it made some sense to close schools, concerts, movie theaters, malls, and restaurant dining rooms for a time… to quickly limit the spread. It made more sense to EDUCATE, help people become aware… rather than an arbitrary and selective shut down of many businesses in this nation, and whipping up irrational fear and panic with twisted math and the emotional stories airing nearly 24 hours a day.

Again, if the virus is ON an object an infected person touched (with infected hands) or breathed on… then you touched THAT… and physically picked up the virus on your hands. If you wash your hands BEFORE YOU TRANSFER IT TO YOUR FACE (or some object you’ll be licking, using on your nose, eyes, mouth), you WILL BE FINE!

However, if you touched your own mouth, nose, or eyes with hands (even with gloves on), before they were clean, YOU COULD PICK UP THE VIRUS, and CAN GET SICK! That is how it is spread!

The pole on a subway, the handles and hold bars on public transit buses, the door handle or seat in a taxi; the food tray or arm rest, or window cover, on a plane. A bathroom door handle, a shopping cart handle, play ground equipment, shared public items – even ‘key pads’ (for credit/debit cards), pens, keyboards, yes – even unsanitized cash money. An infected person serving food, or even ‘cleaning dishes,’ COULD HELP SPREAD the virus. So, make sure you WASH YOUR HANDS after use, and don’t be touching your face with hands you aren’t 100% sure aren’t virus free. Do not put coins, pens, or any other items strangers handled… in your mouth.

You can NOT ‘get it’ in your house, unless you or someone infected carried the virus into your house. If you aren’t sure, disinfect where they’ve been, and all the stuff you touch. Also, you don’t get it just being outside on your deck, porch, in your yard or even in the woods. YOU HAVE TO TOUCH IT – on something or someone – or be in direct contact with some thing when an infected someone has shed the virus on AND some thing you touch. Even then, it can NOT be absorbed through the skin. So, IF YOU DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE – mouth, nose, eyes – with uncleaned hands, even gloved hangs, you can not ‘just get it.’ Public transportation, and being in crowds of people increase your odds of getting the virus, which is one of the main reasons New York and New Jersey have been hit so hard.

Gloves won’t help you if you aren’t also very careful with what you do… and what you touch while wearing them, and if you don’t keep those fingers from your face.

UNLESS YOU LIVE IN NYC (New York City), the ‘major metro areas’ of New Jersey or Louisiana, or one of the other serious ‘hot spots,’ the odds of ‘getting it’ are very low SO LONG AS YOU ARE AWARE and CAREFUL! Then, even if you do get it, the odds of needing to be hospitalized is extremely low, unless you have a pre-existing weak immune system, or one of the key co-morbidity factors, such as damaged lungs or heart problems. The condition of your HEALTH is more important, and a bigger factor, than age.

Using public transportation, especially mass transit, and being in crowds of strangers is NOT ADVISED for anyone that can avoid it, and especially not for those are considered ‘vulnerable!’ It is important NOT to panic… and to not take everything you see on the national news very seriously, especially from ANY PERSON claiming any ‘death percentage’ over 1%, because they are NOT BEING HONEST or REALISTIC. The media outlets allowing that type of propaganda, which is sadly a majority (of them), have ceased ‘investigative reporting,’ and have lost any ‘journalistic integrity’ they might have had long ago. Unless you live in a hot spot, it’s unrealistic to think what happened in NYC or the surrounding area, ‘is going to happen in the area you live!

It is also unrealistic to think ‘getting this virus’ is necessarily a ‘death sentence’ or that there is no hope, as I’ve heard the media and politicians claim in this nation. Of course, if you have a weak immune system, a compromised system, or are in the seriously vulnerable group, you’ll be far happier to avoid getting this virus if at all possible; but it’s no more a ‘death sentence’ than thinking ‘every car accident will result in someone dying.’ Yes, there are deaths. Sadly, the media is SENSATIONALIZING MANY OF THEM, and twisting the math with their ‘counts.’

Vulnerable groups are those with significantly impaired immune systems and/or GET OVER SATURATED by the virus (too much, too fast, for the body to build an effective response). Despite what the media says, it has far less to do with ‘age’ (or even gender) than with GENERAL HEALTH, and the HEALTH OF THE LUNGS!

If you actually talk with a doctor, or healthcare professional, that KNEW SOMETHING ABOUT HDC (hydroxychloroquin)… you’d have learned that it helps PREVENT THE ‘cytokine storm syndrome,’ (CSS) which is an ‘out-of-control inflammatory reaction’ that happens (in a body), when the drug is used correctly, in safe doses, AS A PROPHYLACTIC. It’s ultimately THAT ‘storm’ that allows the virus to become the disease, which can damage the lungs, and potentially even the heart and other organs; so preventing it is important.

Despite the media, and certain politicians, the Math honestly doesn’t justify the fear for the majority in the free-world, with REASONABLE awareness and precautions.

Is there no journalistic ethics or investigative reporting these days? Is it just media people now merely parroting what someone else says for a pay check?

Did anyone with any medical experience seriously, and actually, evaluate the quality of the claims, the projections, and the gathering of numbers? Yes, ALL THAT should matter!

Ever heard of GIGO?? (Garbage In, Garbage Out)

The ‘death rate’ is NOT REALLY WHAT THE MAJORITY OF THE MEDIA CLAIM! The numbers in some states absolutely can not be trusted, but I’ll explain (and justify) those statements later.

4/25/2020 Update: Things learned/confirmed in the last few days:

a) THERE SEEMS TO BE A FEW FUNCTIONAL TREATMENTS in trial stages, actually helping many people NOW, but they are not for everyone… or every situation. There is no ‘universal’ fix all type treatment at this time. A lot depends on the pre-existing conditions of the patient, if they are on any type of medications or drugs, and their general health PRIOR TO catching this virus.

hydroxychloroquine/Plaquenil (used to fight Malaria, also used to treat lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other aliments)… note: ZINC is a co-factor! And the patient’s zinc serum levels should be checked, and a bio-available zinc should be considered, BEFORE the disease sets in (not in the late stages). It’s designed to help circumvent ‘the storm,’ not ‘treat it’ (after it’s started) – but STOP IT BEFORE it starts or gets bad. That is a huge difference that most aren’t pointing out.

(adding azithromycin (Z-Pac), if the person might have a bacterial infection or is on a ventilator – where bacterial infections are more common). The malaria drug really has shown consistent positive results when used AT THE RIGHT TIME, at safe levels. HOWEVER, THERE ARE KNOWN DANGERS in using that particular drug!

BUT, the reality is, IF ‘death from the virus’ is the mostly likely option (for those hospitalized, and if we are to believe cuomo’s 80% that go on a ventilator die number), then ANY side effects of an ‘off-label use DRUG’ that ‘might work’ is almost MEANINGLESS! But should still have the direction and oversight of a doctor that TREATS infectious diseases! Many of the side effects are known, and can be predicted, for the majority of the ‘off-label drugs.’ Only a couple of the side effects (based on the PDR) are potentially to be more challenging to deal with than the real potential of death… if no treatment occurred.

In Texas, a trial study at a nursing home, is finding near-perfect success: out of 39 known to be exposed patients that tested positive for the virus, only one passed away… and that was from non COVID-19 causes. By being on the right dose of hydroxychloroquin BEFORE the virus was able to morph into the disease (covid-19).

The VA has around 370,000 employees, providing services to approximately 9 million veterans each year, and maintains 172 medical centers and 1,200 health care facilities; yet, only 385 Veterans were treated by the VA for SARS-coV-2 (or Covid-19) infection, the total breaks down to 368 men (in the study), and 17 women (the women were not included (in the study, though they did get treatment. The women were left out (of the study), because there weren’t enough to get a cross-section for ‘statistical significant data.’)) For more details on why the VA ‘study’ shouldn’t be given much weight, click on this link —> https://nationalfile.com/busted-media-uses-va-study-to-launch-easily-debunked-attack-on-hydroxychloroquine/

This doctor is consistent with everything I’ve been able to find over the last few months… and dozens of study results, including the addition of zinc as a co-factor.

You can download the entire study in PDF form here (remember, it is a download, and a new tab or page will NOT open, it’s a file that will be saved to your computing device): https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.16.20065920v1.full.pdf

They also didn’t say if the professionals choosing, and administrating, the ‘treatment’ were fully aware of any co-morbidities BEFORE THEY CHOSE to administer HCQ, such as lung challenges (COPD, asthma, etc.) or heart conditions.; knowing that information COULD skew the results.

We also know the numbers from the Naval Aircraft Carrier, which we’ll review later. The better the numbers, the easier it is to accept reality… and then find answers and create solutions.

Some people try to claim ‘danger, danger’ because of what they heard about part of a study involving the deaths of 11 people in a group being treated in Brazil. That PART of their study was closed, because of the deadly results. However, the issue wasn’t ‘the drug’ … but the AMOUNT OF THE DRUG! And the pre-existing conditions of those patients. The reality is doctors in Brazil learned that too high of a dose – too fast – of Chloroquine harms people with certain preexisting conditions. The high dosage can provoke a fatal heart attack! However, they were pushing 600mg+ a day on that group, hoping to speed recovery, and may (or may not) have known about the pre-existing heart conditions.

There are many people that don’t know about their own pre-existing conditions, and that might have been the case in those patients. Frankly, that should have been a bit of a DUH moment for those doctors; because the second side effect listed in the PDR mentions dangers with HEART CONDITIONS! It’s unclear why they ignored the known science, or felt the mega dose was somehow worth trying, when the lower dosed group was responding positively. Lowering or splitting the dose might help, but really, until they make all their data & findings ‘public,’ it’s tough to impossible to form any opinion, or consider anything different; as we really don’t know what they did, other than try 600mg+/- at some frequency, upon a portion of the group, of which prematurely ended in 11 deaths by heart attack; they haven’t had that type of problem with the group using 450mg doses. It might be the lower dose, or a reality no one in that group had those co-morbidities. It’s unknown at this point. Hopefully they took those things into account.

Knowing the condition of the patients heart, and other medications or conditions, prior are vital factors to the safe and proper dosing of most any drug, but particularly anti-virals and anti-parasitics. Of course, if the patient is unconscious, and their medical history unknown, it’s not always possible to know what ‘conditions’ they have, or which medications (including HERBAL) they are on… which can often impact TREATMENT PROTOCOLS!

Plus, there is always the fact many people don’t know they have issues… or have been self-medicating, so their family doesn’t even know they had a condition, or took xyz drug, until there is a conflict. ER’s around the world are filled with such cases. OR’s give warnings… “TELL US EVERYTHING YOU ARE TAKING, USING, DOING… or you could die!” (well, not those exact words usually, but the meaning is exactly that).


  • Known problems (co-morbidities), and
  • INGREDIENTS they are taking, along with the frequency, quantity actually taken, and the LISTED POTENCY of those ingredients (at least photos of the ‘Facts Box’ on each of the bottles & front of prescriptions)…


There are SOME supplements, ESPECIALLY HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS, that WILL NEGATIVELY IMPACT the treatment, usefulness of other drugs… and could cause harm. Many that ‘change’ the blood flow, thickness, or how the brain interprets information increase the dangers when a person ‘gets sick.’ This virus, and the ‘treatment’ might have contraindications. The list should be where family members know where it is, in case of emergency. You can find more information at: www.HerbsAreDrugs.com

Patients severe enough to require hospitalization were suffering and had no hope, other than waiting it out, fighting through it, and hoping the hospital could keep their body alive… prior to one of the treatment options helping. Hydroxychloroquin (and Chloroquin) can be tough on the heart, but it can help PREVENT the virus from igniting a ‘cytokine storm syndrome’ (CSS), however seem to have little impact AFTER that storm has already ignited (and the disease is in full control). Hospitals giving transfusions of platelets with antibodies, (convolensent transfussions), have proven to have great promise… and saved many patients that were in the midst of a full storm (the disease). .

By late March (2020) there really was some hope! At least in some areas, because in other areas of the country, some people are being told they can NOT get one of the ‘wonder drugs’ for one reason or another, or the doctors were trying to administer it AFTER the virus had already turned into the disease. (Sorta like using a condom after she’s already pregnant, pretty meaningless in the relm of ‘birth control.’)

The latest reports I’ve heard on hydroxychloroquin have the majority of patients able to be put on the drug as a PROPHYLACTIC, or before the cytokine storm styndrom starts, THEY have not yet had to be Intubated (i.e. put on a ventilator) according to the hospitals actively using this treatment protocol. Further, nearly all that made it past the first couple days of treatment have recovered. THAT IS HUGE!

Does putting ‘fire retardant’ on a burning piece of wood prevent it from being burned? NOPE, IT IS ALREADY BURNING! However, putting it on BEFORE it’s burned, and it can effectively help prevent the burn… allow for more time to treat, or better deal with, the problem.

HDC works much the same way, and there actually are quite a few studies on that with effectively treating those with the virus, PRIOR to it turning in the full disease. But hey, most in the media don’t let the facts get in the way of their agenda… and some ‘doctors’ are STILL attempting to use it wrongly, or claiming it doesn’t work, when in fact it was used wrong (administered when the patient was ‘in full storm’ or at the wrong doseage, or to a patient with contraindications that predictably interacted with one of the PROPHYLACTIC drugs administered). But hey, it’s all just theory and opinion, right?

Questions healthcare providers really NEED ANSWERS TO, which matter (to any study on a PROPHYLACTIC drug, such as HYC (hydroxychloroquin)):

WHEN the drug was was administered in a patient (stage of virus/problem, CSS, or disease)?

Or HOW MUCH was administered?

The partially discontinued HVC study in Brazil had a portion ceased because TOO MUCH can cause problems. Those researchers found 600mg a day way too much… but didn’t have any reported issues with 200mg twice a day… and that portion of their study had amazing success, last I checked… and there was at least one study that was 200mg ONCE A WEEK – as a prophylactic – which supposedly helped healthcare workers in covid (and virus) wards, and calling on infected patients, avoid getting the viruse themselves.

What the pre-existing conditions, co-morbidities, or OTHER TREATMENT were known prior to dosing with each patient? Those things really matter, and determine if ANY, or which, of the potential treatments are either possible or feasible… for that patient.

Were the drugs administered before or after intubation? Before or after the ‘disease’ was verified… or while it was still just a positive test for SARS-coV-2 (the virus, without the disease yet)? Those factors alter the potential, and frankly the options.

There is more than real hope & promise, but there are known contra-indications or co-factors with other medications or treatments. The caution is that the ‘academic science types’ understandably don’t want the cure to potentially be worse than the problem, and the truth is that not EVERYONE can necessarily ‘use’ the drug.

In addition, the doctors worry the combination of ‘the treatment’ with certain OTHER CONDITIONS, DRUGS or TREATMENTS *might* have a negative interaction that are unknown. The problem is most all of the malaria tests have occurred in third world countries, where there weren’t as many different pre-existing conditions, common prescriptions… daily medication… or a different array of chemicals entering the body (from eating, drinking, or breathing). So, just because ‘the drug’ is Generally SAFE IN AFRICA, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ‘safe for all’ in America (or another country).

However, regardless of the side effect… surely there can’t be any side-effect worse than the death that supposedly a high percentage of those intubated experienced PRIOR TO any hope of a viable treatment!

There are PAGES listing KNOWN contraindications in the PDR (physician’s desk reference). Some of the ‘off-label drugs’ are not necessarily something “EVERYONE” can use as a prophylactic, or necessarily at all.

There are many KNOWN contraindications, particularly in people with heart conditions, blood issues, and interaction with OTHER DRUGS/medications or treatments. It’s unclear whether ‘it’ can be trickled in a compromised system, and still be helpful (and less dangerous) or not, and the lowest dosages I’ve seen discussed were still in the 200mg range.

The prophylactic anti-viral drug, which even one, depending on the health and condition of the person, is something most working in the healthcare field, and those caring for people that have the virus, and ‘the vulnerable people that HAVE NO OTHER OPTION,’ should talk with their doctor about using. It’s clearly NOT FOR EVERY situation, or everyone!

Hydroxychloroquine should NOT be prescribed to individuals with known “hypersensitivity to 4-aminoquinoline compounds, and caution is required if patients have certain heart conditions, diabetes or psoriasis.” There are also other conditions, and a huge list of prescription drugs it is known to negatively interact with. The next biggest key factor is TIMING: WHEN IT IS STARTED (before virus, after exposure, after infection, pre-storm, post storm, after hospitalization, after disease is active in the system).

If a vulnerable person can ‘get on’ one of the ‘treatments’ before the disease starts… and before they have to be hospitalized, and before they are intubated, the recovery rate has been reported to significantly better. It is another math problem, what are the realistic odds? They will, as they should be, different for EACH PERSON. There is at least some potential chance a side effect can be treated, or learned to live with… whereas death is awful permanent!

For the really curious, I’d suggest finishing this entire post, then checking out the link to the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) at the end. 400mg of HCQ weekly in high-risk patients based on past malaria-prevention protocols seems to be a reasonable minimum, but might not be enough. Those that ‘failed’ were trying to administer 600mg A DAY, which appears to be way too much for anyone with a pre-existing heart condition. I honestly can’t tell you why Dr. Fauci, and other’s, are ‘acting like’ they don’t know the reality of the options; or that there are some real and serious contraindications (negative side effects and interactions). There are, and they’ve been known for many years… however, for most people, when it comes down to likely death vs some side effect, weigh the odds… determine if there are any other options, seek the best option, then if it’s down to ‘death vs side effect’ – BRING ON THE SIDE EFFECTS!

That being said, one of the off-label anti-viral drugs are actively being used as a prophylactic (preventive measures) for healthcare workers in many hospitals in hot spots… to help prevent them from ‘getting’ the disease while trying to help those infected… and it appears to be working well. Those taking it are having their heart & health more closely monitored.

There is supposedly eighteen different vaccines in process, and in some stage of tests; but IF it actually happens, because of the potential contraindications, I would be amazed if it would be readily available in less than 12 to 18 months.

Coronavirus vaccines for animals have existed for nearly 40 years, so there really is hope. HOWEVER, there are huge differences with people, such as the potential issues of negative interactions with DRUGS, which animals don’t generally use… and the assorted other differences animals don’t commonly have.

There are tests also being done using Chloroquin, which is similar to but different from hydroxychloroquin. Doses of 600mg or more triggered heart failure in 11 patients, so the high dose trials were discontinued. However, the low dose trials, up to 450mg according to the Brazilian preliminary study release notes, has experienced over an 80% recovery rate within just a few days. (but there was no information about WHEN they started dosing. i.e., before the disease or after the ‘storm’ set in… which is vital information). It’s important to note that this particular drug HAD BEEN CONSIDERED as a viable treatment option for people with the coronavirus since (are you sitting down?!) 2003! Yep, 17 YEARS it’s been KNOWN… with the CONTRAINDICATIONS known. The PEER REVIEWED paper PUBLISHED in 2005 – Virol J. 2005; 2: 69. Published online 2005 Aug 22. doi: 10.1186/1743-422X-2-69 PMCID: PMC1232869 PMID: 16115318

“Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread”

Yet fauci played dumb.

OTHER VIABLE OPTIONS that aren’t being discussed by the media, or most of those with spreading the fear and myopic tunnelvision:

Remdesivir, the ebola treatment drug… trials are promising, results are being reported. However, it isn’t readily available to all hospitals yet… and the information flow on the studies involving this haven’t really said more than ‘promising’ and ‘some success.’

Actemra/RoActemra (tocilizumab), a pre-existing drug used for treating rheumatoid arthritis, has shown results.

Kaletra – AbbVie’s HIV drug, is a combination of antiviral drugs lopinavir and ritonavir. However, the results are mixed… some researchers claim it has worked in clinical trials in Australia; but failed across the board in a 199-patient clinical trial in another study. According to the later, it ‘wasn’t better than’ standard of care at improving clinical symptoms, or cutting viral shedding. Results from a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). As a preventative measure, a prophelactic, PrEP has been able to reduce vulnerable populations’ chance of infection by over 99%.2 – trials are in process.

mefloquine 250mg could be used instead. HOWEVER, Mefloquine, unfortunately, has negative neuropsychiatric effects making it “less attractive.”

Ivermectin. Another option is “the antiparasitic” drug. This antimicrobial agent with antiviral properties appears to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro and in vivo, but WHAT the ‘safe’ human dose is… and how often to administer it, hasn’t been released (publicly – yet).

Blood Transfusions USING PLATELETS WITH ANTIBODIES, from those that have already had covid-19

Pluristem’s Allogeneic Placental Expanded (PLX) cells. Essentially, these cells can potentially suppress or reverse the dangerous over-activation of the immune system that causes death in many coronavirus patients that start to show signs of organ failure. Thus far (as of 4/20) this Israeli Trial Treatment has experienced a 100% success rate, and is being approved for use in America under the Compassionate Care Act that was recently due under an EO (Executive Order).

Dexamethasone. Corticosteroids – Glucocorticoids may modulate inflammation-mediated lung injury and thereby reduce progression to respiratory failure and death when a person had to be hospitalized.

What most media is FAILING to say, and either ignorant of or purposefully side stepping is: There are ABSOLUTE DIFFERENCES in what can be given in WHICH STAGE.

Is it PRE-VIRUS, virus, post virus – but pre-disease, post disease, post disease with cytokine storm damaging organs?!?!

It seems so many of the studies, so many of the ‘science types’ would rather try to make hydroxychloroquine (in particular) ‘look’ (seem & sound) terrible, ineffective, and/or even dangerouys for political reasons. They’d rather do that than EDUCATE ABOUT THE KEY DIFFERENCES, which are as vast as abstenance, a condom, to birth control pills, to an IUD, to a DNC… to delivery, and one of the many options after that. Each option is used at DIFFERENT TIMES, FOR DIFFERENT PURPOSES.

It seems that those doing these studies are willfully ignoring THOSE DETAILS (or focusing on what they seem to feel could be a singular solution, which is highly UNLIKELY to scientifically impossible because of the known stages and variables).

b) Co-morbidity is far more vital than AGE! The virus doesn’t care so much about ‘age,’ but rather HEALTH & condition of the individual. For those unfamiliar with the word, “co-morbidity” is the presence of one or more additional serious to life threatening pre-existing condition(s) co-occurring with (that is, accompanying, or concurrent with) the scarier condition (the virus).

On 4/2/2020, many of the doctors, and scientists, involved said there appears to be about an 80%+ probability of a ‘serious condition patient’ having at least one of three primary pre-existing conditions, that – of themselves – could be life threatening, which stood out from those that didn’t have to be intubated. Those co-morbidities were:

  1. known (pre-existing) weakened immune system,
  2. certain heart conditions as also been reported as a co-factor in some cases.
  3. serious obesity with a BMI over 35%, was a serious condition in over 75% of the people in Italy and Spain, as well as on the Cruise ships, that died.
  4. diabetes and precursors to diabetes, also seemed to be a common factor.
  5. In a new study, made public on April 7th, there are some rational numbers showing that people exposed to high levels of air pollution, not just smoking, prior to becoming infected shows those people are more to suffer more serious symptoms than patients in cleaner parts of the country. According to this study there is a clear link between long-term exposure to pollution and Covid-19 death rates. “In an analysis of 3,080 counties in the United States, researchers at the Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that higher levels of the tiny, dangerous particles in air known as PM 2.5 were associated with higher death rates from the disease.” (so, again, unless you live in a high pollution hot spot that is densely populated, or had a job that involved potentially breathing that, you have far less to worry about… if you know that problem exists in your background, then you should be EVEN MORE CAREFUL and LET YOUR DOCTOR KNOW, if you also come in contact with someone that has the virus).
  6. (as with most healthcare providers) HYPER SATURATION or repeated mass exposure many doctors, nurses, and public servants that became sick reported.


On April 7th, the media FINALLY came out with what I’d already been saying for nearly a month (by then): The federal government is classifying ALL deaths of patients infected with the coronavirus as COVID-19 deaths, regardless of any underlying health issues that actually caused, or could have been the primary factor to the loss of someone’s life.

[NEW YORK & New Jersey, in particular] Heart Attacks = covid-19, Strokes = covid-19, Cancer = covid-19, brain tumor = covid-19, Suicides = covid-19, guy base jumping off electrical tower who’s parachute didn’t open = covid-19, etc. etc. (that last one was ‘created’ as an example of how much nonsense New York and certain countries are employing in their counts). An autopsy should have been done, or at least a blood sample taken, CONFIRMING and JUSTIFYING that ‘covid-19’ was THE ACTUAL CAUSE OF DEATH, or at least a strong contributing factor, not just that someone died that had either tested positive for SARS-coV-2 (the virus) or was in proximity with someone that had tested positive, but otherwise showed no symptoms.

Some counts are either a CARELESS or PURPOSEFUL MANIPULATION OF THE NUMBERS! Thankfully, states like Washington, Oregon, and even California (at least until July 4th in most of those states) are not playing the game of hyper-calculations and over-generalized fearmongering! They haven’t been inflating the numbers, or co-mingling deaths by natural causes, or with non-covid-19 causes, with the counts.

FYI: In 2017, according to the CDC, just counting the TOP 13 CAUSES OF DEATH… there are NORMALLY OVER 13,000 DEATHS PER MONTH in New York, just THAT ONE STATE! Comorbidity matters… and counts, when they have them, should be honest!

Whether a death toll number was ACTUALLY caused by Covid-19 (the DISEASE IN THE LUNGS, effecting ability to breath), or some vital part of the body, HONESTLY matters. There are many in power that seem to be far more worried about their COUNTS, federal money, and some agendas… than actual causes of death, finding effective treatments, and protecting the vulnerable.

c) Next interesting ‘symptom’ involves SELF-AWARENESS! Nearly 80% of the people that have tested positive for “Covid-19” have lost either their ability to SMELL or TASTE, since they have become infected. That leaves at least 20% that still tests positive that don’t have those symptoms.

But remember, here in American the average has been about 75-95% of the people that have been tested result in a negative (even in NYC and other metro areas). The majority of those people initially scared into getting tested, because they ‘felt they had symptoms’ turned out to be allergies, common cold, or something other than SARS-coV-2 or Covid-19 (upwards of 90 to 98% in the beginning). Then, of the 80% that do actually test positive, they reported an importantly unique symptoms, the loss of the sense of smell or taste. So, if you suddenly find that you can’t smell or taste things, odds are YOU will NEED TO TAKE EXTRA PRECAUTIONS… and self-isolate, especially if it continues, and potentially CALL your local healthcare provider if other symptoms start to show up or accumulate!

DO NOT ENDANGER YOURSELF, or your loved ones, if you don’t have serious physical symptoms you feel are endangering your life DO NOT RUSH OUT TO LINES OF PEOPLE THAT THINK THEY MIGHT BE SICK! Because 1 to 20% of those lined up actually might be in some stage of having the virus! CALL your local healthcare provider/hospital to see what they suggest.

Don’t jump on the ‘testing band-wagon’ so many ignorant media types, and a few politicians, were initially pushing. Those first wagons had people grouped together in crowds… standing in lines… where there really were A FEW people that actually had the virus. UNLESS THEIR MOUTHS WERE COVERED, THEY WERE SPREADING IT! Those fearmongers, and their failure to EDUCATE PEOPLE and PROMOTE CALM and responsible testing… safely… helped CREATE THE PANDEMIC IN SOME GEOGRAPHIES! A special shout out to the New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo (sorry, sarcastic font missing)

As a friend of a friend pointed out: “Cuomo drove New York into a 6.1 billion dollar deficit. He spent 750 million on a failed solar panel company in Buffalo. In 2015 he was told that NY needed 16,000 ventilators to handle a crisis and he purchased zero. In 2017, he allowed NY to become a sanctuary state for illegals. On March 1st he told everybody not to worry the virus is under control [on March 4th or 5th he was told there was no appeal on the SCOTUS decision regarding federal money Trump wanted to withhold from sanctuary cities & states]. And by mid-March, cuomo demanded that he needed 30,000 ventilators from FEMA during this pandemic but actually only used 5,000. He whined their 15,000 ICU beds wouldn’t be enough, so Trump brought in a ship, and then converted another 4 facilities, plus adding a couple temp hospitals, into thousands of more hospital beds, and ICUs areas for emergency preparedness to the tune of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. But one of the biggest blunders of all is that Cuomo forced nursing homes to accept KNOWN COVID-19 positive patients, which was devastating for New York! By the end of April, a whopping 25% of all COVID deaths in New York are now from nursing homes. Cuomo has blood on his hands. In 2020, Cuomo also gave himself a $70,000 annual raise for the next 3 yrs, by hey… he earned it, right?

In Mid March, Cuomo had asked for volunteer nurses and other healthcare workers to come help in NY. So Rev. Graham through his Christian charity organization (Samaritan’s Purse) sent nurses to NY. After helping for over a month, this progressive liberal scumbag Cuomo demanded the Samaritan’s Purse who sent volunteers to help from other states pay NY state employee taxes (though those people were either volunteer’s, or ’employees’ from another state! [cuomo also stated he’d (new york) would guarantee the transportation and living expenses of those healthcare professionals that CAME TO THE RESCUE (to help). Many came, but the support and appreciation didn’t happen. Some LOST THEIR PLACES TO LIVE back home, and found themselves sleeping in hallways or closets at some of the hospitals, because there was no ‘supplied’ or ‘convenient OR AFFORDABLE housing.’] cuomo is a disgusting person!

IF you are one of those people that ‘initially tested negative FROM the panic TESTING’ BUT later tested positive with the virus… and think you *might* have contracted it from ‘the initial testing’ (line or procedures)… we hope you are ok today, that you and your family are living in safety, and anyone sick still heals quickly.

d)Having a mouth ‘cover’ PROTECTS THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU! NOT REALLY YOU!” ~ Dr. Davenport

“Having a N-95 mask on a ‘healthy person’ does NOT prevent them from ‘getting’ the virus, as evidenced by the healthcare workers that initially caught it.

Having a mask *might* limit their exposure – some, depending on how it fits their face, and how they deal with the OTHER AREAS that are exposed. Especially their hands. However, having a mouth cover on sick people WILL HELP REDUCE their shedding; especially masks on anyone positive for the virus. It really can reduce the spread from those people.

Most reports demonstrate that you can NOT ‘get it’ from an asymptomatic person, unless they cough or spit on something you touch, or – if a mate – someone you kiss (or exchange body fluids) as the virus could exist in any bodily fluids.

e) Italy, and some of the other countries, are going to RE-EVALUATE their ‘death numbers’ to see which were REALLY covid-19 causes, and which has co-morbidity (one or more pre-existing, or ‘underlying,’ conditions that significantly contributed to, what the real reason or actually had little to nothing to do with covid-19). Prof. Walter Ricciardi, scientific advisor to Italy’s minister of health said, and I quote, “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus. On re-evaluation by the NIH,” he says, “only 12% of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88% of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many two or three.

A “Pre-morbidity” is “a serious or life-threatening issue occurring or existing before the occurrence of physical disease (or emotional illness)” such as contracting covid-19. In other words, 88% were already unhealthy, weakened, and otherwise had serious pre-existing conditions that would have likely contributed to, or caused, their death within a short time if they caught the flu or had virtually any type of illness, it likely could have caused their death.

They asserted that the patient was ‘in a ward’ with someone that tested positive, or might have ‘had the virus’ IN THEIR NASAL PASSAGE, but there was no sign of ‘the Covid-19’ pneumonia in their lungs, or blood stream (in 88% of those autopsied), so it really shouldn’t have been attributed to this disease. However, interestingly, past numbers have not been adjusted. In In mid-April, the CDC asked for better confirmations, so future numbers will be better from the honest people reporting, but they didn’t go far enough, weren’t specific enough, and the numbers are still not accurate… and won’t likely ever be.

On April 7th, Dr. Deborah Birx stated, “The intent is … if someone dies with virus we are counting that” … [whether covid-19 was the cause or not.] That simple decision is why NY, NJ, MI, and LA have significantly higher numbers than Washington state, where the first deaths and initial outbreaks were recognized… or even California, where there are more homeless people, more illegals, and also many more verified cases BEFORE New York. Some of the states employed ‘MAGIC MATH,’ which allowed the media, as well as some politicians, to seriously start pushing an agenda that lead to massive over spending, over reaction, and a nation wide lock-down!

Are deaths happening? Yes, sadly. However, in numbers more realistically like those in most any flu season, and no bigger pandemic than any other (really) over the last 50 years. But I’ll demonstrate an explain all those actual numbers later.

What cuomo and the national media did was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater with just one or two narrow exists; they knowingly created a panic… with purpose, agendas, and goals… which weren’t really intended to SAVE LIVES, or reduce the spread, as they claimed. Otherwise, the general public would have been EDUCATED; the sick and vulnerable told to WEAR THE RIGHT TYPE OF MASKS from the beginning, and all the known & suspected sick people would have been quarantined FROM THE HEALTHY.

Instead, the powers to be, state by state, with few exceptions, purposefully shut down THE NATION, by locking up the vast majority of the healthy people claiming to somehow protect the sick. That is exactly what the mass stay at home orders, and selective business closures, in many parts of this nation actually did. Then toss in the $600 per week unemployment BONUS… and some were drawning MORE MONEY per month than they were making in their job. Gotta love the logic of politicians spending taxpayer’s money, huh? Unemployment should NEVER have been more than 100% of what they were actually making; nor allowed for those that weren’t working in a business or industry closed or significantly cut back during this crisis.

There were the ignorant groups reportedly throwing ‘covid parties’ in their neighborhood… trying to get people infected by those that knew they were infected. Similar to the ‘pox parties’ in the 50’s and 60’s. There were even some pastor’s grouping their congregation together in pews, despite knowing some of them tested positive for the virus (one church had over 70 people test positive) before the local politicians shut it down. It’s unclear if anyone died as a result of the choices people made. Ultimately there will always be outliers, rebels, and those that ‘citizens’ no amount of warning labels will help! But there will also be some that are generally careful, safe, and CAN ACTUALLY DO THE MATH!

It is honestly tough to make informed, and rational, decisions when people are pushing agendas, playing with the reality of the math, twisting facts, and not being honest about what REALLY IS (and isn’t) known.

We ABSOLUTELY KNOW that the ‘case numbers’ ARE PADDED & Wrong! Especially in parts of New York, New Jersey, and Michigan! And that there are many more people that ‘have it’ (were positive and have anti-bodies, or currently have it and are asymptomatic than were never tested, in most states. We don’t really have a clue how many, and frankly that percentage would be different IN EVERY TYPE OF COMMUNITY depending on population density, amount of public transportation, the food supply, shopping patterns, fuel options, and common recreation… also, major metro vs city, vs town, vs rural area. There also appears to be a difference amount small germ spreaders (children in classrooms) vs generally more careful adults that come into contact with far fewer people on a daily basis.

We ABSOLUTELY KNOW that the ‘death toll numbers’ ARE inaccurate in some countries, and some states! Italy has admitted it; as has Dr. Birx regarding the New York and some other states. Pretty well everyone agrees that the China numbers are grossly misrepresented, with some reports of government sanctioned murders of those caught ‘with’ the virus; the same is suspected for N. Korea, and some of the other ‘enemy nations.’ In New York, some – to many – in the ‘death count’ actually being OTHER CAUSES, NOT necessarily ‘from’ or ‘because of’ the virus, and even fewer ‘from the disease’ (except in the Nursing Homes, and folks suckered into standing in lines, that were infected BECAUSE OF cuomo mandates).

We ABSOLUTELY KNOW that the ‘number of’ hospital beds and ventilators needed was also a gross exaggeration, to an outright LIE prior to July 4th! At least in new york, new jersey, and michigan. And the reason had nothing to do with the ‘lock down’ of most all citizens…

While it is better to be safe than sorry, to have enough, rather than not; the last few months demonstrated what gross over reactions can cause, and just how manipulative false models, bad thinking, and an agenda driven the media can really be.

f) Anti-bodies! There is a growing number of people that have tested positive for the ANTI-BODIES that experienced no sign of ever having covid-19… which means they ‘had it’ (at some point) but quickly built an immunity, and don’t appear to be ‘carrying’ or ‘spreading’ the virus.

More importantly, those people COULD potentially help others, with plasma that contains their antibodies. Some politicians want to try to make those ‘antibodies’ a REQUIREMENT for people ‘going back to work’ (or business) SOONER, because they assume those that have ‘recovered’ can’t ‘get’ the virus again, but some doctors say ‘that is unknown’ and ‘don’t count on it.’

Many science types are saying that serology tests need to be done to determine just how many people already have the anti-bodies. The results from tests over the last few weeks of April and May have shown it could be a lot of people (that already had it). This is important since a functional human vaccine isn’t likely to occur anytime soon.

There is a Danish study of 1487 blood donors, which found 22 had already had antibodies for covid-19 in their blood. If you extrapolate that rate to the population of Denmark and divide it by the number of people who died of covid-19 in Denmark (at the time of this initial calculation), that equals a ‘case fatality rate’ (cfr) of .16%, or 1.6 people per 1,000, or more than twenty times lower than the cfr the W.H.O. told us would happen (there).

The FDA Commissioner, Dr. Stephen Hahn, is pushing for more data and is seeing why the reality of co-morbidity numbers are important. (now over 100k tests per day, nearly 6 million tests administered as of 4/19… over 51 MILLION tests claimed by 7/23). He acknowledged that it’s REASONABLE to expect the ‘positive cases’ numbers to drastically increase to scary levels, merely because the number of people being tested have significantly increased.

Some reality in the numbers, as of 4/9/20 (5:40pm EST), in the USA (Nationally):

  • 2,600,000+ tests ran
  • 462,180 positives (77.9% of the TOTAL tests done were NEGATIVE, initially in most of March over 90% of the tests done in New York were negative, despite the fearmongering)
  • 16,444 deaths (0.65% Deaths vs TOTAL POSITIVE TESTS)
  • (0.00433% % of Deaths vs TOTAL PEOPLE IN THE USA)

Some reality in the numbers, as of 4/12/20 (3:40pm EST), in the USA:

  • 2,787,501+ tests ran
  • 551,081 positives (75.5% of the tests done were NEGATIVE)
  • 21,668 deaths (0.78% Deaths vs TOTAL POSITIVE TESTS)
  • (0.00570% % of Deaths vs TOTAL PEOPLE IN THE USA)
  • ^^ doctors, and finally the government, ADMITTING the numbers ARE PADDED!
  • 31,369 confirmed ‘recovered’ (that were hospitalized, many more never tested)

Some reality in the numbers, as of 4/15/20 (9:20pm EST), in the USA:

  • 3,558,879+ tests ran
  • 644,089 positives (77.9% of the TOTAL tests done were NEGATIVE)
  • 28,529 deaths (0.81% Deaths vs TOTAL POSITIVE TESTS)
  • (0.00751% of Deaths vs TOTAL PEOPLE IN THE USA)
  • ^^ doctors & government ADMIT death numbers include OTHER CAUSES!
  • 48,701 confirmed ‘recovered’ (that were hospitalized, many more never tested)

The John’s Hopkin numbers, as of 7/23/20 (6:20pm EST), in the USA:

  • 51,426,871+ tests ran
  • 4,156,412 positives claimed (87.63% of tests done were NEGATIVE)
  • 147,108 deaths (0.035% Deaths vs TOTAL POSITIVE TESTS)
  • (0.00387% of Deaths vs TOTAL PEOPLE IN THE USA)
  • ^^ doctors & government still ADMIT death numbers include OTHER CAUSES!
  • 1,210,849 confirmed ‘recovered’ (were hospitalized, many more never tested)

Remember, there are 330,000,000+ citizens in the USA… with another 50,000,000 ‘visitors’ in this nation. That last number is made up of non-citizens – documented on work or school visa’s, married to or an immediate family of a citizen, and completely undocumented person illegally here – that snuck in, over stated, and otherwise is off the proverbial grid).

Basic math shows that just 1% of that sum total is 3,800,000 and there is NO COUNTRY – NONE – including Italy – that has 1% of ‘the population’ dying from this virus! Nor is the number 1/10th of a percent (380,000) of the population a rational number, despite many in the media and some politicians (like cuomo) claiming 2, 3, 5, 10% deaths… so BE CAREFUL, but be aware and careful! ‘We (the people)’ have been getting lied to, and misled!

Those using the CFR (case fatality rate) are doing so to JACK THE NUMBERS, and push fear and panic. The reality is that we honestly don’t know how many people are actually ‘positive,’ or how many might already have antibodies in their system. Though there is a variety of estimates on it, that is all they are: ESTIMATES, GUESSES, and SPECULATION! Like the initial models, they were totally wrong, and drastically off. There was never 2.2 Million American going to die, but that was the initial number tossed out there.

Frankly, I don’t care what political party you belong to, support, don’t like or even hate… the national lock down, in most all states, most all counties, the massive spending, huge stimulous bills, new laws which breach the limits of the Constitution and violate the Bill of Rights, the stock manipulation by some in congress, and known lies impact ALL of us, ALL AMERICANS, our children, grandchildren, probably for generations to come. Death is serious, it’s sad, and it is a reality that impacts all human beings, eventually. We have hope, and can pray for all people, in this nation and the world… but the answers won’t come from fear, panic, or irrational actions! The vulnerable should absolutely have the opportunity to be protected, as solutions are sought.

What happened in Kirkland Washington State, when people first started dying, should be THE EXAMPLE, not the exception. They brought things UNDER CONTROL without closing down Seattle, or the surrounding areas, completely. They brought things under control, without irrational panicking of the people in the community (or nation).

REAL BASIC MATH IS IMPORTANT… as you will see below.

IF a person ‘gets sick’ – they could be ‘making & shedding’ the virus (aka, spreading it) for 3 to 5 days BEFORE any symptoms appear, which is where that ‘exponential math’ that could be so scary comes into play. BUT they *might not* even have ‘the’ virus, but allergies, the flu, or some other breathing issue that existed IN THEM PRIOR TO all this covid stuff.

Wearing a mask protects the PERSON(S) IN FRONT OF YOU! People AROUND YOU wearing surgical type masks protects you far more than you wearing a mask, unless you are wearing a FITTED N95 FILTERED MASK.

COMMON SENSE, reasonable actions with rational thinking CAN PREVAIL…

In April 2020, there were 42 States with a ‘Stay at Home’ order, except for essential persons and valid reasons like ‘to get food’ or ‘urgent repairs’ … or go to the doctor.

There were some ‘essential services’ – like healthcare, emergency dental work, emergency veterinary services, gas, grocery, and basic living supplies & jobs (mail, garbage, shipping, mail order, repairs, etc.) – that remained open and available, at the business owner’s option in MOST COUNTIES. (Note: OSHA is supposedly CLOSING DOWN & PULLING THE LICENSE of Dentists in some states that are working on NON-EMERGENCY cases because of the potential spread of the virus. Hairdressers, Manicurists, and Barber’s were likewise threatened).

Veteran scholar of epidemiology Dr. Knut Wittkowski, formerly the head of the Department of Bio-statistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at Rockefeller University in New York City, argued in a interview published March 2020 that ‘shelter-in-place’ policies could actually result in more deaths in the long term. Bottom line, bogus model data was used to scare local and state officials into making rash decisions, pushing false agendas, and ultimately impacting the economy in some very negative ways in most of this nation.

Further, most of those state representatives, governors, house of representatives, senators, and officials THAT WRONGLY violated Constitutional Rights should be RECALLED, asked to RESIGN, and otherwise (legally) removed from office.

In some counties, the mayors… and state governors… pushed agendas THAT HELPED SPREAD the virus to some of the poorest and most vulnerable people! Akin to the intoxicated person doing something that cost a life, they might not have ‘intended to’ or ‘wanted to’ … and may greatly regret the consequences of THEIR ACTIONS… but the results were STILL A PRODUCT OF THEIR DIRECT ACTIONS, and those FOLLOWING THEIR ORDERS! For that, those pushing false agendas, causing panic, and legally PUSHING ACTIONS (like Nursing Homes to take in KNOWN INFECTED PEOPLE) should be held CRIMINALLY ACCOUNTABLE! There is no excuse!

Kirkland Washington defined people IN NURSING HOMES WERE PARTICULARLY VULNERABLE, therefore WHY would anyone with a functional brain order those facilities to TAKE IN infected people?!?! There are only two possible answers: 1) those giving the orders were STUPID, or 2) they HAD INTENT and wanted to jack the numbers! Because by March 20th, nearly every informed person KNEW the majority of the deaths there were NURSING HOME PATIENTS, and age was a likely factor.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that was a COVID OF ICE BURGS in front of the TANTIC decisions involving a KNOWN GROUP of vulnerable people!


Our Goal is to Inform & Educate

Most emails I’ve received about the virus talk about what THAT BUSINESS is doing to make your frequenting (or shopping) safer… or better with them. Instead, we – at MD’s Choice / VetSupplements.com are only hoping to help inform and educate; our products can help joints & digestion issues, but we don’t have anything to ‘fight viruses.’ Sorry, but creating products or solutions to help treat ‘novel infectious diseases’ has never been our companies focus. We’re confident there are many qualified doctors actively working on solutions for those infected, and the rest of us that haven’t yet contracted it.

We’re honestly not asking you to purchase anything different or extra, especially nothing you wouldn’t normally purchase. We are here… we will continue answering questions, helping customers, shipping out our product as customer’s place orders, and help educate & inform when and where possible. No more, no less.

Interestingly, at least to us, is the reality that veterinarians have been dealing with coronavirus’s for over 40 years. There really is quite a bit of scientific information from 2003 to present on the topic of HUMAN’S WITH coronavirus, and the reality of strain mutations, which is common, and infection rates (I’ve added some links toward the end).

The goal of this message is to help people UNDERSTAND why things are happening, and perhaps put some of those things into a proper perspective; and help explain what they can do to help protect themselves and their loved ones.

UNLESS YOU ARE INFECTED & coughing (shedding droplets)… or around someone that is infected… a non-infected person wearing a N95-MASK WILL NOT GET MUCH PROTECTION FROM the infection. There is far more to it than just donning a face cover/mask… even the N95 masks, as the sick healthcare providers have proven (note: they were wearing masks and face covers).


However, an infected person wearing a mask or cover CAN HELP protect everyone around them, AND EVERYTHING they are around for the next 14 days, because the mask can reduce or eliminate ‘shedding’ (droplets or mist containing the virus, leaving the mouth from coughing and sneezing).

Understanding how you can avoid ‘the virus,’ what to do IF you (or a loved one gets it); as well as the actual MATH on the situation is vital to a CALM RATIONAL RESPONSE! Which is something we are NOT GETTING from most politicians OR the lame-stream media that seems to be more trying to scare people into isolation or compliance, rather than EDUCATION & reality.

Here is some non-fearmongering, MATH & SCIENCE REALITY for you.


  • are not directly exposed… you can NOT get it! It is seriously and literally THAT SIMPLE!

    Things to help insure that won’t ‘get it’ are:

    • stay in your own home/property/area as much as possible… especially if you know it’s ‘virus free’
    • the virus is NOT AIRBORNE, therefore can’t ‘come in to’ your home UNLESS you – or someone BRINGS IT IN!
    • pre-screen visitors (avoid face to face meetings as possible)… TALK WITH THEM OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE – in the lawn, the drive way, or over the phone/computer!
    • try to stay at least 6 to 10 feet away from strangers, especially if their mouth isn’t covered, even if they don’t cough.
    • when you DO GO OUT… be EXTRA CAREFUL about what you touch.
    • sanitize what strangers touch, ASSUME THEY ARE INFECTED
    • be careful with the bottom of your shoes when in public (spit and gum *might* contain ‘it’)
    • DO NOT use public transportation, unless absolutely necessary… and then do so with precaution, because the germs are invisible.
    • boost your Vitamin C intake to about 500 to 1000mg 3x a day,
    • add at least 20 to 30mg Zinc if you aren’t sure you aren’t already getting it through diet or supplements
    • practice healthy & sanitary habits
    • STAY AWAY FROM HOSPITALS & CLINICS, UNLESS IT IS A SERIOUS EMERGENCY, or chronic issue you MUST have treatment for!
    • vulnerable people should wear THE APPROPRIATE TYPE OF mask, and be more careful & aware
    • vulnerable people should NOT BE IN PUBLIC or around strangers if at all possible, or any more than necessary!
    • You CAN NOT get it from a TREE, trail, or road… but beware of FUEL PUMP (handles & pads), public door handles, PUBLIC TOILET door & flush handles, AND CASH. Both coins & bills – as they can also carry and spread the virus, especially coins; people often ‘hold’ between their lips when funmbling for keys or other change.
    • YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE TESTED – unless you have symptoms or were likely exposed!
  • are exposed
    • there is an 83 to 90+ percent chance you will NOT get it, if you practice reasonable precautions like washing hands after touching anything a stranger (or infected person) has touched. Don’t touch your face or mouth, or eat with your hands, unless they are absolutely clean. (I’ll explain those numbers later)
    • stay away from other’s as much as possible for at least 5 to 15 days, to help insure you didn’t contract it.
    • if you experience any symptoms, especially a fever or cough for more than a couple hours, or loss of senses, then self-isolation should happen for 15 days AFTER your last symptoms are seen. IF YOU FIND IT HARD TO BREATH or get worse, LET YOUR DOCTOR KNOW! If it’s early enough one of the prophylactic drugs might help you.
    • sanitize your surroundings,
    • limit what you’re touching & clean up after yourself… because you don’t want to re-infect yourself (if you are infected)
    • everyone AROUND YOU should be TOLD YOU ARE POSITIVE… and they will need to BE EXTRA CAREFUL, and STAY AWAY… watch what you touch, and likely even “sheltered in place” (quarantined) themselves… unless they are medical professionals and regularly test negative.
      • Do you smoke, live in a high pollutant area, or have pre-existing lung problems?
      • Do you have a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher?
      • Have you recently LOST your sense of smell or taste? In South Korea, Spain, and Italy, about a third of patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 have also reported a loss of smell — known as anosmia or hyposmia.
      • Do you have a chronic headache or dry cough, you didn’t have previously?
        • If yes to any of those ‘presenters,’ you should self quarantine… and should stay clear or anyone, and wear a mask or cover to reduce the spread of ‘droplets.’ If the problems become serious, the fever is above 104 degrees, or you have a pre-existing issues that makes you particularly vulnerable, you should CHECK WITH YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER or consider getting tested.
        • If you don’t have any symptoms, and you KNOW YOU WERE EXPOSED, you should still self-isolate, at least through the incubation period to be sure. You should especially stay away from anyone and everyone that *might be* vulnerable.
        • IF symptoms start to show, and you are seriously concerned, then contact your healthcare provider, or consider one of the ‘drive up’ testing centers… rather than going to a hospital or clinic; but seriously, CALL A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL FIRST!
        • obviously, if you are an active healthcare provider or EMT you should be tested DAILY AND OFTEN… to help insure YOUR safety, that of your family, friends, co-workers, and future patients.
  • do get it, or are ‘positive’ for it, there is a 50% chance you won’t display symptoms. Awareness is key. If you’ve traveled to areas that had it while you were there, were around people you know tested positive, or in crowds of strangers that *might* have been infected… then you should self-quarantine… and be aware. You do NOT NEED TO BE TESTED unless you are in an ‘at risk category’ or the symptoms might be life threatening; you can call your local healthcare provider to see if they feel you should be tested. HOWEVER, it’s important to understand:
    • if you don’t have symptoms, and weren’t in a situation where you are likely to have been exposed, then odds are you will test negative!
    • OVER 90% of the people tested in the USA, as of 3/20/2020, that were tested… tested NEGATIVE! Which honestly wasted tests, medical staff & lab time… took healthcare providers away from helping people seriously in need, and frankly didn’t solve anything… but run the ‘infected’ numbers up in New York, and make it ‘appear’ it was ‘spreading fast’ (when in fact, it was likely already spread from the weeks before the testing). Those initially testing negative could:
      • get infected on the way home (or while waiting in some line to be tested)…
      • be in the incubation period… of 2 to 5 days, which would allow them to test negative, even though they have it or may get it
      • or could become infected tomorrow or the next week

TESTING EVERYONE, like some ‘reporters’ in the LAME-STREAM MEDIA were pushing for, IS BEYOND STUPID and meaningless. It’s an absolute waste of money, time, and other resources! It should be prioritized, quantified, and qualified… and CITIZEN’S should be educated about it… and there needs to be a method of testing that does NOT endanger people, or enable any spread of the disease between the few that DO have the virus with the many that don’t!

  • do have symptoms, there is a 98+% chance you will be fine
    • STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, especially anyone with a compromised immune system or pre-existing lung problems, as it seems those are far bigger issues and concerns than ‘age.’
    • wear a mask or cover to reduce any ‘droplets’ you *might* spread
    • when you are outside your home… limit what you touch
    • maintain a SAFE DISTANCE from other people!
    • understand there is no vaccine at this time (and treatments, though promising, is still in trails if the symptoms are serious and confirmed, which are still limited in some geographical areas)
    • hydrate – get necessary nutrients, especially vitamin C and other immune system boosters
    • stay warm and comfortable,
    • get plenty of sleep
    • understand, for the vast majority of people, the symptoms and response is very much LIKE A REALLY BAD COLD; for those with bad lungs or a weakened immune system, it’s pneumonia on steroids and you’ll want to get medical help.
    • Get some exercise when you can

With all that said, IF you are immune compromised, have serious pre-existing lung or heart issues, recently went through an organ transplant, cancer treatment, or were on antibiotics within the last 60 days… then YOU SHOULD TAKE SOME EXTRA precautions… and seriously limit your exposure to other people, and the STUFF THEY TOUCH, unless you are absolutely sure they don’t have it.

The ‘red’ on the map at this link are CONFIRMED POSITIVE CASES, not deaths. Yes, it’s scary looking. You should ZOOM IN to see what is being reported in your area. You can zoom in to an area, click on a ‘dot’ in a county… and see the numbers for that dot. The ‘hot spots’ should tell you WHERE to avoid, and areas you should STAY AWAY FROM while this stuff is still ‘out’ and going.

If you have a wheel on your mouse, you can easily zoom in or out using that. If you don’t, use the plus & minus sign. You can ‘click hold drag’ to move around to see different countries, or counties & cities in a state.

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Our Goal is to help inform & educate (above)
Patient Zero – here in the USA:
Magic Math:
Best Way to Prevent Illness
Growth Rate & Demographics
The Media is NOT OUR FRIEND!
Exposure and Asymptomatic Spread
Testing does NOT accomplish what most think
CDC Numbers
Diamond Princess Mysteries
Science Matters!
Celebrities Testing Positives

Patient Zero – here in the USA:

The new coronavirus was identified after notification of pneumonia cases of unconfirmed cause in November 2019, diagnosed initially in the Chinese city of Wuhan, capital of Hubei province. Through the month of March, we are told that the novel corona-virus called SARS-CoV-2 has spread to all continents except Antarctica.

No, China wasn’t being honest… but also the WHO (World Health Organization), UN (United Nations), dropped the ball. The CDC also drug their feet some. No, it didn’t come from the ‘wet market’ (as China initially claimed). It was started by an accidental infection from a lab researcher… who was working on the infected bats, looking for a cure/vaccine… that carelessly infected himself, then his girl friend… and those two unknowingly spread it.

The problem is that China KNEW THAT and COVERED IT UP… and lied about the spread and issues. They have also not been 100% honest about WHEN it really started. They ‘claim’ October/November, because of the date of the first death; but it might have been circulating longer.

Jan 6th – CDC issued a travel notice for Wuhan

Jan 11th – zero cases in USA reported… CDC issued level 1 travel notice, though there was NO CASES.

Jan 16th – CDC began implementing public health entry screenings and 3 major US airports… not a single case known to be in the USA.

Jan 17th – DNC (democratic national committee) and LSM (lame stream media) claimed Trump was a xenophob because of the TRAVEL BANS he signed off on.

The first confirmed U.S. case involving a 35-year-old man who had traveled to Wuhan, China, before returning to Washington State. Some speculate that he had lay-overs in New York, LA, and Sea-Tac Airports, which are why those areas are particularly hit hard, as fellow travelers were unknowingly infected. He was confirmed to have the virus on Jan. 20, 2020, and was deemed ‘patient zero’ here IN AMERICA… but was ‘here IN AMERICA’ before that date. It is also why Washington state has so many early cases (and deaths). His name hasn’t been released for obvious reasons, and it’s unclear if he’s still alive, but assumed he likely is, and recovered, since no one has said otherwise.

Jan 21st – Wuhan Virus confirmed in Washington State so CDC activated an emergency center.

Jan 31st – 7 cases, all in Washington State… no deaths. Trump issues travel restriction from ALL OF CHINA!

This was the first manditory quarantine in over 50 years in this nation… for those traveling from any of the countries that ‘had it’ – whether they tested positive or not. The LSM & candidate biden, and congress persons pelosi, schiff, and shummer calls Trump racist; and ignore the orders.

Feb 23rd, pelosi is promoting CHINA TOWN ‘we think it’s very safe and have a big parade.’ were her words.

Feb 28th, Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the CDC, said there were only 14 cases known in America, when the first two cases of ‘community transfer’ was discovered. Prior to that, ALL cases had been in ‘direct contact’ with someone traveling from Wuhan China.

Feb 29th, first death in America, a man in his 50’s with underlying pre-existing health conditions. The man was not associated with the long-term care center in Kirkland, WA (just outside Seattle), but was a patient at the SAME HOSPITAL where other’s from the facility were being treated. There were 27 patients and 25 staff members at the long-term care center in Kirkland, WA having symptoms around that time (many of the elderly patients have since passed away). Since then, the virus (which causes the disease now referred to as COVID-19) has spread to every state, with new cases emerging every day.

Face masks ON those coughing or infected WILL help prevent patients from spreading the virus; but masks & gloves don’t really protect the person(s) wearing them unless they are trained (and absolutely keep their hands from their face). If you’re near an infected person, you’re at risk.

At this point, we are told that it was a virus originated ‘from Wuhan, China.’ Whether it was from eating or handling some exotic animal [horseshoe bat] in the ‘wet market,’ as the Chinese government claims, or an experiment gone wrong from a research laboratory (accidentally or on purpose), or some type of bio-weapon is frankly something “we” (the people) may never honestly know.

The CDC, WHO, and most scientists are saying that research shows that “horseshoe bat” is the species the virus originated from. Apparently, the two previous human coronavirus outbreaks, SARS and MERS, also originated from bats but passed through other species, such as the palm civet and camels.

What we do know is that the virus IS REAL, and CAN quickly spreading. As such, speculation without evidence, or common sense, doesn’t really solve anything at this point. It only serves to distract from potentially life-saving measures to contain and/or slow the spread of corona-virus.

Mar 24, Daniel Horowitz pointed out: “It’s truly inconceivable that it would take so long for the virus to come here (to America) after it broke out in China in November (2019). We likely had hundreds of thousands of travelers coming here (to America) and countless tens of thousands of Chinese nationals flying back even before Customs and Border Protection introduced any health care screening per CDC guidance on January 17. There are roughly 3.4 million Chinese admissions every year, not counting the numerous Americans who fly there and back. If we divide that by six to account for a two-month period before Trump shut off travel but after (we learned) the virus had developed in Wuhan, that would be nearly 600,000 Chinese nationals.” [traveling to the USA, and doesn’t count the vast number of American’s that traveled to and from WuHan China during those months].

As Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the coronavirus response task force, said on the 23rd of March, regarding the spread in New York City, “Clearly the virus had to have been circulating for a number of weeks in order to have this level of penetrance in the community.

According to the CDC, these were the FIRST 20 KNOWN CASES in the USA… and the location they were.

State Cases Sex Age Date Case # Location
Washington 1 M 30s Jan. 21 1st Snohomish
Illinois 1 F 60s Jan. 24 2nd Chicago
California 2 unkn. unkn. Jan. 26 3rd,4th Orange C., L.A.
Arizona 1 unkn. student Jan. 26 5th Maricopa County
Illinois 1 M 60s Jan. 30 6th Chicago
California 1 M adult Jan. 31 7th Santa Clara C.
Massachusetts 1 M 20s Feb. 1 8th Boston
California 1 F unkn. Feb. 2 9th Santa Clara C.
California 1 M 57 Feb. 2 10th San Benito C.
California 1 F 57 Feb. 2 11th San Benito C.
Wisconsin 1     Feb. 5 12th Madison
California 1     Feb. 21 13th Humboldt C.
California 1     Feb. 21 14th Sacramento C.
California 1     Feb. 26 15th [Northern California]
California 1   65 Feb. 28 16th Santa Clara C.
Oregon 1     Feb. 29 17th Washington C.
Washington 2     Feb. 29 18,19th  
Illinois 1     Mar. 1 20th  


It’s important to point out those are the FIRST AND ONLY PEOPLE TESTED, and verified, TO THAT POINT (March 1st). Obviously, there were more people that ‘had it.’

New York’s first reported Covid case was announced, and confirmed, on March 2nd… their first death on March 11th, and on that date, they had 157 cases, and only 72 people ‘in’ the hospital with symptoms of the virus. Their numbers started getting jacked up AFTER they began pushing everyone to get tested, whether they had symptoms or not… then the political rhetoric really started.

Closing schools, public transportation, and mass gatherings for a time were wise, and likely helped, but accurately EDUCATING THE CITIZENS WAS MORE VITAL. However, that still really hasn’t happened, as of July 24th, 2020… because the powers to be spent weeks trying to SCARE EVERYONE INTO COMPLIANCE. Some areas threatened FINES (in some states)… after July 4th was finished, the protests, riots, and bogus CHAZ fiasco in Seattle transpired, the ‘second wave’ is supposedly happening… so Walmart’s around the nation are now ‘requiring’ MASKS (rather than educating anyone). There are some states still forcing some business & church closures, and still threatening professional licenses and other ‘punishments’ if businesses don’t comply.

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Magic Math:

Yes, there are deaths… sadly. However, the math matters… and New York’s ‘math’ IS NEARLY AS BAD (and dishonest) AS CHINA’S!
In 2017 – just the top 13 ‘natural causes’ of death in the NY area was OVER 10,000 deaths PER MONTH! (really). That is HOW POPULATED JUST the city of New York is: 10.1 MILLION PEOPLE in the greater NYC area is… nearly 20 Million in the state! That doesn’t count the people from other states which commute in & out of NY 4 or 5 days a week, the transients, or the hundreds of thousands that ‘pass through’ on planes, trains, or other modes of transportation.
Most all the hype, hyperbole, and fearmongering headline chasing happening through March, claiming ‘gloom and doom’ UNLESS they get federal money, and tens of thousands of ventilators, respirators, tests, and beds… was seriously over the top! More sadly, people dying of heart attacks, mysteriously ceased. Those with renal failure, stage 4 cancer, stokes, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, septicemia drug OD’s… mostly ceased in the month of March, according to some of the doctors and healthcare workers IN THE HOSPITALS in New York… many to most such deaths, especially in the New York tri-state area, have been listed as ‘covid-19,’ rather than what they REALLY WERE.
NY Leading Causes of Death, 2017 Deaths Rate*** State Rank* U.S. Rate**
1. Heart Disease 44,092 171.2 17th 165
2. Cancer 34,956 141.2 41st 152.5
3. Accidents 7,687 35.5 49th 49.4
4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 7,258 28.9 48th 40.9
5. Stroke 6,264 24.6 50th 37.6
6. Flu/Pneumonia 4,517 17.7 10th 14.3
7. Diabetes 4,176 16.8 47th 21.5
8. Alzheimer’s disease 3,521 13.2 50th 31
9. Hypertension 2,699 10.4 11th 9
10. Septicemia 2,296 9.1 28th 10.6
Firearm Deaths 772 3.7   11.8
Homicide 577 3   6.2
Drug Overdose Deaths 3,921 19.4   19.8
EDUCATE… build awareness, express the seriousness to HELP PROTECT THE VULNERABLE PEOPLE (those people with lung & heart conditions & weak immune systems, those not in good health). Encourage social distancing, better sanitation, facecovering (or stay home) on anyone known sick. Promote facts, and teach the reality of THE MATH! Covid is real, can be bad for some, but ultimately isn’t something that even a tenth of a percent of those exposed will die from it… and we remain more likely to die in a car accident than from covid.
Those claiming 2, 3, or even 10% ‘of the population’ are GOING TO DIE, or claims we are ALL IN JEOPARDY, were seriously FAILING TO DO THE MATH, or they have an agenda they are using to justify their misinformation and bad math! Because those numbers are NOT TRUE! Those claims were NEVER rationally justified by ANY common sense, real world example, or model based on the reality of what actually happened in the countries we KNOW the numbers, or on the Cruise Ships WE KNOW THE NUMBERS (and information on). I repeat, TRUTH BE TOLD, Hundreds of thousands of Americans WILL NOT DIE from this virus! THAT WAS NEVER REALLY A VALID CLAIM or CONCERN! Especially not if honest counts are being made. Regardless what some fearmongers in the media are claiming! Again, anyone claiming otherwise, especially today, is foolish and willfully ignoring the REALITY OF THE MATH!
It’s frankly more scary that many in the media and government were still claiming 2.2 million American Deaths as late as March 27th, when they were pushing the stimulus through congress. Surely there aren’t that many honestly logic challenged people in the media, or in positions of power… but in truth, there are. Those using that number were willfully ignoring reality of the science, and the actual case history know in virtually every country to date!
Shame on the fearmongers… on those failing to EDUCATE PRECAUTION and AWARENESS, but instead push agendas and irrational claims that have little basis in fact or reality. VIRTUALLY ALL TYPES OF VIRUS CAN BE DEADLY, and KILL PEOPLE EVERY SINGLE YEAR!
The coronavirus is no different, other than there is ZERO vaccines currently available for people (but even if there was… vaccines can only help if done BEFORE you get the virus… and then, is limited to certain strains). The above chart can be found at: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html

There is a WHOLE LOT OF NATION here in America… ‘we’ ARE THE BOILING POT OF THE WORLD! Containing about 380,000,000 people in this country (330m+ citizens according to the last census) and about 20,000,000 more that are here on visa’s (work or school, or residency)… and then there are an estimated 30,000,000 illegals/undocumented or overstays, especially in the major metro areas, and around the big Universities.
General rule: IF YOU LIVE IN A HOT SPOT AREA, STAY AWAY FROM STRANGERS & THE INFECTED! USE COMMON SENSE! Try to stay clear of MAJOR METRO AREAS… but even then, the problem seems to be in just SELECT AREAS WITHIN THOSE Metro Areas that usually have the majority of the cases in that county. Those ‘areas’ are nearly always the same, with few exceptions… so if you know where they are STAY CLEAR OF THEM!
Density and proximity matter. For example, on 3/30 there were 78 people tested positive at Vanderbilt Medical Center (middle Tennessee)… which would help explain the spike in ‘cases’ in the greater Nashville area at that time, all supposedly stemming from ONE PERSON with the virus working IN THE KITCHEN AREA. So yes, if it can spread in a hospital, where healthcare workers are trained, prepared, and generally more careful (than average Americans), then obviously it can spread easily and quickly, anywhere, JUST LIKE MOST CONTAGIOUS DISEASES & VIRUSES!
Be particularly careful if you are in or near those hot spots, and areas where people that *might* have the virus might likely go. Stay clear of LINES and PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, because anywhere there are people stuck waiting, there will likely be a higher amount of the virus ON THINGS they breathed on or touched. ‘Things’ you might touch. Waiting rooms, lines (especially in hospitals, clinics, testing areas), door & faucet handles, credit card machines, pens, and other common items. Pharmacies are another place to BE CAREFUL, BECAUSE SICK PEOPLE GO THERE!
Remember, A Cobra can’t kill you if you aren’t playing with it! Same with the virus; if you aren’t around someone, or some place, that is infected YOU CAN NOT GET IT!
Stay clear from strangers and people that ARE SICK… if you are in the vulnerable group press them into keeping their distance from you! No hand shakes or hugs, unless you are willing to take the chance of WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN, or whether they have ‘it.’ Stigma aside, you have to be aware… not afraid!

The media talks about GIVING BLOOD… like the topic of testing, they are really not thinking. It is a shame there are so many IGNORANT PEOPLE IN THE MEDIA! Perpetuating false information in an IRRESPONSIBLE OVER GENERALIZED WAY, that isn’t LIMITED BY common sense, mathematical or scientific reality.
The blood drive should be LIMITED! Stating: “EXCEPT IF YOU ARE SICK, LIVING IN A HOT SPOT, OR HAVE BEEN EXPOSED and don’t yet have anti-bodies!” Because people IN A ZONE that has a lot of active cases, COULD UNKNOWINGLY BE PRE-POSITIVE (incubating) and pre-symptomatic. But, like the fallacy of ‘testing’ – those fearmongering people are pushing another agenda still through May of 2020. Apparently common sense and rational responses aren’t happening in most news rooms.
Cuomo has been quietly criticized about the WASTE, and the 85 to 95% NEGATIVE RESULTS… so NY has STOPPED REPORTING THE NEGATIVE TESTS, and have tightened up WHO IS GETTING THE TESTS NOW! Again, magic math, and selective counting. While testing everyone absolutely wastes materials, people’s time, and potentially helps spread the virus! The fact that people were scared into STANDING IN LINES with 2 to 10% that really were sick, and known positive cases were pushed to the grossly unprepared, unequiped, and under staffed nursing homes really was the fire that likely ignited most of the spread and case numbers in new york, and surrounding areas.
That short few days between the exposure and ‘getting it’ could be ‘the’ incubation period, and unless there are anti-bodies, it’s questionable whether that blood from people in a hot spot, unless they are 100% sure they have ‘the anti-bodies,’ would be useful in most situations… and potentially endanger the giver (that doesn’t have the anti-bodies). Therefore, unless they have a family emergency, or the spread of the virus drastically reduces, bringing people into ‘give blood’ in the ‘hot areas’ (those known ‘problem counties’ in NYC, Newark, New Orleans, Chicago, etc) MAKES NO SENSE, UNLESS THEY WANT TO INCREASE THE SPREAD, at least until THINGS CALM DOWN.
The over-generalizations and blanket statements many in the media have made are foolish! Nearly as much non-sense AS the FOOLS IN CONGRESS TRYING TO PUT STUPID STUFF IN THE STIMULUS PACKAGE that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the coronavirus. NOTHING!
The media and people PUSHING for EVERYONE TO GIVE BLOOD or GET TESTED are being highly irresponsible… and wasteful. SAVE the tests for the people with real symptoms and actual exposure… and healthcare workers. Seek blood from people that are out of the area aren’t likely to have the virus, or those in the area that are known to have recovered (from covid)… and are now strong enough to give blood (and actually have the anti-bodies).
COMMON SENSE seems to be non-existent in most of the national media!
Dr. Oz is sadly one of those people that are pushing for testing everyone without rational limits or reasonable pause. SAD! He’s such a smart guy on so many things, but when he gets in front of cameras it seems he gets caught up in the sensationalism and blind rhetoric of some agenda driven agenda, rather than ethical common sense reality.
The problem is ABSOLUTELY NOT “TESTING” people or the population, nor will ‘testing everyone’ necessarily even lead to a solution. The problem is that WE [the people] still don’t know ENOUGH about what we already know! What we do know is being twisted and misrepresented by many in the media and some representatives in the government.
If you are SICK or INFECTED, again… STAY AWAY, cover your mouth, don’t cough on people, wash your hands often… and if there is a medical emergency, CALL your doctor or an ambulance, let them know you *might be* infected.

Dr. Oz is is all over the place… he initially said the N95 masks would help protect healthy people (which is NOT necessarily true) … then ends with N95 masks will ONLY PROTECT PEOPLE IF THEY ARE FITTED & PUT ON CORRECTLY and a person doesn’t touch their face. (which is mostly true, they also need to properly wash their hands & exposed skin, and deal with removing any infected clothing correctly). I don’t understand why he’s verbalizing conflicting messages, some of which are NOT WISE, HONEST, or really even ETHICAL! I sincerely wish he would have THOUGHT BEFORE HE tried to talk on the topic, especially on camera… because he knows better, or should have. At least he ended correctly, but the ‘sound bite’ of ‘having N95 masks will help people’ is still out there, to be repeated out of context by the lame stream media.
MASKS, and face covers, ON SICK PEOPLE help prevent the spread… by limiting the droplets coming from them. When their mouth is covered WITH ANYTHING, the shedding FROM THEM is greatly reduced, but not completely eliminated! Because when then wipe their nose, mouth, eyes… and then touch something with those virus carrying hands, THEY ARE SPREADING IT.
MASKS ON HEALTHCARE WORKERS dealing with infected people CAN HELP the healthcare workers, but even then it’s not foolproof or guaranteed. Especially if the mask isn’t properly fitted, the correct type, and changed often. The average just material covering the face is designed for MINUTES OF PROTECTION, not hours, especially if there aren’t carbon filters… and a system to ‘clean the air’ (in coming and/or out flow). OSHA has published a lot of information on masks, all common types, which the media is willfully ignoring.
Masks on the vulnerable, if the masks are filtered, the person learns to use them correctly, consistently, and also deal with their hands, clothing, and surroundings… it might help some. But remember, some doctors and nurses wearing PPE’s HAVE BEEN INFECTED!
Masks on the average person wondering around their house, out mowing the lawn, or even going to town – even walking through a store – WILL NOT HELP THEM from the virus!
SAVE THE MASKS FOR THE PEOPLE THAT REALLY NEED THEM… If a sick person has to be around you (spouse, child, etc.) under the same roof, having a mask ON THE SICK PERSON WILL HELP YOU A WHOLE LOT MORE than having a mask on yourself!

Sadly far too many politicians, especially certain governors running their mouth in the media trying to beat another state at getting federal money and extra resources, have been fearmongering, twisting facts, and projecting mathematical fallacy. Then there were politicians stuffing the bills with pork, and costly garbage that has NOTHING TO DO WITH the disaster relief. (Same type of stuff happened with most of the relief bills pushed through congress in the past.) ‘We the people’ really need to shout out to our congress-person to push them to STOP IT!
The ‘magic math’ and false claims, based on dooms-day models. The U.K. Neil Ferguson model predicted 2.2 million DEATHS just here in the USA, if we didn’t do anything. It predicted 500,000 U.K. if they did nothing. Then, they factored social distancing in the model and the numbers went down to 200,000 deaths from 2.2 million. However, that was still MAGIC MATH!
Now we have covid19.healthdata.org which dropped numbers more, from 120,000 to 280,000… then to 40,000 to 160,000 lon 4/10. However, it assumed the STATE NUMBERS WERE HONEST & TRUE (and they aren’t); and pretty much ignored ALL OTHER NUMBERS, including the ‘self-contained’ Cruise Ships… which should have been some of the BEST MATH, most honest and accurate, because they were CONFINED and we KNOW EVERY PASSENGER. Further, with the ‘contained’ numbers, they could research their medical history to better target the math (the vulnerable). But it seems even that model was dreamed up by someone pushing an agenda, or incapable of rational thought, real problem solving! Their fallacy in projected numbers, demonstrate their inability to honestly factor, and account for the negatives AND positives.
Models based on the trusted and known numbers, from the Cruise ships… the numbers from Italy and Spain, as their worst case scenario. Their failure added to the fear and lunacy. Predictably avoidable actions, harming the majority of this nation… all because someone fails basic mathematical logic problems and RATIONAL THINKING!
Panic, hording, and hyperbole doesn’t help anyone!
One of the first lessons as a Rescue Diver: One doesn’t save a drowning person by themselves panicking… and drowning too (or allowing the drowning person to drown them)!
There were resources, such as ventilators, masks, ppe’s (personal protective equipment)… temporary hospitals and solutions… which were wasted, grossly mismanaged, and purposefully manipulated by a handful of media outlets and politicians. Along with huge sums of money that was agreed to help prevent panic and crime, stimulating the people to remain calm… as congress pushed TRILLIONS THROUGH! Hopefully spending will accomplish the goals, and those people with symptoms or exposure, not requiring hospitalization will be alright and ‘stay home’ until they are in the clear.


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Best Way to Prevent Illness

WASH YOUR HANDS when ever you are touching something some stranger likely touched! The number one rule! Again, WASH YOUR HANDS!

Next, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE – EYES, NOSE, or MOUTH, including anything going into your mouth – UNLESS YOU KNOW THEY ARE DISINFECTED if you are anywhere someone that could be sick might have shed (spread) the virus!

Avoid people that are coughing… sneezing, and touching their face often… EVEN IF THEY HAVE THEIR FACE COVERED!

LEARN THE DIFFERENCES IN MASKS… and HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM! Different masks do different things, for different purposes, for different periods of time. Knowing the difference is important… and unless YOU ARE COUGHING, wearing a mask improperly COULD make you MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO THE VIRUS if you are in a hot zone area or were actually in contact with someone that was spreading the virus.

If you need cleaning/sanitation supplies, and IF you can’t find any in your local stores, there are DIY options (Do It Yourself):

First, if you have any left, you might dilute the hand soap/disinfecting stuff you have, to extend it’s life and capability, generally not more than 60/40 (60% soap, 40% filtered water or aloe). YOU CAN MAKE SOMETHING THAT WORKS!

Bleach ~ An effective bleach solution mix by adding 5 tablespoons of bleach to a gallon of water to spray down surfaces that might have been touched by someone infected. Or basically, 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water. Never ever mix bleach with ammonia, or any other cleanser, as it will make a gas that will harm your lungs… and potentially even kill you! And SERIOUSLY, DO NOT GET IT ON YOUR CLOTHING – it will spot, fade, or bleach cloth! And you really SHOULD DILUTE! Using it ‘straight’ is both unnecessary and wasteful.

Alcohol ~ If you don’t have bleach, you can make an alcohol solution, diluting water with at least 60% alcohol (rubbing alcohol, moon shine, vodka, etc., NOT BEER, not wine… and DO NOT USE ANYTHING WITH METHANOL, beer & wine aren’t known for topical sterilization abilities, and wood alcohol can kill ya!). EVERCLEAR is generally a solid sterile option. Mixing 2/3rd alcohol with 1/3rd Aloe Juice, and a touch of essential oil, like lavender, peppermint, or ‘four thieves’ for scent and maybe a bit more of some other scent. Just be careful, and make sure WHAT YOU ARE MIXING CAN SAFELY BE MIXED! You can make an effective hand sanitizer and disinfectant for those that can’t get the pre-made stuff. Nearly all liquor stores are experiencing record sales, but most have plenty of functional stock… at least around here.

If you can’t get those ingredients, or find reasonably priced hand sanitizer, bleach, or alcohol… there are STILL GOOD VIABLE OPTIONS:

Dish Soap (like Dawn or Ajax), some researchers have pointed out that ANY diluted effective soap, or even alcohol based MOUTH WASH, can be put in a spray bottle, or on a wipe, can kill the virus. REGULAR SOAP can kill the virus! It’s NOT A BACTERIA, so it doesn’t have to be an ‘anti-baterial’ soap to work. It merely has to CLEAN OFF THE VIRUS!

The key is USING IT – WASHING YOUR HANDS & FACE – and forearms… especially after touching THINGS STRANGERS TOUCHED (like shopping cart handles, door handles, public toilet flush handles, etc.)

Remember to staying away from the bottom of your shoes if you’ve been in the public… if you have to touch them, wash your hands again afterward.

Remember, the virus can live for 3 to 12 hours on many different types of surfaces, that haven’t been cleaned or exposed to UV light, but up to 2 or 3 DAYS on steel and plastic… and some sputum (spit) samples have found active virus lasting nearly 14 DAYS! So, WIPE IT OFF FIRST! And wash your hands afterwards.



CLEANLINESS is far more important than a mask, unless you have someone with the virus coughing in your face – repeatedly!

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Growth Rate & Demographics

In an outbreak of an infectious disease, while it is important to study THE DISEASE and number of cases, speed and intensity of infections… as well as how people are actually infected. It is equally important to take a critical look at the growth rate (spread). This information allows the urgency to be determined.

Only 1.9% of the people that died in New York City were confirmed to have no underlying preconditions. Consider the reality in that, it’s huge! And means those people that have underlying conditions obviously need to BE MORE CAREFUL! Especially if they live in or around hot-zones!

ALL demographics matter, including the prior health of the individuals infected need to be known, so patterns can be found. Yes it matters that there were (are) over 3,000 deaths (as of 3/30), and 20,000 counted by 4/12… BUT if 70 to 90% of those numbers were LIKELY TO DIE or COULD HAVE DIED FROM THE FLU – or other natural causes, such as a heart attack, pneumonia, COPD, cancer, etc. if the covid-19 virus hadn’t hit… then, seriously, THAT INFORMATION MATTERS TOO!

Because this virus is NOT really ‘air borne’ without some volocity help (cough, fan, force) – it can ABSOLUTELY be controlled and limited, which is great news for everyone concerned. It is no more ‘airborne’ than a baseball! Gravity limits the spread; however, it DOES LIVE on the surfaces of THINGS for hours, to a few days. Which makes HAND CLEANING far more important.

Even if an infected person is wearing a mask, if they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth… the virus gets on their hands (whether bare or gloved)… and THEN ONTO WHAT EVER THEY TOUCH!

It is important for the science types to understand as much as possible, and to describe the problem correctly. Because while the cases of infection seem to be increasing in some areas, and even appeared to be doubling at a constant rate in some geographies, the growth was CONTROLLABLE – as proven in Kirkland Washington, and other areas it was initially started in. We can SEE Washington, Oregon, and even the big cities in North & Central California didn’t have the massive ‘positive numbers’ or huge death count… like New York did. What all was different?

Limiting crowds, like the government is suggesting and pushing for, allows the cycle of growth to be broken, and the infection to be stalled, slowed, and potentially even eliminated if there becomes a viable treatment option but other than cutting the schools, public transit, concerts, and huge public gatherings… the west coast did NOT push for mass testing! As soon as they did (push for more testing) the number STARTED TO CLIMB! Imagine that, huh?

They didn’t push to lock down EVERYONE, but rather quarantining THOSE WITH SYMPTOMS, those testing positive, those likely positive. NOT EVERYONE!

They TRIED TO EDUCATE (at least prior to July 4th), and pushed for the sick & vulnerable to ‘shelter in place’ (get help if serious), AND TO WEAR MASKS!

They reassured people, rather than trying to scare them.

They repeatedly stated an effective treatment was in process… and purposefully tried to NOT PANIC THE PEOPLE.

Totally different ‘problem management’ model than what happened on the east coast.

Viruses normally spread quickly… but sanitation and awareness really do limit and prohibit that spread.

Exponential math, like Italy seems to have experienced, can be scary. BUT, consider that the AVERAGE AGE of the citizens in Italy is around 47 years old… which means there are nearly an equal number of people over 70 as there are under 25, AND (also not discussed in the media) THE FAMILY UNITS OFTEN LIVE UNDER THE SAME ROOF IN ITALY! So, if one gets it, they all might get it! Another HUGE difference, and reason why the numbers in Italy should have been considered THE WORST CASE SCENARIO!

Ultimately, educating people HOW TO PROTECT THEMSELVES (and their loved ones), and how to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY to COVER YOUR MOUTH (with something other than the occasional hand – which can merely help speed the spread and transfer) when you are sick or know you’ve been exposed (like Japan has done for years). Also, learning to NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE (which is really tough), and knowing a ‘cure’ (or treatment) is aggressively being searched for… should help.

The average age of people in the United States is significantly lower than Italy.

FINALLY! on 3/27/2020 – Dr. Deborah Birx, on the Coronavirus Task Force, agrees with what I’ve been saying for a couple weeks now. She’s CAUTIONS AGAINST the media, politicians, and journalists from twisting or aggrandizing the numbers! The evidence doesn’t support the ‘models’ claiming millions of people ‘getting’ the virus… or hundreds of thousands needing hospital beds (or ventilators)… or hundreds of thousands actually dying from Covid. At least NOT HERE IN THE USA!

You can see her interview here. You can see her interview here.

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The Media is NOT OUR FRIEND!

Awareness is key.

From March through April, the ‘counts’ were ‘public BY COUNTY’ – until myself, and a couple other’s, started QUESTIONING THE NUMBERS, pointing out ‘the OTHER’ (natural and normal ’causes’ of death) didn’t seem to exist in many of those counties (i.e., NEARLY ALL deaths were being ‘tallied as’ covid-19 deaths), the county breakouts disappeared. It was ‘only WHOLE STATE’ numbers, or searching through EACH STATES claimed numbers… which makes it quite time consuming, and nearly impossible to easily debunk or question.

At the same point in time, the powers to be claim they want to stop THE SPREAD, especially to rural areas that don’t have the hospitals, medical staff, equipment, or personnel to really help oversee a large outbreak.

Understand, a study by a German Virologist named professor Hendrik Streak concluded that covid-19 was rarely spread through casual contact, but rather was spread through repeated large doses, such as among families while locked down together, people in nursing homes, or hospital wards.

So, it is important to understand and remember the following:

  • Social Distancing is important, especially from strangers and people that MIGHT be either infected or vulnerable.
  • Sanitation, of hands especially important … from anything OTHER’S TOUCHED, especially strangers and those that MIGHT BE INFECTED.
  • Remember: If you are NOT AROUND IT, YOU CAN NOT GET IT!


Toward the end of March, people were seeing huge jumps in the number of ‘infected’ – as the ‘case count’ climbed. DUH! That will absolutely and predictably happen, as more tests are done… especially when part of those tests were bogus, people were panicked into standing in lines, and KNOWN VIRUS POSITIVE PEOPLE were PURPOSEFULLY SENT TO NURSING HOMES in ny & nj.

We started hearing about how more celebrities and even healthcare workers have become infected, a few even supposedly died from ‘covid.’ It’s easy to assume someone was healthy, solely on the perception of their LOOKS or public persona, WITHOUT understanding the reality:

  • the virus is NOT AFFECTING ALL People (but only approximately 10 to 17% of the population, as demonstrated on the cruise ships, and countries sharing real numbers)… but it CAN INFECT ANYONE with a weak immune system, OR co-morbidity, or with hyper-exposure or saturation;
  • like any virus, it can be spread pretty quickly and easily … but it absolutely REQUIRES CONTACT! You have to touch something an infected person touched! Or you have to breath ‘droplets’ (mist) from a cough or sneeze an infected person did (spewing stuff into the air) WITHIN about 6 to 10 feet of you. Or exchange bodily fluids (kiss, hug, hand shake) with an infected person. If they were further than their droplets, sweat, or fluids could travel, you’ll have no issues (with that part). WATCH WHAT THEY TOUCH… including THEIR PETS, and dishes… and avoid stepping in sputum (spit).
  • Wearing a surgical mask will NOT guarantee you won’t be exposed, or stop you from getting the virus. A mask should be used to prevent someone that is potentially infectious from spreading the virus to others via droplets through coughing, sneezing, or talking.
  • Remember the virus CAN LIVE for 3 to 12 hours on most surfaces that haven’t been cleaned or exposed to UV light (sun light or wand), but up to 2 to 3 DAYS on uncleaned steel and plastic; it’s been claimed that under the right temperature, humidity, and with certain materials it’s suspected UP TO 14 days on some uncleaned surfaces! So, if it isn’t YOURS – WIPE IT OFF FIRST!
  • ‘incubation’ is generally 3 to 5 days AFTER exposure, before the first signs or symptoms (if you experience any).
  • the virus doesn’t care about race, religion, income, class, job, age, gender, orientation, celebrity, position on topics, or politics
  • it spreads the fastest WITHIN CROWDS of people (stay away from strangers),
  • the greater exposure, the more likely you can get it,
  • it targets people with a weak immune system,
  • we really don’t know what the ACTUAL HEALTH or condition of another human being really is merely by looking at them in a photo, or even having been around them weeks, months, or years ago. They *MIGHT* have had an undisclosed co-morbidity we knew nothing of… so be careful assuming the condition of another person.

Even without ‘a cure’ or effective treatment, which we now might have, the math we can trust has shown that ‘it’ is not ‘deadly’ for the approximately 99.97% of the general people in America.

“We” (the vast majority of the people), unless we have one of the co-morbidity factors AND are exposed enough to get the virus, won’t likely be seriously harmed (physically) by this invisible enemy. Avoiding exposure is key, and if you don’t live in a major metro area, it’s very possible to avoid it with reasonable actions.

However, even in ‘close quarters’ of a hot zone, such as the cruise ships have shown, the government shut down is to reduce the spread from approximately a .03% of the total population number that *might/can* have serious issues with it, to a lower number. The powers to be also want to keep as many of the 10% to 17% of the population that *might* otherwise ‘get it’ (if exposed) from rushing to the hospital without some reasonable indication they really have it; so healthcare workers aren’t overwhelmed; as happened in Italy, and was wrongly projected to happen in New York City.

Common sense knows no political party, only the ACTIONS based on RATIONAL RESPONSES. Overwhelming hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities isn’t the answer, and is a disservice to everyone! However, the media AND SOME IN the government (cuomo with his daily pleas… opps, ‘briefings,’ with the help of MSNBC, in particular, and even CNN, NYT, AOL, & Yahoo) pushed the public to get out, wait in lines, get swabbed, and take the tests.

On face value it sounds fine, but it was a predictably wrong push! The initial lines were OF PEOPLE STANDING, waiting, and talking with each other. The reality is that the early push for testing, without rational warnings, limits, controls, and INFORMATION… LIKELY HELPED SPEED THE SPREAD of the virus in the North Eastern states. It absolutely gave a false sense of security to many people. “I tested negative” was all over social media by many, though some later found out THEY HAD IT, and WERE LATER POSITIVE!

The way cuomo and the media initially pushed for the testing, without more information and education, such as ‘social distancing,’ wearing a mask IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE IT or any of the symptoms, and any other safety protocols, could accidentally help spread it. THEY NOT ONLY FAILED THOSE THEY REPRESENT, they actually endangered them! If you doubt me, look toward the other states… west of the Continental Divide, which did not attempt to panic their citizens, but instead tried to help educate them, to push for a shut down of public transportation, schools, malls, and concerts. They pushed toward better sanitation and sterilization of things strangers touched… promoted SOCIAL DISTANCING… and MASKS FOR THE SICK & VULNERABLE to help eradicate the virus!

Seattle, Portland, even Los Angeles were far more responsible… (at least prior to July 4th). And far safer to be in… and didn’t play with the numbers, or the emotions of their citizens, like what appears to have happened in New York City and certain other cities. (at least not until the BLM protests, riots, looting, chaz take over, and then learning about the sanctuary state clause… now it seems corruptifornia’s gubenor is bent on control, justification, and trying to create a second wave.)

The New Yorker’s were so whipped up by cuomo, and other’s in the media, they felt it necessary to demand tests, even when they didn’t have any serious symptoms, any fever or loss in senses (smell or taste), and hadn’t really been around someone that tested positive. Initially, NEARLY 90 to 98% of those tested came back NEGATIVE! Until they started grouping together, stood in lines with a few people that really were infected… most weren’t (initially) in an area that had a high number of contagious cases. Even now, the negative test results are over 70 to 90% of those tested, and that just the number of tests they are ADMITTING TO in a public setting. Ask yourself, just how many of those initially testing negative, became positive later, BECAUSE THEY WERE AROUND SOME THAT WERE SICK… in a line waiting to get tested! Going to or from the testing. Things that make you go Hummmm…

Saddest of all… that initial ‘you don’t have it’ (negative test) WAS MEANINGLESS because they *might* have caught it IN THE LINE, going to or from the testing, or over the next few days because of a false sense of security. The majority of those initial tests only wasted test kits, and medical personnel and lab’s time. But it helped jack the numbers for cuomo/New York, which pushed the irrational fear of spread and danger even faster.

cuomo’s mid March press conference called out ‘the federal government’ for URGENT NEED, or hospital beds, ventilators, masks, ppe’s, and healthcare workers. Going as far as claiming that the state of New York needed at least 30,000 ventilators, to deal with an anticipated peak in demand in two weeks for patients needing help to breathe. The state had 7,000, “I won’t be responsible for the death of more then 23,000 people because we don’t have ventilators, will you?” he cried to the tv, for the benefit of the viewers. Later than day, 2,000 ventilators from the ‘federal emergency stock-pile’ were on the way, with 2,000 more packed and shipping the following day… with promises of more within the next couple weeks (before they’d actually need them). “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” was how cuomo sounded as he pushed for hospital beds, ventilators, medication, and even more federal (taxpayer) MONEY! And he got them… though they weren’t needed.

However, just three days later, two new facts emerged: i) there were more ventilators undisclosed, sitting IN STATE STORAGE… and ii) just a couple years before he was OFFERED to purchase 16,000 more ventilators for the state… but instead ignored that, and spent the money buying SOLAR PANELS. When this is over, cuomo should have some explaining to do.

Maybe it is honestly a ‘FOREST vs TREES’ type equation? cuomo’s own brother (Chris) was ‘positive’ for the virus, and supposedly quarantined, though he had at least one incident outside when he was telling everyone he was ‘stuck in the basement.’ They both seemed to honestly fear for their elderly mother (Matilda, which he talked about with fear and genuine concern repeatedly, even naming a law he made by executive order after her), though maybe that was all just part of their con. Some of the best lies contain some truth to cause some doubt. She *might* have been exposed (or not, we may never know), but cuomo’s emotions fueled his push for federal aide, temporary hospitals, ventilators, healthcare professionals, and taxpayer subsidies. cuomo is who promised the $600 a week unemployment bonus, and the ‘eviction freeze’ for those that didn’t, wouldn’t, and couldn’t pay their rent or mortgage. Those that claim it’s not political, or that I’m making it political, really aren’t paying attention!

It was because of all that, the media frenzy, the cuomo cons and the power cuomo has in the ‘tri-state area’ – that irrational decisions, avoidable choices, unnecessary panic were the result. His way of ‘doing something’ – EVEN IF IT WAS WRONGseemed to be more in line with his goal, rather than appearing that he was doing nothing.

Who knows. I’ve spoke with a few people that seem to still really like and trust the guy, convinced his fearmongering helped force ‘good people’ (and many of the elderly) to ‘stay home’ (and to be safer)… and they appreciated their “FREE IRS” check, and happy about the large unemployment boost.

They give cuomo credit for all that, wrongly… but they are convinced it wouldn’t have happened if not for his press briefings, and pushing of the Federal government. He ‘said it first’ therefore it must have been his idea… and because of him. Clearly, I’m not a fan of his actions, or grandstanding manipulation of the federal government, the people in his state and surrounding areas, or the other political officials he’s been able to exert some power over!

Contrary to what the PEOPLE IN THE MEDIA & those in the government claim, ‘universal testing’ is illogical, wasteful at best, and offers a completely false sense of security at worst. However, there are still people in the media, and government, want to revel in chaos by pushing irrational fears. Again, Universal testing for the virus IS NEITHER PRACTICAL nor cost effective… nor will it EVER HAPPEN… REALLY!

Furthermore, in most states, and especially those ‘hot spot’ countries, the ‘tests’ numbers (now over 51 million as of 7/23) are number of TESTS done, NOT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE! Many people are getting 2 to 12+ tests, especially if they are healthcare workers, or part of a large family that has zero symptoms but are in a county with a mandatory quarantine. Don’t allow the misleading claims, the jacked up numbers, and omissions of the truth fool you. There have absolutely NOT been 51 million American’s tested… and truth be told, they’d be hard pressed to actually claim 25 million individuals actually tested.

Further, according to the FDA, the RAPID TEST is only about 80% accurate! God help those people in the 20% that were falsely told the wrong thing! It’s my understanding, today, the error is USUALLY ON CAUTION… meaning the majority of the mistakes are read as a false POSITIVE, rather than a false negative, but BOTH HAPPEN! Accurate numbers should be a key fact those spouting the numbers, but most ASSume the powers to be are honest, and that 51 million plus PEOPLE have been tested, when in fact that isn’t true. They aren’t being honest about it in all counties or states, and that omission and the implication is beyond wrong, unethical, manipulative, and disingenuous! However, it was done, and continues with little to no question or controls, for political and economic reasons!

If you don’t believe me, check this out: https://khn.org/news/abbott-rapid-test-problems-grow-fda-standards-on-covid-tests-under-fire/

Just imagine, EVERY PERSON coughing or having any of the symptoms, or entering America from another country OR A CRUISE SHIP, being tested, and quarantined for 3 days to two weeks… because of a FALSE POSITIVE. Serious screening was the purpose of Ellis Island, and other ‘ports of entry’ back in the day. We can’t transport horses or cows across state lines without RECENT HEALTH PAPERS… mark my words, something like that will likely be suggested for international travel, and travel to or from certain areas, in the future… if this topic is still in the media after the November election. That should put quite a limiter on international business, cruises, and international travel, in the future. Huh?

Testing costs a vast array of resources – people, time, equipment, lab time, healthcare provider’s protection. Those things don’t have an infinite supply.

Why the reality of “YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE TESTED UNLESS…” wasn’t hammered home, will forever be an unanswered question. Likely because the powers to be PROJECTED a bigger panic of ‘the unknown,’ civil unrest (riots & looting), so the current administration offers STIMULUS MONEY hoping to calm the masses… which worked until the death of Floyd provoked a bandwagon of racial unrest, which prompted riots, looting, and vandalism. Those actions pretty much prompted the ‘reopenning’ … for a few weeks, now they are claiming a ‘second wave’ and playing with the numbers in the southern US states (California, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida).

Many people were caught between the fearmongers spouting huge infection spread numbers, the racial/anti-police bandwagon’s, and the assorted rhetoric the media and some politicians were pulling out of their neck.

The reality is that supplies & resources will always have SOME LIMITS! We are shown videos of diary farmers having to dump milk because they can’t get it processed, or to market. Told fruit & vegetable farmers are ‘plowing it under’ for similar reasons.

I’ve heard some of the conspiracy theorists claim a ‘mass testing’ is what it will take to ‘collapse of the system.’ That is what the anarchists want. So, the federal government is TRYING to spread the money to ease the suffering… especially while people are panicked. The responsible states tried to calm fears with education, rational reassurances, and reasonable preventive measures of taking extra precautions. And a clear message that riots, looting, and destruction would NOT BE TOLERATED or taken lightly! Huge difference.

Testing healthy people that have no symptoms and weren’t likely exposed SOLVES NOTHING! Testing that is flawed, and not at least 99.9xx% accurate, is another important problem. Tests should be focused on those with real symptoms, those in the healthcare industry, and those with reason… especially when they aren’t perfect.

“But medical professionals are split over the lower 80% threshold for the Abbott and other point-of-care tests’ “sensitivity” — a metric showing how often a test correctly generates a positive result. They are debating whether it’s sufficient, given the risks that an infected person unwittingly spreads COVID-19 after receiving a negative result.

False negatives increase the risk that patients will not self-isolate or exercise other precautions — such as wearing a mask — and make more people sick than if they had had an accurate diagnosis. Evaluations of the Abbott test have been among the most mixed, with some researchers finding that the test has bigger accuracy problems, but others saying it isn’t likely to miss sicker patients.

“There’s no way I would be comfortable missing 2 out of 10 patients,” said Susan Whittier, director of clinical microbiology at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. Whittier and co-authors found that the Abbott test correctly identified 74% of positive samples compared with a rival test from Roche, another diagnostics giant. A point-of-care test from Cepheid, a rival company, correctly identified 99% of positives. An FDA official cited the 80% accuracy minimum for point-of-care tests, in late May even after two White House aides tested positive for the virus.”


The FDA guidelines allows for imperfection, as demonstrated in their own documentation, and their COVID-19 testing policy for labs and commercial manufacturers. The FDA says a diagnostic test should correctly identify at least 95% of positive samples:

“As an alternative, FDA believes an in silico analysis of the assay primer and probes compared to common respiratory flora and other viral pathogens can be performed. For this guidance, FDA defines in silico cross-reactivity as greater than 80% homology between one of the primers/probes and any sequence present in the targeted microorganism.”

Note, the key word is ‘should’ – not MUST or SHALL… but a term allowing for variability and imperfection.

Professionals should be focused on finding viable PREVENTIVE measures, educating the public with truth and reality… NOT PANICKING PEOPLE! But rather seeking effective SOLUTIONS, and real TREATMENT options. Instead they push a narrative of fear… ‘must wear masks’ and ‘if you get sick with it you’ll have to be intubated’ and ‘if you have any of those comorbidities (in the vulnerable group) you will die.’ The media claims 80% of those intubated WILL DIE, and ‘medical induced coma and emergency breathing’ is the only option for those that are bad, because ‘that drug trump used – and said was great – doesn’t cure people like he said’ (as cuomo repeatedly says)… which is neither helpful nor honest, because like a condom… it has to be used in the right way, at the right time, to do it’s job and serve it’s purpose.

You are welcome to disagree with me all you want, BUT I solemnly believe what certain people really did push fear, twisted numbers, false information, and make blatantly false claims of hundreds of thousands to millions dead… then padded the numbers by wasting testing and classifying all deaths with a virus positive swab a ‘covid’ deaths… during this crisis, especially the month of March & April, and those actions were not just mistakes, or misunderstandings, but criminally wrong! (or sure should be).

(cuomos (andrew & chris), pelosi, schummer, schiff, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and others… should be held accountable for their LACK OF ‘investigative reporting’ … and absence of ‘journalistic integrity.’)


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Exposure and Asympotomatic Spread:

Consider the math from the very real ‘petri-dish’ of the Cruise Ship Diamond Princess, which had 3,711 people aboard when the virus was discovered, we get real… vital, and useful math. On the ship, 7 died… despite weeks of 3,711 people remaining around infected people during the ship lock-down, isolated quarantine; but we’ll get to that math and example later. Of those aboard the ship, 17% were actually infected – or at least ‘tested POSITIVE’ (for the virus), although 100% were ‘in contact with’ (exposed to) the virus. That 17% is a total of 634; with about 50%, or 328, that were asymptomatic (had NO SYMPTOMS… DID NOT KNOW THEY HAD THE VIRUS)!

So, 83% didn’t ‘get it’ – despite being absolutely exposed. 0.00018862 is the multiple of death to ‘exposed population.’ That math seems vital!

The information gathered to date has identified very few deaths among people under 40, UNLESS they has one or more co-morbidity issues. The analysis of more than 12,000 infected people in the ‘under 40’ age group, only 26 died. It appears body health and ‘strength’ are significant, as would make sense fighting any virus or infection. The OLDEST ‘survivor,’ documented here in America, is 104 years old; which demonstrates THERE IS ABSOLUTELY HOPE!

There is a concern that those under 40 year old might help spread the virus; remember those 12,000 people (above) had symptoms… and supposedly that number is less than 50% of the total that ‘would probably’ have the virus, meaning 24,000 people probably had been infected during that time… and still, only 26 in that age range passed away. However, despite the mask orders, by July 2020, it was debunked that asymptomatic people spread the disease (they don’t – unless you’re swapping spit or body fluids with them). But those that become saturated, or have serious comorbidities, can get… suffer from… and actually die from the disease (covid-19). So, awareness remains key, as the Florida beach parties in May & June have proven.

A covid-19 antibody test on a randomized sample of the population one of the outbreak epicenters in Germany, showed a 15% total infection rate. However, only 2% of those tested currently had the virus; while 14% had antibodies. So when the researchers eliminated the overlap they found 85% did NOT get the virus, or the antibodies, although they’d been exposed.

According to most medical professionals, in multiple countries now, only about 50% of those that are infected have symptoms; the other half are asymptomatic (showed no physical signs or symptoms… other than a sudden loss of smell or taste). Over the last few months, it’s been shown that an asymptomatic person won’t likely spread the virus, except through exchange of bodily fluids.

However, with some of the healthcare professionals ‘getting it’ … it seems clear that a person repeatedly, saturated, can eventually get overwhelmed with the virus (or just make a simple mistake that directly exposes themselves), limiting exposure is important!

In New York 29 of 210 asymptomatic pregnant women admitted to the hospital, at the end of March and early April, to deliver their babies tested positive for ‘covid-19.’ That’s a 13.7% infection rate of entirely asymptomatic people; just 3 of those 29 later developed fever before discharge. No reports of any of the babies having problems (other than they did test positive for the virus).

HEALTH OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, and of the LUNGS, and heart, in particular, are the KEY FACTORS… which were ignored in the Chinese data sets released in March. Did the person(s) HAVE ANY PRE-EXISTING conditions, or health issues, involving their immune system or lungs, heart… or ability to fight off a virus? If no, they were far more likely recover without issue; there is a lot of evidence that supports that.

The health of the patient, the quality of the healthcare system, all matter. IF YOU ARE IN A VULNERABLE CATEGORY, PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL, and understand YOU ARE (and have to be) RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF; especially until this is over or you know there is a treatment available in your area!


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Testing does NOT accomplish what most think

“Cases” are what make up the big number the media and certain government officials are pushing; however, it does NOT accomplish what most ‘people’ promoting it claim, and ignores a whole lot of vital information. It may have started with good intentions, to get federal help & resources, or money… but has turned out to be more manipulating and blaming of the government.

There are supposedly at least three different ‘main’ tests here in the United States. The one considered the best, requires a cotton swab to be pushed WAY UP YOUR NOSE TO THE SINUS CAVITY (it is very uncomfortable)… but still has a 2 to 20% ‘false’ answer (erroring toward a false positive most of the time, but some have proven false negatives). It’s not perfect, and the errors on a citizen without symptoms, can be quite significant. In a hospital setting, a blood test and direct observation can be far more exacting, cross verifying, and complete.

One nasal test, supposedly from China, reportedly had serious issues with ‘tainted tests’ and massive false positives, incorrect negatives, and it was supposedly abandoned after a couple weeks. Another test supposedly was KNOWN to have serious issues, but was used anyhow. It’s unclear if any of the CONTAMINATED tests were used here in the USA or not, but supposedly some of the test and masks from China in late Feburary and March were ALREADY POSITIVE, and *might* have helped CAUSE some spread, and potentially even some infections.


The Abbot test, or ‘fast test,’ takes about 5 minutes to return a ‘positive’ … about 15 minutes to get a ‘negative,’ and is less obtrusive… but still has a reported 2 to 10% wrong rate.

What they aren’t telling you is that ALL OF THOSE TESTS actually test for THE VIRUS, NOT THE DISEASE!

What they still aren’t saying, is that testing honestly CHANGES little to nothing, unless you are IN A HOSPITAL and in need of medical treatment. IF your test comes back positive, then you are ISOLATED or told to isolate… and potentially EVERYONE YOU HAVE BEEN AROUND WILL GET TESTED, quarantined, and jobs/business shut down!

Worse, a “NEGATIVES” test result is MEANINGLESS! It really SOLVES NOTHING…because it could be incubating, you might have a false negative, might get it at (or leaving) the testing area… or in the days following.

Further, there are no readily available preventive treatments in all geographies, unless you’re around one of the hospitals doing the ‘reseach’ and ‘clinical testing’ of anti-viral/anti-parasitic, or other possible TREATMENTS!

Remdesivir is on trial at Emory University, in Atlanta, delivered in IV form. It is a drug used to treat Ebola.There seems to be a solution for those that can’t use the hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, and after the virus has transformed into the disease (covid0-19); and there are now some other options, pre-viral and at different stages of the disease. There is very real hope, and options, for those that can’t deal with the known contraindications of Hydroxychloroquine.

Florian Krammer PhD, virologist and vaccinologist in the Department of Microbiology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, said the RNA of many viruses can be detected months after viral shedding has ended. “Follow-up tests can turn positive after a few negative tests, eg because sampling was better,” Krammer said. “Also, and this is a very important point, just because somebody still tests positive in a nuclei acid-based test does not mean they are still shedding infectious virus.

The reality is, a positive test result for COVID-19 indicates that RNA from SARS-CoV-2 was detected on the swab. It’s initially assumed the patient is (or was) infected with the virus, and if there are no antibodies present in the blood test, the person is then presumed to be contagious.

Laboratory test results should always be considered, and a secondary test may be necessary to confirm (depending on if there are symptoms or not, and the proximity to an infected zone or person). Some states are requiring TWO negative tests, at least 2 to 3 days apart, before a person is ‘considered’ NEGATIVE. The exception, in the states that can do it, would be the ‘anti-body test.’ Once a person is ‘POSITIVE,’ then patient management decisions should be made with a healthcare provider. Most will follow the then current CDC guidelines.

Testing the general public solves very little, because the potential for false positives are real, and a ‘negative’ is ‘only at that moment’ (at most), and sadly, many states are not reporting negative test results (once people started doing ‘the math’ – of wasted tests, many officials won’t tell the public how many they have actually even used)! As we can see from the FDA’s own cautions to New York on 15 March:

“The New York SARS-CoV-2 Real-time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel has been designed to minimize the likelihood of false positive test results. However, in the event of a false positive result, risks to patients could include the following:

  • a recommendation for isolation of the patient,
  • monitoring of household or other close contacts for symptoms,
  • patient isolation that might limit contact with family or friends and may increase contact with other potentially COVID-19 patients,
  • limits in the ability to work,
  • delayed diagnosis and treatment for the true infection causing the symptoms,
  • unnecessary prescription of a treatment or therapy, or
  • other unintended adverse effects.

All laboratories using this RT-PCR test must follow the standard confirmatory testing, and reporting guidelines, according to their appropriate county and state public health authorities.”

What does it mean if the specimen tests negative for the virus that causes COVID-19?

A negative test result for this test means that SARS-CoV-2 RNA was not present in the specimen above the limit of detection, AT THAT TIME, IN THAT SAMPLE.

However, a negative result does not totally rule out COVID-19, and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment or patient management decisions. A negative result does not exclude the possibility of COVID-19 in the future either.

(Notice: THEY REPEATED THAT A NEGATIVE DOES NOT EXCLUDE THE POSSIBILITY OF… you can see for yourself at: https://www.fda.gov/media/135662/download – you’ll need to look in your DOWNLOAD FOLDER for the file).

This is another of those things the general public doesn’t seem to understand. Just because you get tested, UNLESS YOU ARE SICK and needing treatment or part of a ‘trial’ (scientific study), NOTHING GOOD NECESSARILY HAPPENS from getting tested in most geographies! For example, one of my ex-brother-in-laws was quarantined, AWAY FROM HIS FAMILY, in a special wing of the hospital, with OTHER PEOPLE that TESTED POSITIVE, because the results of his test was POSITIVE. At that time there were no publicly available vaccines; now there are about 18 in process (in some stage of testing, with a couple supposedly moving to some limited releases).

In some geographies, because either a ‘treatment’ isn’t available… or administered BEFORE the virus triggers a CSS (‘cytokine storm syndrome,’ which is an ‘out-of-control inflammatory reaction’ that allows the virus to ‘become’ THE DISEASE named ‘Covid-19’ – basically pnemonia with spikes). One of our regular customer’s husband tested positive in the North Eastern states, and is quarantined at a nursing home. She’s not been allowed to see or touch him for more than two weeks, they can only communicate via phone… and then only when he’s awake, during limited hours. Thankfully neither have had to be intubated, and thus far both have survived. There are a couple other clients and friends that have lost family members to what has been classed and counted as ‘covid-19’… though atopsies weren’t done, and the were aged (over 80 with co-morbidities that could have either contributed or just as easily ‘been the cause’ … but because that nasal swab claimed ‘positive’ they became a statistic… as well as a lost loved one).

If you test negative… it may be a false sense of security; and if you’re positive, it may potentially open Pandora’s box (depending on WHERE you are geographically… their resources and fears). Some people testing positive were ‘sent home’ to ‘self-isolate’ … while other’s were ‘taken away’ to a forced quarantine. Some even ‘tagged’ with ‘house arrest’ type police tracking units. Different states, different people, different situations… but there doesn’t seem to be much logic, or consistency, as to what the decision is going to be, UNTIL IT IS DONE.

It seems that most of the ‘positives’ from the ‘drive through’ tests were told to ‘self-isolate’ at their home or apartment… and to stay clear of other people. However, according to some media reports, there were some “FAKE TESTING SITES” – and ‘fake testing people’ – which weren’t sanitary, weren’t taking precautions, didn’t have any ‘official authority’ and it’s COMPLETELY UNKNOWN what they were really up to.

One such group was in Louisville, Kentucky… Metro Council President David James and Louisville advocates have been hunting down who they call fake COVID-19 testers. He said the scammers are charging more than $200 a test and using people’s DNA and personal information. “It’s really Medicaid fraud, is what it actually is. There is no reason that you should spend $240 dollars for a COVID test,” James said. “And they’re using the same gloves on Person A that they used on Person B, that they used on Person Z.”

The mayor in Louisville, KY had them shut down.

As the scammers unknowingly pointed out, your DNA and personal information, is now (potentially) on a whole new and different government file. There has been nothing to confirm or deny on that, as it’s NOT been discussed whether ‘the results’ (beyond just a positive or negative) but also ultimately YOUR DNA is being ‘cataloged’ or databased anywhere.

IF you test positive – the ‘official’ testers MAY (or may not) want a confirming test, depending on the test, your symptoms, situation, and where you are (geographically). If they feel you are shedding (contagious), they *might* want all your contacts to get tested.

If you test negative, IT IS ULTIMATELY MEANINGLESS, because it’s only a ‘snap shot in time’ … and really doesn’t mean you won’t get it on the way home or in the days to follow, or don’t have it incubating. One can only know that it hasn’t actively entered your DNA, or where ever THAT test looks, YET… at the time the test was taken.

As one of my doctor friends said, “When there is public panic, combined with political agendas, mixing in some irrational fears… ANY type of testing could have far more consequences than rewards, especially since there is NO VACCINE or 100% effective and accessible treatment at this time! You either weather it at home, or you are bad enough you need help BREATHING (respirator or ventilator) and you need to go to the hospital… either way, if you get it, TIME IS THE ONLY REAL HEALER AT THIS POINT!” Though there are some promising treatments that are supposedly helping and working in some cases, and are being rolled out in more areas.

Remember, GOING IN TO GET TESTED, just because, as some media outlets and government officials have been pushing, CONSUMES VALUABLE SUPPLIES for the ‘really sick’ as well as for HEALTHCARE WORKERS. In addition, it’s valuable time for the medical staff and labs processing the tests. So, unless you are having a serious condition; can’t stop coughing, can’t get your fever back down under 100.4°F, and can’t otherwise take care of yourself… OR YOU ARE IN DANGER and honestly think you *MIGHT* have been in contact with someone that was infected, or in a confined location that had someone with the virus, you really should call YOUR DOCTOR to see what you should do. If you don’t have a doctor, google HEALTH CLINIC in your area and call them. If you think you *might* have it, STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE as much as possible, including people in your family.

What does ‘testing’ really accomplish AT THIS TIME?

It only ‘tells a person’ (and the health officials) WHO IS INFECTED at the time of the test.

If does NOT tell a person that initially passes the test (tests negative for the infection) that they won’t contract it later in the day, or the days to come, or that a person was ‘in contact’ but not yet infected (i.e., within the incubation period).

A positive test tells an infected person they should be QUARANTINED from other’s, especially those that don’t have it; and to BE MORE CAREFUL not to spread it around. They should remain in their house… potentially in their room… with ANY & EVERYONE around them extra careful (or also in quarantine).

That is ALL ‘testing’ can do AT THIS POINT, is ‘confirm AT THE MOMENT’ whether a person has it or not. Less than half of those people that test positive actually display any symptoms… and of the half that show serious physical symptoms, less than 2% of those (in the USA) are compromised enough they end up in a hospital.


  • Seriously, if you have a fever of more than 100.4 degrees F for more than a couple hours, and are experiencing ‘flu like’ symptoms… then STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE…
  • use the ‘crook of your arm’ (inside of ELBOW) to cough in…
  • be MORE AWARE,
  • watch what you TOUCH (especially if it’s things other people might touch, even the bottom of your shoes)… and
  • if the problem persists for more than 4 to 6 hours, consider calling the hotline to see if you should be officially tested.


  • IF you test positive, and are asymptomatic, you may have to be tested again to confirm… either way, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO QUARANTINE. PERIOD!
  • If you refuse… like the guy in Lexington, KY tried, you may be forcibly quarantined.
  • You will likely be asked for a list of EVERYONE you’ve been in physical contact with… as well as every place you’ve gone in the last two weeks, so those places can be tested, disinfected, and such… depending on how long it’s been, and the geographical area(s) you were.
  • EVERYONE of the people you were around – family, friends, co-workers, clients, customers, employee’s of the stores you frequent – may end up getting tested, to help insure they didn’t contract it from you (get it, and thereby spread it to their circle of people & places).
  • Officials may also try to figure out WHERE YOU GOT IT… especially if you didn’t travel out of the country, or weren’t around foreign travelers, mass transportation, or in known infection areas.

DO NOT GO TO THE ER (Emergency Room) unless it’s seriously a matter of life vs death; and if you are conscious, CALL THEM FIRST, as some areas have other options dedicated to testing and non-life threatening illness. Unless myself, or a loved one, was really seriously bad, I would do my very best to completely avoid hospitals, or anywhere people that DO HAVE THE VIRUS MIGHT congrigate.

Wash hands often, cover your mouth… drink a lot of water (hydration is vital)… take your vitamins & minerals… and be aware!

Dr Fauci himself wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine March 28th that the seasonal flu is deadlier than Covid 19.



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The CDC noted that travelers should consider whether their home town or the destination they’re planning to visit has a high number of cases; in other words, no sane person would ‘want to go to’ New York City or the Seattle/Kirkland areas at this time… unless they were trained healthcare workers, with some awareness of how best to protect their own life, health and safety.

“If COVID-19 is spreading at your destination, but not where you live, you will be at higher risk of exposure if you travel there,” the CDC said. “Consider the risk of passing [or getting exposed to] COVID-19 to others during travel, particularly if you will be in close contact with people who are older adults or have severe chronic health condition.

Additionally, in some areas of this nation, public health agencies have warned that those who do decide to travel may be asked by their employer or school to stay home for up to 14 days or more after traveling, to avoid spreading the illness.

There are travel bans (and limits) in some areas… especially foreign countries, but even some states. If you have family stuck outside the American borders their challenges will be different; we can hope & pray they are safe, have shelter and food… and quality medical care IF they need it. The best advice, if you find yourselve in a ‘hot zone’ and can’t leave it, is to seek safe shelter, stay away from sick people, wash your hands after touching anything you don’t know if clean & clear of ‘the virus,’ and try to work with the embassy to get back to America as soon as possible if there is a concern, even if it means being quarantined upon reentry.

Each country is dealing with things differently, but most are following the example of America… and CLOSING THEIR BORDERS to limit the spread, and trying to get their citizens to limit their interactions with crowds. Rome and Barcelona are like ‘ghost towns’ as of this morning, with people sheltering indoors. Paris has banned walking & running in public.

The thought they are employing, to justify their ‘forced quarantines’ in free nations, is that it’s better to isolate the healthy, which may not have it, or be asymptomatic or presymptomatic, and segregate those that are infected, treating those that are sick as well as possible… to eliminate the spread, to ‘flatten the curve.’

That makes some since, but could be devastating to the economy for the private sector working class. Those that test positive will have a government mandated isolation (quarantine).


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At first, especially in January and Feburary, I believe the American government was trying to side step mass irrational panic, and a gross over reaction to the situation, because they didn’t yet have good intel from China; or understand the seriousness of things. Most knew an over reaction would only make things even worse. After all, there were ‘studies,’ models, projections, and speculation about ‘pandemics’ involving a coronavirus dating back to the 90’s… with actual published studies in 2003, 2005, and nearly every year since.

However, on or about March 5th, the panic buttons and headline chasing sensation really stepped things up. We could readily see the results in most stores with stripped shelves mid-March, in nearly every city and town in America.

They didn’t want anything to cause further chaos, or flood ER’s with people claiming to be sickly (when they really weren’t), thus wasting time and resources… when they really didn’t have a serious (or real covid-19) medical issue… which seems to be what happened in some countries, and in turn helped SPREAD THE VIRUS.

They knew the tests weren’t fast, easy, or perfect. Further, they knew that a negative today didn’t mean a person won’t ‘get it’ later that day, or the next; and that a positive test had to be confirmed and validated, especially if the person is asymptomatic. They tried to initially tell people that VULNERABLE PEOPLE should stay clear of people coughing, or around people recently traveling from other countries (especially china). Wash your hands, don’t touch your face when out in the public, and stay clear of people coughing and rubbing their face… especially strangers.

However, the irresponsible media (and a handful of irresponsible politicians) have pushed their listeners/watchers to a whole new level of fear, panic, and have caused more harm than this ‘pandemic’ likely ever could have! They seem more focused on either trying to GET MONEY & MORE RESOURCES (they – themselves – didn’t have to pay for), and/or playing politics, rather than honestly try to help SOLVE THE PROBLEM and reduce panic.

Some media sources are willing to push FAKE NEWS and make FAKE CLAIMS (like the ‘death rate’ is 10% in Italy, and 2, 3, to even 10% or more here in America… which was baseless, absolutely false, and never supported by any real world example).

Some fools in both the media, and even some in politics, have actually publicly ‘wished for deaths’ of some groups of people. That’s sad. Seriously, there is no reason for ‘over dramatizing’ that many people in the MEDIA are actively doing.

Apparently, according to some of the fear mongers,’ the zombie apocalypse we’ve all heard about for the last forty years, and seen in movies and on the TV could be upon us now. That’s honestly NOT the case… in reality. Most people that can actually step back from feelings long enough to DO THE MATH, would quickly know that.

Look at THE STATE LAWS that were created long ago. SOME STATES have laws blocking the ‘federal government’ from DOING FOR THEM. In some states, the ‘law’ was they ‘had to wait to get it FROM THE FEDS’ … or had to have their state officials (or citizens) VOTE on whether or not to allow the feds to help, prior to Trump LIFTING & EXPANDING things. The FEDS are getting those supplies – when and where they can, but if a state governor has access, they are AUTHORIZED to ORDER THEM THEMSELVES (with the FEDS GUARANTEEING PAYMENT for certain things… because they might likely get faster service (that way)). Now, states have MULTIPLE OPTIONS.

Supposedly, a couple of the states had MANUFACTURING FACILITIES in their state, and a more direct line on the ordering. cuomo claimed there were over 200 ‘labs’ in New York… which were quickly approved. Ugh ~ how people twist stuff. Sad… really…

However, we also have ‘politicians,’ like cuomo, OVER PAYING FOR masks (admitted to paying more than $7.00 for masks than normally cost $0.85)… and then waste them on purpose by testing over 240,000 people to have a net gain of just 16,000 ‘positives’ (so he can claim more urgency and cases than Washington or California).

There are a deluge of federal laws, as if they weren’t enough to limit healthcare resources, there are also state laws getting in the way. Some of these could either protect or set up monopolies, and generally preventing more being done. Prior to the actions Trump took, if your state isn’t willing to rescind laws and regulations that disallow federal help, you don’t have much reason to expect Uncle Sam to override your decisions. At the same point, there were a couple newer Executive Orders that blocked federal money from going to SANCTUARY STATES. So, it’s a bit of a conundrum in places. Check out the Certificate of Need (CON), because it can be a nasty double edged beast that will likely get in the way of expanding capacity.

Click the link below to learn more: CON-Certificate of Need State Laws

Seriously, it has nothing to do with Trump. He honestly wasn’t our first or fifth pick, just the ‘better than hillary’ pick… be damn thankful it is him, and not criminal clinton at the helm right now! Because I do believe things would have been far worse under her rule than either obama or Trump’s.

Remember the H1N1 outbreak under obama? Granted, hind-sight is 20/20, but still, look at those numbers: CDC estimates that from Oct. 1st 2009 To Mar. 07 2010
51 Million Americans Got The Swine Flu (H1N1)
24 Million Medical Visits
670,000 People Hospitalized
55,000 confirmed deaths, which worked out to an average of 2,290/Deaths Week, or about 327 per day, during the Swine Flu Pandemic outbreak

This virus doesn’t care about politics, party lines, race, ethnicity, income, class, education, orientation, gender, or any other dividing factors. NOR SHOULD WE IN THE BATTLE AGAINST IT! Now is not the time to be either prejudice OR ‘PC’ (politically correct). We need to know WHO it targets the most, how and why. It ticks me off when people try to make it political! It is not, but it ticks me off far more when ANY politician, from any party, ABUSES POWER, fearmongers, and attempts to manipulate things to get more money from the federal government (i.e, TAXPAYERS).

The POPULATION, population DENSITY, and PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION must take a bigger roll ‘in the numbers’… as should the existence of PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS (co-morbidity & vulnerability) that any virus would attempt to exploit.

In addition, ‘positive cases’ is a completely bogus number… while the number of HOSPITALIZATIONS & pre-existing conditions, density, and population are solid numbers, which are NOT PUBLICLY SHARED. The reality is the number of cases WILL ABSOLUTELY CLIMB as more testing is done… so long as the virus is circulating, and the reality that ‘the virus’ exists. There is also speculation that the virus actually existed in America BEFORE the person they believe to be ‘patient zero’ arrived on January 20th, 2020.

Mathematically, while the unexpected deaths are in fact sad, how many were truly ‘unexpected?’ If they were already sick, immune compromised, or otherwise less than healthy… might any virus have drastically caused a challenge? There is evidence that some ‘numbers’ on the death toll have been ‘natural causes’ or not covid-19 as a primary cause.

There aren’t many demographics, but this is what’s known:

  • ~ 100% of that tested ‘positive’ in the US were in DIRECT CONTACT with the virus (droplets breathed, or transfered by hand)
  • ~ at least 50% of the people that ‘get’ the virus are asymptomatic
  • ~ only a very small percentage of symptomatic people have been hospitalized,
  • ~ 80% of those testing positive have lost their sense of smell or taste
  • ~ 80 – 90% that have had to be intubated have co-morbidity (compromised immune system, obesity, diabetes, hyper saturation)
  • ~ 75 – 85% of those intubated or that passed away were EITHER heavy smokers, or were in an area of heavy pollution (particularly the particle named PM 2.5)
  • ~ ‘males’ are TWICE AS LIKELY to die as females… if there are severe symptoms.
  • ~ prolonged hyper-exposure and saturation is also a key factor

At this point, we don’t know how many were immune compromised, have other co-morbidity, or would have historically died of the flu… their ages, or other circumstances.

Again, the math matters… and demonstrates that the reality of the situation, and differences, in each of the countries. Notice many are NOT asking for more detailed demographics of those that have serious illness or died. Also, I find it interesting that there has been an international push for a ‘shut down’ and ‘public closures’ for EVERYONE, rather than just ‘safe isolation’ of the vulnerable and those MOST IN DANGER, combined with EDUCATION and rational awareness building.

Yes, we feel for those that have died, suffered, but the numbers are significantly different HERE IN THE STATES than most any of the foreign countries, because of different standards of sanitation, healthcare, awareness, general health, and support. This is especially important, considering the virus has been actively spread in the United States for just over two months now.

Hong Kong and Singapore were both hit early in January with the virus, but each has few cases (256/4 and 385/0 respectively). Much of western Europe was hit late, but have more than 10 times those numbers. On the 1st of March Italy had only three cases in the entire country, the 20th they have 47,021 cases and 4,032 deaths, 22nd they have 59,138 cases and 5,476; 24th they have 69,176 cases and 6,820 deaths, on the 30th their numbers were 101,739 cases and 11,591 deaths.

On face value, the difference is HOW governments… AND THE PEOPLE… responded to the virus, and how seriously the citizens took their personal, and social, responsibility.

I don’t honestly want anyone to think anyone should attempt to make this situation political. Sadly, the fact that ‘shut downs’ – bans – lock downs – and quarantines have happening – it does involve the government, and rightly so in SOME AREAS. But things are not like what many in the lame stream media have attempted to push.

  1. Sadly, as store shelves prove, the lame-stream media’s fearmongering, and push of misconceptions, and misunderstanding of the facts & figures, and failure to STOP AND QUESTION, THEN THINK and RESPOND… will lead to PANIC and HOARDING, which quickly outweighs common sense…
  2. It’s NOT like in the movies (or tv shows): “OUTBREAK,” “Containment,” “CONTAGION,” “Pandemic,” or any of the others.
  3. In general, Covid-19 is NOT killing physically healthy people… though some medical staff have sadly fallen, there has been no information about their health or state of being prior to their infection… or how exposed or exhausted they were prior to getting it themselves.
  4. It can be spread, just like the flu, from healthy people to those that have weak or compromised immune systems.

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CDC Numbers

Understanding HOW some of the numbers counted is important. What the media is saying, what conman cuomo claims, and why the CDC is REQUIRING TESTING NOW (because they knew cuomo and a couple other hot spots were padding the numbers)… is important.

It is also interesting to note that the ‘testing’ is often nothing more than a nasal swab – as ‘does that person have the virus in their nasal cavity?’ NOT ‘did they actually DIE BECAUSE OF’ or ‘SUFFER FROM’ the covid-19 DISEASE? If yes, they should be counted, but their co-morbidity listed (if any). In no, then it absolutely shouldn’t be counted as a ‘covid death. For those ‘death numbers’ – the information should determine if it actually and negatively impact their blood stream, lungs, brain, or body. WE WILL NEVER KNOW on 99% of the cases, unless they were hospitalized, blood work was done, or they were intubated.

Again, death is sad… we sincerely feel for those that lost lives, those that lost loved ones… but the covid-19 ‘death count’ should not be those that *might be* positive, or just caught ‘the virus’ – the count should be limited to those that dies BECAUSE OF IT! Not just because they *might* have been infected. How is it different than any issue that causes mass deaths? Or a situation where many people can & will likely die, like the YEARLY FLU SEASON that targets people with weak immune systems, and are otherwise VULNERABLE?!?!?!

The difference is the MEDIA … and the pandering politicians that have made THIS INTO SOMETHING bigger, because THEY SAY SO, and because they KNEW the numbers would likely climb, and could easily become padded.


Remember, New York in 2017 had nearly 160,000 deaths… NORMALLY! That is OVER 12,000 deaths PER MONTH UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES. conman cuomo is attempting to NOT ALLOW A CRISIS TO GO TO WASTE!

NOTE: Number of deaths reported in this table are the total number of deaths received and coded as of the date of analysis and do not represent all deaths that occurred in that period.

*Data during this period are incomplete because of the lag in time between when the death occurred and when the death certificate is completed, submitted to NCHS and processed for reporting purposes. This delay can range from 1 week to 8 weeks or more, depending on the jurisdiction, age, and cause of death. In the

Table these are the codes.

1Deaths with confirmed or presumed COVID-19, coded to ICD–10 code U07.1.

2Pneumonia death counts exclude pneumonia deaths involving influenza.

3Influenza death counts include deaths with pneumonia or COVID-19 also listed as a cause of death.

4Population is based on 2018 postcensal estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau (9)


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Diamond Princess Mysteries

One of the very best ‘articles’ I’ve seen that explains some ‘common sense’ math, ratios, and deals with the actual ‘petri-dish’ type experimentation (after the fact) with the data that was made available. This is what happened on the ENTIRE CRUISE SHIP with 3,711 people that were quarantined, together… 2,552 were 50+ years old, and as of the writing, all 7 that had passed away were over 70 years old.

March 16th 2020
Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

OK, here are my questions. We had a perfect petri-dish coronavirus disease (COVID-19) experiment with the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”. That’s the cruise ship that ended up in quarantine for a number of weeks after a number of people tested positive for the coronavirus. I got to wondering what the outcome of the experiment was.

So I dug around and found an analysis of the situation, with the catchy title of Estimating the infection and case fatality ratio for COVID-19 using age-adjusted data from the outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship (PDF), so I could see what the outcomes were.

As you might imagine, before they knew it was a problem, the epidemic raged on the ship, with infected crew members cooking and cleaning for the guests, people all eating together, close living quarters, lots of social interaction, and a generally older population. Seems like a perfect situation for an overwhelming majority of the passengers to become infected.

And despite that, some 83% (82.7% – 83.9%) of the passengers never got the disease at all … why?

Let me start by looking at the age distribution of the Diamond Princess, along with the equivalent age distribution for the entire US.


Figure 1. Number of passengers by age group on the Diamond Princess (solid) and expected number of passengers given current US population percentages (hatched).

When as a young man I lived in a port town with cruise ships calling, we used to describe the passengers as “newlyweds and nearlydeads”. Hmmm … through some improbable series of misunderstandings and coincidences, I’m in the orange zone now … but I digress …

In any case, Figure 1 shows the preponderance of … mmm … I’ll call them “folks of a certain distinguished age” on the Diamond Princess. Folks you’d expect to be hit by diseases.

Next, here’s the breakdown of how many people didn’t get the virus, by age group:

Figure 2. Percentage of unaffected passengers on the Diamond Princess. “Whiskers” on the plot show the uncertainty of each percentage.

In addition to the low rate of disease incidence (83% didn’t get it), the curious part of Figure 2 for me is that there’s not a whole lot of difference between young and old passengers in terms of how many didn’t get coronavirus. For example, sixty to sixty-nine-year-old passengers stayed healthier than teenagers. And three-quarters of the oldest group, those over eighty, didn’t get the virus. Go figure. Buncha virus resistant old geezers, I guess …

Next, slightly less than half the passengers (48.6% ± 2.0%) who got the disease showed NO symptoms. If this disease is so dangerous, how come half the people who got it showed no symptoms at all? Here’s the breakdown by age:

Figure 3. Percentage of Diamond Princess passengers who had coronavirus but were symptom-free. There was only one illness among the youngest group, and they were symptom-free. As in Figure 2, the “whiskers” on each bar of the graph show the uncertainty.

Again, a curious distribution. Young and old were more likely to be symptom-free, while people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s were more likely to show symptoms. Who knew?

There were a total of 7 deaths among those on board. All of them were in people over seventy. So even though the generally young were more likely to show symptoms if they had it, it hits old people the hardest.

Finally, according to the study, the age-adjusted infection fatality rate was 1.2% (0.38%–2.7%). Note the wide uncertainty range, due to the small number of deaths.

For me, this is all good news. 83% of the people on the ship didn’t get it, despite perfect conditions for transmission. If you get it, you have about a 50/50 chance of showing no symptoms at all. And the fatality rate is lower than the earlier estimates of 2% or above.

It is particularly valuable to know that about half the cases are asymptomatic. It lets us adjust a mortality rate calculated from observations, since half of the cases are symptom-free and likely unobserved. It also gives a better idea of how many cases there are in a given population.

To close out, I took a look at the current state of play of total coronavirus deaths in a few selected countries. Figure 4 shows that result.

Figure 4. Deaths from coronavirus in four countries. Note that the scale is logarithmic, so an exponential growth rate plots as a straight line. Blue scale on right shows the deaths as a percentage of the total population.

At this point at least, it doesn’t appear that we are following the Italian trajectory. However … it’s still early days.

Finally, a plea for proportion. US coronavirus deaths are currently at 67 [when this was originally written], we’ll likely see ten times that number, 670 or so, might be a thousand or three … meanwhile, 3,100 people die in US traffic accidents … and that’s not 3,100 once in a decade, or 3,100 per year. That’s 3,100 dead from auto accidents EACH AND EVERY MONTH … proportion …

My best to all on a day with both sun and rain here, what’s not to like?


Terminology: Yes, I know that the virus is now called 2019-nCoV, that it stands for 2019 novel CoronaVirus, and that the disease is called Covid-19, and that it stands for CoronaVirus Disease 2019 … so sue me. I write to be understood.

Data: For those interested in getting the data off the web using the computer language R, see the method I used here.

Other Data: A big hat tip to Stephen Mosher for alerting me to this site, where you can model epidemics to your heart’s content … Mosh splits his working time between Seoul and Beijing, he’s in the heart of the epidemic seeing it up close and personal, and he knows more about it than most.

As of March 26th, ~ Talking about a DNR is NOT necessary, and the infection is NOT what the media is claiming! https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/03/26/dr_birx_coronavirus_data_doesnt_match_the_doomsday_media_predictions_or_analysis.html

As of March 23rd, 2020 ~ “More than 800 cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases occurred during outbreaks on three cruise ship voyages, and cases linked to several additional cruises have been reported across the United States. Transmission occurred across multiple voyages from ship to ship by crew members; both crew members and passengers were affected; 10 deaths associated with cruise ships have been reported to date.”

“During February 7–23, 2020, the largest cluster of COVID-19 cases outside mainland China occurred on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was quarantined in the port of Yokohama, Japan, on February 3 (3). On March 6, cases of COVID-19 were identified in persons on the Grand Princess cruise ship off the coast of California; that ship was subsequently quarantined. By March 17, confirmed cases of COVID-19 had been associated with at least 25 additional cruise ship voyages. On February 21, CDC recommended avoiding travel on cruise ships in Southeast Asia; on March 8, this recommendation was broadened to include deferring all cruise ship travel worldwide for those with underlying health conditions and for persons aged ≥65 years. On March 13, the Cruise Lines International Association announced a 30-day voluntary suspension of cruise operations in the United States (5). CDC issued a level 3 travel warning on March 17, recommending that all cruise travel be deferred worldwide.


There is another group out of Japan that I’ve seen do some strange math with the Cruise Ship; and failed to ask (or answer) some (I think) VITAL QUESTIONS about some of the numbers and known facts (a link to their stuff at the end):

I’d like to know what happened to & with the 260 ‘disembarked passengers and crew members’ on Feb 14, and the 268 passengers that got off on the 17th (total of 568 GOT OFF the ship on those two dates… WHY and was there ANY chance they were infected? Did they go into ANY type of quarantine?).
Also, their “17.9% of the cases were asymptomatic” claim seems bogus, and that math doesn’t compute correctly. Out of the 3711 total passengers and crew, 634 tested positive, of which 320 asymptomatic cases… 320 is awful close to the 50% ratio I’ve been seeing everywhere else.
Further, while there were 3711 passengers… there were only 3063 people actually tested, which left 648 NOT TESTED – and therefore not known if they were infected, and asymptomatic/carrying, or clean. I thought that was another strange thing.
But one of the most wild… is that IF the virus has a 3 to 5 day, UP TO 14 day INCUBATION PERIOD… then WHY oh why was ANYONE allowed off that cruise ship sooner than 14 days from the LAST INSTANCE OF INFECTION?!?!?! Rather than 15 days after the FIRST INFECTION?!??! That just seems like a gross irresponsibility… and oversight if my understanding on how ‘incubation periods’ and ‘spread’ occurs…
It seems to me that ALL OF those people RELEASED without GOING DIRECTLY INTO A TWO WEEK quarantine HELPED SPREAD the virus!
Assuming the numbers are accurate, 83% of the people DID NOT GET THE VIRUS… (634/3711) … of those that DID test positive, nearly 50% (320 vs 634) were asymptomatic (unclear if they could spread it, but the implication is yes – from body fluids, they just didn’t have a fever or cough). It’s still highly curious and suspect that 528 people GOT OFF THE SHIP sooner than a reasonable quarantine, and I’m curious if ANY OF THEM helped spread it… or later got it.WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE PEOPLE?? Inquiring minds want to know.
It’s curious that everyone was ‘removed from the ship’ on Feburary 20th – when SOME of the people infected weren’t infected until AFTER the 5th… and there wasn’t a full 14 days of quarantine AFTER the positive test. Things that make ya go Hummm…
I think their 17.9% number is coming out of someone’s neck, or their are looking at figures that aren’t in that chart. If you see it differently, please explain it to me.

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Science Matters!

Covid-19 is NOT a ‘vector based’ transmission, like with zeka virus, so at this point there is NO EVIDENCE that insects are able to transmit the disease. However, to the best of our knowledge, there has been no direct testing with mosquitos… and whether they have the ability to ‘suck up’ the virus from one person, or if they do… how long it might last in them.

There is an article/post/claim circulating fakebook that claims ‘YOUR BLOOD TYPE will determine if you will get the virus or die from it’ – THAT IS NOT TRUE! Some doctors have actually looked into it. Their response: “If you are blood group A, you have an extra sugar on the surface of your cells called anacitosal glucosamine, which you don’t have if you are blood group O [that part is true]. And, such differences in sugars on the surface of cells can account for people with a certain blood type being more likely to be infected by a certain virus. [that is also true, key is ‘more likely’]

“However, the concept that individuals with different ABO blood groups would differ in their susceptibility or resistance to viral and bacterial infections and diseases has been explored since the early 1900s.” Dr. Kirsten Hokeness, of Bryant University, said. Contrary to the social media claims.

Dr. William Petri of the University of Virginia did not completely discount the findings, but like other researchers, suggested that more testing is needed… more data and cases with known demographics to compare. “If you are blood group A you shouldn’t be more scared,” Petri said, “The study shows very small changes in susceptibility. It goes from 31% of people who reportedly didn’t have COVID-19 versus 38% who did. So it’s tiny changes and it hasn’t been replicated and the study has not yet been peer-reviewed. [a 7% net total difference within the few that were studied in the group, not necessarily statistically significant]

There are other factors regarding blood, aside from JUST TYPE, that will likely play a larger role in the infection, aquistion and level of severity. Such as the Fibrinogen, C-reactive protein, Platelet count, Alkaline phosphatase, and Lactate dehydrogenase levels.

There is no evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted TO HORSES or LIVESTOCK. However, with that said, IF an infected person coughs on a horse, and a non-infected person comes by and pets that horse while the virus is still alive, the non-infected person could potentially get it… just as if they picked up anything contaminated by an infected person. But the horse, cows, pigs, and other large animals appear to be safe from ‘getting’ the disease at this point.

Canine respiratory coronavirus (CRCoV) is a group 2 coronavirus. It is genetically related to the bovine coronavirus (which can cause respiratory infections in cattle) and the human coronavirus that causes the “common cold” in people. CRCoV is NOT related to the group 1 enteric coronavirus that can cause diarrhea in dogs. CRCoV is also sometimes referred to as ‘Kennel Cough.’

HOWEVER, You should restrict contact with pets and other animals while you are sick with COVID-19, just like you would around other people.

“A dog tested “positive” [for covid-19] in Hong Kong” ~ REALLY! But you don’t hear anything about that in the media.

The canine patient, a 17-year-old Pomeranian, was in close contact with an infected human, who likely was shedding large quantities of the virus. [‘shedding’ = coughing droplets containing the virus, and touch with hands that also contained the virus of the infected]. Authorities quarantined and tested the dog. In short, there was coronavirus on the dog just like there was coronavirus on the floor in the room [which is why we also pointed out to BE AWARE & CAREFUL of the BOTTOM OF YOUR SHOES after being out in public, where an infected person might have spit].

The dog was not infected or diseased on Febuary 26th. Subsequent tests revealed weak positive results for the nasal and oral samples taken on February 28 and for the nasal samples on March 2 and March 5. The weak positive result 5 and 8 days after the dog was removed from the home where the person was sick suggests the dog has a low-level infection, which was likely caused by a case of human-to-animal transmission.

On March 18, after their owner tested positive for COVID-19, two dogs were placed in quarantine. One of those dogs, a 2-year-old German shepherd, tested positive while the other dog was negative. As in the previous case, it is likely another instance of human-to-animal transmission.

All pet mammals from households with confirmed human cases of COVID-19 will be placed under quarantine and veterinary surveillance for 14 days in Hong Kong.

Contrary to what some in the media have claimed, and while there is still no indication that pets can shed the virus [to people] at this time, it makes sense that SALIVA or bodily fluids FROM AN INFECTED ANIMAL that has the virus COULD logically transfer. Also, a pet that ‘has’ the virus ON ITS FUR, because it was around a seriously infected human, could also potentially transfer the virus if a third party petted it [or touched the virus].

More info on the CANINE version of the coronavirus:

March 19, 2020, update: The previously positive quarantined dog in Hong Kong was released on March 14 after negative tests. The dog died two days later. No necropsy was performed on the 17-year-old Pomeranian, but the dog likely died from causes other than COVID-19 as it had never displayed any clinical signs of illness.

Source on the Hong Kong dog testing positive: https://vetmed.illinois.edu/pet_column/coronavirus-pets/

It’s important to understand that Veterinarians are very familiar with other coronaviruses. As they have been treating animals for them, and doing research on them for over 40 years.

Similar but different coronavirus species cause several common diseases in domestic animals. Many dogs, for example, are vaccinated for another species of coronavirus (Canine Coronavirus) as puppies. However, this vaccine does not cross protect for COVID-19.

From WSAVA, Dundas, Ontario Canada

Coronaviruses belong to the family Coronaviridae. Alpha-and beta-coronaviruses usually infect mammals, while gamma and delta coronaviruses usually infect birds and fish. Canine coronavirus, which can cause mild diarrhea and feline coronavirus, which can cause feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), are both alpha-coronaviruses. These coronaviruses are not associated with the current coronavirus outbreak.

Until the appearance of SARS-Cov-2, which belongs to the beta-coronaviruses, there were only six known coronaviruses capable of infecting humans and causing respiratory disease, including the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus SARS-CoV (identified in 2002/2003) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus MERS-CoV (identified in 2012). SARS-Cov-2 is genetically more related to SARS-CoV than MERS-CoV, but both are beta-coronaviruses with their origins in bats. While it is not known whether COVID-19 will behave the same way as SARS and MERS, the information from both of these earlier coronaviruses can inform recommendations concerning COVID-19.

The canine coronavirus vaccines available in some global markets are intended to protect against enteric [intestinal] coronavirus infection and are NOT licensed for protection against respiratory infections.[nor is there known evidence, at this point, that shows they can help in any way] Veterinarians should NOT use such vaccines in the face of the current outbreak thinking that there may be some form of cross-protection against SARS-Cov-2. Again, there is absolutely no evidence that vaccinating dogs with commercially available vaccines will provide cross-protection against infection by COVID-19, since the enteric and respiratory viruses are distinctly different variants of coronavirus. No vaccines are currently available in any market for respiratory coronavirus infection.” [Information from the WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group]

Here are some pretty informative videos, for those that appreciate that type of learning (over reading).

The ‘official’ US Government website: https://www.coronavirus.gov/

Interim Guidance for Public Health Professionals Managing People With COVID-19 in Home Care and Isolation Who Have Pets or Other Animals (Click Here)

Keeping Pets Healthy Keeps People Healthy Too! (Click Here)

There are some people that feel Trump is somehow to blame. Those people failed to understand what he’s really done, the good and bad regarding this outbreak. Just how much things have slowed by him closing the borders, pushing for some bipartisan legislation for federal assistance to close off travel from other countries, quarantine some of those coming from infected situations, and trying to MINIMIZE panic.

One person made the following statement, parroting some fake news idiot “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves,” Trump [told the nation’s governors]. Nothing like being caught back on your heels. Worst Administration in history!!”

Their hate for Trump and IGNORANCE should NOT be a beacon, but for some it seems to be.

That is NOT WHAT President Trump SAID. In reality, “IF THEY WANT TO TRY TO… THEY CAN… and MIGHT HAVE A BETTER or FASTER SOURCE” were part of the words Trump said, that were purposefully left out (of the false claims). Clearly, those twisting the words, or trying to make this virus about Trump (or even political) suffer from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)… which is frankly very sad; to have so much hate they have either have selective hearing or a willingness to twist the truth, as well as what was really said or done.

Personally, it’s a tough call. Dr. Serota might have had it spot on when he said, “The over reaction is exponentially worse than the actual problem and in 2020 the over reactions I’m seeing are remarkable.”

Specifically,… this is exactly what Trump said (if you’re interested)

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Government Reaction…

I can speculate on why congress, governor’s from certain states, and some people in society are reacting as they are; but it would be just speculation… for many it’s a gross over reaction, political, and potentially even financial. As the old saying goes, “Never let a good crisis to go to waste.” It appears that some politicians (and the lame stream media) are taking those words to heart. For some it might be honest fear (transitive concerns, but more likely it’s of the unknown, the maybe, or could be… or some completely false association with some movie or TV show they saw).

The opening line of the 1995 movie “Out Break” is a quote: “The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the VIRUS.” ~ Joshua Lederberg, Ph. D Nobel laureate.

The government has been trying to ‘deal with’ and ‘procure’ (even paid a whole lot of money for nothing, after the last pandemic). You can read more about the ventilators that have been ‘on-order’ for decades here.

Honestly, I’m not sure it’s not irresponsible, knee jerk reactions, and politicians claiming to be well meaning… that love SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY… that doesn’t threaten this nation more than any virus. Personalizing and goveroning from fear is NOT a wise answer.

Shutting down the borders, and promoting positive awareness and education is important, and is vital to SLOWING DOWN THE spread of the virus.

There were a lot of ‘organizations’ and way too many in congress pushing for more funding for this or that ‘special interest’ BEFORE the virus hit our shores. They wanted to widen their budgets, and that were asking the government for more, to raise the debt ceiling, ignore it, or even eliminate it completely, long before Covid-19. Many weren’t getting it THEN, because ‘we’ (the people) are 23 Trillion in debt, and growing; with another 90 to 120 Trillion waiting in the shadows, of bills already passed in the 110th & 111th congressional sessions (thank goodness there was a debt ceiling).

‘Hunker Down’ is what the CDC is urging Americans to do

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that no gatherings of 10 to 25 to 50 people be held in the U.S. for the next two months, one of the federal government’s most sweeping efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. However, when fear was stirred up, and the media made claims of this unknown virus taking out 3% of ‘the population’ and ‘being worse than’ swine flu. Fear went on red alert. It didn’t matter IF it was true, only that it was claimed, and repeated… and some deaths actually happened. Just to be clear, from April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, the CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases of H1N1 (swine flu). Of which 274,304 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths in the United States. And today we have the media is claiming this corvid-19 virus is worse…

The media, and most of the left, have tried to personalize it… to scare people into awareness. To frighten people with claims of death, mayham, and more suffering. They’ve told you that YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID! We don’t have a vaccine (yet), there is no protection (at this point) and everyone, everywhere, is in danger. Science is actively looking for solutions, but they’ll need to spend a trillion dollars or more, to help you survive. At least that is what those wanting to spend taxpayer’s money claim. According to them, even if you don’t get it… you could unknowingly help spread it… merely by being near them. The latest, is that the ‘infection’ will be around for decades.

For most citizens, there was a pause, wanting more information… demanding facts, not wanting to jump on the fear wagon, and having some awareness of the ‘corona virus’ from the animal world, and years past. Many wanting to help… at least do their part, to protect themselves, and their family & friends, customers, clients, and patients.

I’m still NOT ASKING YOU FOR ANYTHING BUT A LITTLE TIME to help educate and inform people so we might help STOP knee jerk reactions… and instill some COMMON SENSE REALITY to the situation. If you are in agreement, even if just 51%… PLEASE SHARE THE ORIGINAL EMAIL or the link to this page. Because of the fearmongering, organizations, groups, and agencies are getting huge funding; emergency congressional funding, many based on disinformation… so they can claim to research and supposedly help… in some way with this latest virus. We are asking for nothing, but AWARENESS and COMMON SENSE.

In reality, the over reaction is exponentially worse than the actual problem! Do you remember Y2K? All they hype and hyperbole? All the irrational, illogical, and outright lies the media and powers to be were telling people? Planes didn’t fall out of the sky. Sewer systems didn’t back up. Food & water supplies were NOT in jeopardy. People didn’t die, and life went on. But you wouldn’t have known that right up to the count down if you listened to the LAME STREAM media! Here, some have actually died. And all eyes, in the media – and left – are on Trump, hoping he’ll screw up, ready to blame him for any error, mistake, or lack of judgement. So, the government is set on over precaution, because ‘if’ it CAN kill – then current administrations, in multiple countries, want the least amount of negatives as possible in their nation! So they might be reelected, save their citizens, and avoid chaos within their borders. They are locking things down, closing borders with little to no warning, and trying to push for people to BECOME AWARE!

January 2020, when the covid-19 virus was described ‘as it was’ – a FLU VIRUS, everyone thought, ‘ok – don’t want it, but we’ll be fine.’ China proclaims some deaths on January 30th, and Trump institutes travel limits on China and the left media initially claims he’s over reacting.

As of 13 March 2020, reported by the CDC in the USA, 41 Deaths and Total Cases 1,629 This data include both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 reported to CDC or tested at CDC since January 21, 2020, with the exception of testing results for persons repatriated to the United States from Wuhan, China and Japan.

Then other countries start reporting cases… including a nursing home in late February here in the USA, Washington State. A few days later, the WHO (world health organization) pushed it to a “PANDEMIC” title, and suddenly store shelves are devoid of toilet paper, anti-bacterial products, and empty of staple food supplies.

The media is still riddled with tons of MISINFORMATION and fearmongering, causing unnecessary panic among those that seem to feel they are ‘at risk’ and ‘everyone is going to get it’ and ‘3% of the population is going to die.’ THOSE THINGS ARE NOT TRUE!

There really is some good to great information out there, backed by facts and logic. Info that deals with what most American’s can expect, and how they can help themselves, and their loved ones.

I don’t think people are ‘cold hearted’ about the covid-19 virus when they say “DO NOT PANIC, BECAUSE a) it’s like a bad flu, and b) only those that *might* have died if they got bad flu appear to be the only group seriously affected. (immune compromised elderly and already sick could be in jeopardy… but they would be in jeopardy with any infection). That is a reality… that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t care… or be careful, more aware, and try to help not spread (or get) it… it means that some RATIONAL precautions should be happening ALL THE TIME, not just when the media (or WHO) claims something is spreading.

Death, especially because of sudden illness, is sad and bad… but up the immune system boosters (vitamin c especially, and broad spectrum general nutritional support), be sanitary, – WASH YOUR HANDS, especially after touching things strangers touched, and avoid enclosed tight spaces with strangers (or protect yourself if you do travel in planes, trains, subway, buses, even taxi’s that had other’s touching the surfaces you’re now touching). Keep people from coughing on you. Keep your dirty hands away from your face, nose, eyes… especially if they aren’t just YOUR OWN GERMS! If you have to cough, do it in the crook of your arm – not your hand! Spreading your own germs is what it is, you’re body is used to YOUR GERMS… it’s strangers germs that might be the problem. The overgeneralized HUGE knee jerk reaction is what MOST SANE people were trying to avoid…

It wasn’t so much that ‘oh well, they were sick and gonna die anyway’ but more of a “DO NOT PANIC, because IT’s NOT GOING TO EFFECT 90% of the population at all, and of the 10% it will affect… 97% of those will be 100% fine. The morbidity rate might well be 10 to 20% (that get this virus), but the mortality rate is NOT 3%, but rather 3% of 10%… 𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝟵𝟵.𝟵𝟳% 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗼𝗽𝘂𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲𝘀 𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗳𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗹𝘆 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗲.

As of March 19th 2020:

Understand, 9,842 of those cases are “UNDER INVESTIGATION” – and NOT people ‘in’ the hospital, or necessarily ‘with’ the virus, but people with SOME OF THE SYMPTOMS that are awaiting test result confirmation. HUGE difference, and one of those ‘better safe than sorry’ type scenarios.

Science News followed the ‘Cruise Ship’ quarantined off the coast of Japan closely. “As of February 20, tests of most of the 3,711 people confined to the living space at sea, aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, confirmed that 634 cases, or 17%, had the virus; but 328 of them did not have symptoms at the time of diagnosis (about half).

Of those people with symptoms, the fatality ratio was 1.9%, Russell and colleagues calculated (from Science News). Of all infected, that ratio was 0.91%, with none dying that didn’t have symptoms.

Those 70 and older were most vulnerable, with an overall fatality ratio [of that group segment] was about 7.3% [if they showed symptoms].

Extrapolating those numbers to China, the team estimates 1.1% OF THE SYMPTOMATIC CASES there turned deadly. Considering asymptomatic cases drops that ratio to about 0.5 percent in China, the team calculated.

The problem with the ‘cruise ship’ calculations are that we don’t know the demographics (country of origin, state of health, or medical history) of the people were BEFORE the cruise… so none of that appear to be factored in, for a better snap shot of reality.

For example, individual health, physical shape, and broad-spectrum nutritional support and hydration are vastly different. Even more important right now. Some people go out of their way to stay active, and to be active, and maintain some positive level of health. Many don’t, and may be junk food junkies or have chronic issues. This cruise contained mostly seniors OVER 2500 of the passengers were seniors. It’s great to have a place to start, and a ‘controlled group’ to view the numbers, but there really (still) isn’t enough information… IMO (in my opinion) to claim a mortality rate of 0.5% (or higher).

I do think the morbidity rate could easily be in the 10 to 20% range… (morbidity is the LIKELIHOOD of getting symptoms, or getting the illness). But those number will likely lessen with AWARENESS and education about being more sanitary and keeping distance from strangers (washing/wiping what OTHER PEOPLE touch) happens.

I don’t know what’s being said out there on the left coast… but out here, on the east coast, there have been ‘wipes’ at the entrance of walmart and krogers for more than a couple years; to ‘wipe’ the handles of shopping carts, and your own hands, to help prevent the spread of germs. Awareness that some people spread germs, and can get other’s sick, has increased massively the last few years… so it should be no surprise that good information can help slow and prevent the spread, as well as the danger.

“For a while, life is not going to be the way it used to be in the United States,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on Sunday. “We have to just accept that if we want to do what’s best for the American public.”

One of the things I find the most interesting is the concern for the lives of others with this virus, when there are so many homeless people, orphans, high suicide rates, broken homes, substance abuse problems, and even abortions. The double standards of those squawking the loudest speak volumes, about what the media deems as ‘important’ and ‘worthy’ of air time. Core values are often represented in the opinions people express.

Sadly, the national media is busy fanning the flames. The issues in New York City and surrounding areas are NOT even close to what the balance of the country are dealing with. BOTH New York and California are pushing for federal money, attempting to blame others (like Trump) for the outbreak in their area… and acting a lot like ‘Chicken Little’ (the sky is falling, the sky is falling). It seems NEITHER ARE CAPABLE OF DOING MATH!

New York state – in a population of NEARLY 8.5 MILLION PEOPLE has 15,801 cases, 114 deaths as of 4pm 3-22-2020. According to deBlasio, 35% of their current hospitalizations are people OVER 70 years old, and they’ve seen NO DEATHS in people from birth to 44 years old).

Mayor deBlasio FINALLY said some things I absolutely agree with:

  2. Testing should be done on AT RISK PEOPLE ONLY!
  3. A Negative Test Today IS MEANINGLESS
  4. Social Distancing is advised in Waiting LINES ALSO…
  5. Elective medical procedures should be POSTPONED or rescheduled

Como is pushing for federal money, AND GOT IT! He claims they project a ‘need’ or 110,000 ‘hospital beds’ for THIS crisis, and wants the feds to ‘nationalize’ medical supplies and all costs for dealing with this. Como said masks they WERE PAYING $0.85 for are NOW BEING PURCHASED FOR OVER $7.00 because of ‘supply & demand.’ Yet wants the feds to reimburse them. SMH (shaking my head) at the non-sense of his words, actions, and apparent lack of common sense! como’s gross over reaction, and manipulation – burning up over 61,000 ‘tests’ – to gain 4,800 ‘new cases’ – so he can push the tests through “new york’s” 200 labratories… and to boost the numbers in NY over other states… was NONSENSE!

Now como is talking about FORCING BUSINESSES TO PRODUCE… and forcing PEOPLE TO WORK (building masks, and medical equipment… and temporary hospitals)… at the expense of the federal government (and AMERICAN TAXPAYER’S). If making the masks was so easy, as he stated, then como and his staff should be rolling up their sleeves and start making them! That would be a far better use of his time than burning up the media whining about getting federal money, and the ‘defense production act.’

I absolutely don’t believe there is ANY science or proof that ‘earlier’ testing would have changed anything!

como mandating a forced a 50% increase of capacity for hospitals, and demanding 100% increase for ‘beds’ with a LAW?!?! Seriously?? How is that even remotely good or better for the people of New York? How he was elected to lead anything is amazing. como is FULL OF CRAP ON MANY THINGS! There is absolutely zero proof that the virus can live and transfer from objects after 24 hours! He’s being over dramatic, and purposefully trying to instill fear and judgement on everyone that isn’t ‘locking down’ … yet he wants to force people ‘to build’ masks and protective clothing, what an oxymoron! como just claimed that 40 to 80% of the population ‘will get this virus’ … do you see a hole in his neck? Because that fool is pulling numbers out of it! He’s also claiming that the ‘lock down’ is going to last for 6 to 9 months or more. Seriously? People with cognitive distortions or mental illness should not be elected to run anything in America!

The media’s over generalization and on going national coverage of como & deblasio’s press conferences… DOES NOT HELP THE REST OF THE STATES OR CITIZENS! But the lame-stream media is sensationalizing, headline chancing, apparently helps them stay relevant, and actually generate their profit. The media should be honestly educating, informing, and encouraging; but many aren’t (and frankly have helped make the problem worse in some geographies).

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If you want a printable version of this document, let us know.


Celebrities Testing Positives

Initially I had a list of ‘celebrities’ around the world that the media reported as testing ‘positive’ – or being in quarantine… or even passing away; but decided to remove it. Not that they don’t matter, but more so that they don’t necessarily matter ANY MORE than YOU… or any other person. They just had a name that was in the media at the time. I’ve purposefully removed the list from this page.

Having spend many years in crowds at a variety of events, it quickly becomes clear that public celebrities, security personnel, and those attending the big events would be more likely to become infected with what ever virus was circulating at the time. Celebrities, politicians, and musicians merely because they shake hands, give hugs, and are often in close contact with strangers often many times a week.

Next up are the public local known’s: the healthcare workers, teachers, cashiers, sales people, and small business owners… that are constantly interacting with the general public. Awareness is key… sanitation important, and I sincerely hope some of those germaphob’s feel vindicated and justified from their years of paranoia and hyper cleanliness.


Cases in U.S. according to the CDC, click here

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The key is to NOT PANIC! Do NOT jump on the bandwagons of over reaction, over generalization, or panic some politicians have tried to paint and promote. Yes, it is sad… but the problem will NOT BE SOLVED with emotion! You and your family won’t be saved by emotion in the event of a crisis! Just like when dealing with a wild and unpredictable animal… WE MUST KEEP A CLEAR HEAD, rational response, and reasonable distance!

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” ~ Harry S Truman

Understanding the numbers

1% = .01 or 1 in 100, .01% = .0001 or 1 in 10,000, and
.0001% = .000001 or in 1,000,000

The Covid-19 numbers are kind of like Chicago Gun Violence numbers… in general, at first glance… or if you are ‘there’ in the area (of a hot zone)… they can be scary huge, but upon a closer look the vast majority really impacts only certain areas, and then usually only certain types of people (criminals and gang-bangers for the greater part of Chicago is perfectly safe… and Corona targets the vulnerable with a weak immune system). Yes, innocents are sometimes harmed, but THEY ARE IN THAT AREA. Whereas Covid CAN be contracted by ANYONE, it CAN KILL those with a vulnerable immune system or weakened lungs… one truth is 100%… THEY HAVE TO BE EXPOSED! However, like the Chicago gun violence, YOU HAVE TO BE EXPOSED! If you aren’t exposed, you have ZERO RISK!

Consider for a moment, if there is a possibility that the Covid-19 disease is somehow designed to ‘target’ or impact people of Italian or Mediterranean descent MORE THAN other nationalities. Potentially useless speculation, but I say this because of the reality of the numbers in Italy, the large Mediterranean population in NYC (which may are supposedly effected). PLUS there is Italian family that has sadly experienced 4 deaths with 3 more IN THE HOSPITAL from Covid-19. Maybe it’s just a coincidence… but it’s something that should be looked at, and at least ruled out. I’ve not heard anyone in the media or medical field mention that potential, as of 24 March 2020. San Marino, and ‘enclave microstate’ of ITALY, has a total population of 33,913 as of March 29th, 2020. On 14 March, the government ordered a nationwide quarantine until 6 April, because of their death ratio.

There are many diseases, such as sickle cell anemia or b-thalassemia that target ethnically specific genes. Which begs the question: Is there any possibility, aside from the weak immune system and age, that ethnicity could also play a role in who CAN get it worse? That is why knowing the demographics of the sick and dying are so important… and shouldn’t be ‘hidden.’ Protect their names & addresses, but EVERYTHING ELSE that *might be* relevant should be charted and shared so patterns might be seen.

There are SOME on fakebook trying to claim that ‘covid is not a virus, but a bacterium’ – which is BEYOND IGNORANT! And such claims are based on scientific ignorance. It’s not even a rational conspiracy theory… but because we’ve had over a dozen people forward messages asserting that, I’ll address it here:

I haven’t SEEN an autopsy… but have read a couple, and the doctors I’ve spoke with are 100% certain that SARS-coV-2 (the virus) IS A VIRUS… and covid (the disease) is the manifestation of the virus COMBINING WITH BACTERIA (hence the zPac to treat the bacterial infection, especially for those either intubated, OR with PM2.5 (particulate mater) likely already in their lungs – from smog, certain chemicals, or heavy smoking). https://undark.org/breathtaking/

There is an INTERACTION… which is why 99.97% of ‘the people’ may have the virus, but never develop ‘covid’ (the disease).

The problem is the media isn’t investigating, the politicians are busy with their hands out (or trying to CYA) and the science types in charge are either flip flopping or HAVE AN AGENDA. They aren’t being honest, or don’t want their name or reputation attached to something that can’t be blamed on someone else… because it isn’t 100% repeatable, ‘well studied’ – with a statistically significant number that was part of a ‘double blind placebo cross-over study.’ Frankly, most of them wouldn’t make it in real LIFE vs DEATH situations that required IMMEDIATE BEST GUESS DECISIONS & ACTIONS! Few of them honestly TRIED TO REALLY EDUCATE… most called for a ‘shut down’ and PUSHED PANIC BUTTONS unnecessarily. I momentarily flash back to the comedy, “Without a Paddle” and the scene where the bear is coming… and the guys are shouting “FETAL POSITION, MAINTAIN THE FETAL POSITION” as the bear starts sniffing the one guy. In the movie, it was funny… especially with the trained bear, but fauci has been ‘after the coronavirus’ since AT LEAST 2005… that’s 15 years of experience and knowledge he basically sat on, while telling everyone to wear masks, then not… to shelter in place, then shut down, then panic… then who knows.

Those flip flopping without solid reason, especially when they actually have YEARS of experience and research under their belt, are just a bunch of over cautious, spineless nerds! And should NOT EVER have been promoted to a front line ‘boss’ (or face) for health & safety of an egg beater, much less a pandemic! That is reality.

Another example, for fauci – in particular, hydroxychloroquin… there are 11 PAGES of contraindications KNOWN and WELL ESTABLISHED… but faker fauci repeatedly said ‘we don’t know’ – merely because it’s never been ‘tested’ in a double blind placebo cross over study on people KNOWN to be infected with the virus (or disease). There was a whole lot known about WHO COULD NOT TAKE IT, and WHY… as well as dosage limits. Rather than educate people about the valid (KNOWN) concerns, the real contra indications, he instead remained silent… hopefully noncommittal, and a variety of contradictions to his earlier papers and talks. Either the guy is the ‘leading expert’ or not… capable of qualified expert opinions based on what he DID & DOES know, or not. Personally, I would have either fired or shelved him in mid-March… when he claimed 2.2 million American’s were going to die unless we had a national lock down. NONE OF THE MATH supported that. NONE OF IT! But he still pushed that agenda and narrative.

FACT: It’s not ‘one vs the other.’ The virus BECOMES the disease with the addition of the bacteria IN THE LUNGS. (similar to flu is the virus… that CAN mutate to become pneumonia is a subset of people with certain predispositions… OR HIGH SATURATION LEVELS). They are two different things, and while it’s impossible to get covid without first contracting the virus, there are tens of millions of people that HAD the virus without ever REALLY CONTRACTING THE DISEASE (covid). That subtle difference is vital to reality, because the vast majority actually exposed did NOT GET THE VIRUS (83%+ didn’t get it), and of those that did get it, 50% were asymptomatic (didn’t even know they had it), and of the 8.5% that did show symptoms of the virus, only 1 to 10% of THAT symptomatic number – DEPENDING ON THEIR INDIVIDUAL HEALTH & COMORBIDITIES – had the potential to ‘mutate into the virus). If those with comorbidities were treated as soon as they knew they were positive, or when they knew they would be saturated, even fewer would have actually ‘got’ the virus.

Patients positive with SARS-coV-2 or covid-19 need to ALSO be tested for bacteria and fungi, Not Just the Coronavirus


One of the KEY differences, in the science, from what the media has been telling us:

~ those that GET the ‘covid’ DISEASE… and those that ONLY HAVE THE VIRUS… is the bacteria ALREADY FOUND in their lungs or blood stream.

Which is precisely the reason why many were initially treated with Hydroxychloroquin AND the Zpac (potent antibiotic)… to help kill off any bacteria IN THAT BODY, to help keep the virus from mutating into the disease. Also, bacterial infections are MORE COMMON among those intubated. Add in 30 to 60mg of ZINC to also help BLOCK (slow down, and fight) virus spreads.

The whole ‘Italy is’ stuff is ‘molehill into mountain’ type HYPERBOLE, and will go no where but the ears (and eyes) of the conspiracy theorists. It’s ONE very misinformed, non-science person, in the Italian parliament that has attempted to BLAME Gates & the W.H.O. … “for misleading, misdirecting, and withholding life saving information from the world, which cost the lives of thousands.”

The Italian whack job is claiming EVERYONE IS LYING TO THEM about ‘covid being a virus’ (ignorantly claiming it’s just a bacterium… and that ‘aspirin’ treats it). That is NOT TRUE… aspirin may help some symptoms, for some people, but there is nothing that shows it ‘defeats the disease’ (as that politician claims).

Factcheck: Is COVID-19 actually pulmonary thrombosis?

The following link is likely where they (the Italian politician, and those claiming ‘covid is a bacterium’) are mixing up some of their findings, with ‘speculations’ and information:


Padding the Numbers – https://nypost.com/2020/04/07/feds-classify-all-coronavirus-patient-deaths-as-covid-19-deaths/

Facts without Fear – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF5FqvuDML4

Now, if you love some government conspiracy stuff, these are some of the better one’s
~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNgBjo0Pgfs
~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EziLxGUERd0

~ Tucker Carlson – on the dishonesty of CNN blaming Trump for the AZ guy that died from taking FISH TANK CLEANER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq7UDA-Kgk8

~ For those bored, curious, and interested… here is the Senate Bill, the CARES Act: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/3548/text

One of the Chinese Microbiology Researchers that has been sited in many of the Coronavirus studies from Asia, authored this paper January 2020, “A familial cluster of pneumonia associated with the 2019 novel coronavirus indicating person-to-person transmission: a study of a family cluster” – read it here The PDF of that paper is here

Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, Volume 11, Issue 5, September–October 2013, Pages 285-287 Severe respiratory syndromes: Travel history matters

Cross-reactive antibodies in convalescentSARS patients’ sera against the emergingnovel human coronavirus EMC (2012) byboth immunofluorescent and neutralizingantibody tests

Lou Dobbs is calling out the fearmongering cuomo… here on 3/27

CDC Covid-19 webpages

CDC for Healthcare Professionals

CDC Information for Laboratories

CDC Laboratory Biosafety

Isolation Precautions in Healthcare Settings

Specimen Collection

Infection Control

FDA Covid-19 webpages

EUAs:(includes links to patient fact sheet and manufacturer’s instructions)


“Public health measure” means a test, medical examination, treatment, isolation, quarantine or other measure imposed on an individual or group of individuals in order to prevent the spread of or exposure to a communicable disease, toxic substance or transmissible agent.

Stay Connected.

Civil rights violations happen when the fundamental freedoms or civil liberties are violated.

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