If you are looking for a reseller in your area, please contact us… with your zip code, so we can refer you to one of the stocking veterinarians or stores.

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MD’s Choice, Inc.

2362 Airbase Rd.
Louisville, TN 37777

Reseller contacts and Information: 865-380-0950
Hours: Mon. thru Fri. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST

Direct: 865-380-0950
Toll Free: 800-628-0997
Fax: 865-380-2212

Proper Dosing is important to us, and varies to some degree, depending on a few factors: age, weight, height, location (of problem), severity, other medication & treatment, goals, and care. If the use is preventive, or the problems are moderate, dosing is on the label. However, IF they are more serious, and pain is evident, PLEASE CALL US FOR OPTIMUM DOSING during the bodies healing period.

Answers to questions, dosing information, and any orders received before 3pm Eastern Time, Mon.-Fri are processed same day.

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