If you’ve been with us for more than a couple years, odds are you already know most of the stuff below, but a reminder might help encourage your family or friends to give us a try. If you are new to our company, products, and ethical business practices, this can help you understand how and why we are different, and not sold in the mainstream markets.

Things most people don’t know (or realize):

Since 1995, MD’s Choice (VetSupplements.com) has been known as one of the highest quality, most bio-available, consistent nutritional products on the market… with the absolute best Guarantee in the industry.

The primary goals have always been:

  • ~ do our best to help educate people about proper nutrition (as well as some of what things don’t work, are bad, and even dangerous)
  • ~ to have the best product in a given class possible for the money.
  • ~ to help steer people in the proper direction, EVEN IF it’s not one of our products. We are solutions oriented, and while we are in business to make money, we believe we are here on earth to HELP SOLVE PROBLEMS WHEN WE CAN!

The Sales Price, Product Quality, Consistency, and Effectiveness of our key products (joint, digestion, Complete Formulas, reproductive) have not changed since 1995 (despite cost fluctuations).

USA Manufactured and Sourced: ALL nutrients and ingredients contained in MD’s Choice products are human-grade ingredients, sourced in the USA (or in Canada, for some of our Amino Acid Chelates)… because they produce the very best, safest, most consistent, effective, and most bio-available.

Nothing against China, India, Mexico, or some other country… but we don’t believe any nutritional product, or ingredient used in a supplement, intended for oral consumption and/or absorption into the body, should be from countries we couldn’t safely drink their water without a potential of getting sick. The only exception, which we still avoid, is if those ingredients are thoroughly tested for all common contaminants and heavy metals that can actually build up in a body, or otherwise become harmful.

Other than basic labeling requirements, limiting companies from false claims that their supplement can ‘cure, prevent, treat’ any disease, the FDA does NOT certify, test, or require any CofA (certificate of analysis) on any of the products sold to the public. Salmonella and eColi are the only things supplements legally required to be tested for. No other testing is required, even for supplements coming from outside out nation. Sadly, the FDA tends under regulate companies known to source ingredients from foreign producers, or that have been tested by a third party and shown to not meet or exceed label contents claims (and sometimes even have the ingredients they claimed inside the container). 

Our products are OVER TESTED – for your safety, and our peace of mind… three times: i) in bulk, before it’s used, ii) again after blending, and iii) yet again after bottling (by testing the contents of random bottles). This helps ensure the highest quality, most consistent, and safest product on the market. And also for quantity and ratios of the nutrients inside, which is how our product has remained so consistent for over twenty years. MD’s Choice products are virtually free of heavy metals. Safety and consistency are important to us. Further, we only use human grade ingredients, even in our animal labeled product, because they’re generally more effective, higher absorption, better consistency, and we know people sometimes use our animal products.

MD’s Choice tests for lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, barium, aluminum, aerobic plate count, yeast & mold, coliform, staphylococcus, and a bunch of other common contaminants that may not harm you immediately, but won’t pass through the body, can build up, and will shorten life when they are too high. Heavy metals are a known problem, especially in the cheap supplements. We test each and every lot of our products for all these things, and refuse to release anything outside our assorted established safety and consistency parameters. Sadly, this isn’t a standard for other companies.

It is not a requirements of the FDA, USDA, or covered under the Food Safety Bill. And it’s not requirement for ingredients coming from countries the average American couldn’t safely drink their water, even though those ingredients will be used (by most of our competitors) in products intended for consumption, because they are far less expensive… and testing isn’t cheap.

In general, when stored at room temperature or below, out of direct sunlight, our products have a three year shelf life (from the manufacture’s date, which is listed on the bottle).

There are exceptions: i) moisture (especially condensation) will shorten the life of the product; ii) if added to any food or liquid, temperature over 105 degrees will degrade the product quickly; iii) pre-mixing the product with liquid, it should be used within 24hrs of less. If the product is stored in the freezer or refrigerator, most products can last even longer.

Our products remain the ONLY nutritional supplements on the market with an otherwise unmatched RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE that has existed for over 20 years! Our goal is to help solve problems, and knowing we use Pure Nutrition (no pain killers, blockers, or masking agents) we know the average body will take a few weeks to respond. So, our guarantee has never been limited to just 30 days, or just 1 or two bottles even, but

The MD’s Choice Results Based Guarantee is something real, effective, and meaningful:

~ it covers 3 large containers for up to 16 to 24 WEEKS of actual use!

Just think about that for a moment. IF our product didn’t work, or we reneged on our guarantee, why would we have zero complaints with the BBB ever filed ever… and still have the guarantee stated publicly all these years? If you know us, you already know the answer. We actually want to help solve problems, not mask the symptoms, or merely sell product.

One of our competitors actually had 17 different joint supplements under different names, and even different company labels, with different formulas, sitting on the shelves of big box stores. (We’re unsure of how many they have today). But at that time, none of their products had more than a 30 day guarantee… but they spend a pile on advertising to get into those store shelves, and sponsoring all kinda of stuff, including trips for the sales people & stores that peddle the most product. How accurate do you think the information is from those sales people, that get trips to far away places for selling the most product, or reaching sales goals? How great do you think any one of their numerous formulas are? Particularly when most of their ‘wonder formulas’ have herbal pain blockers, masking agents, and have historically failed testing for even what their labels claim? (But hey, those test results were quickly quieted… and the media never covered that).

Interestingly, back in the early years, that same company tried to buy MD’s Choice, all our formulas, science, pending patents, and a couple of our key personnel for a pile of money… but we turned them down, because they wouldn’t guarantee product consistency, our testing process, or maintain the availability & price for our existing customers.

MD’s Choice has ONE of the very best formula on the market… BECAUSE IT REALLY WORKS… in the RIGHT WAY! By supplying the body with the necessary nutrients the body needs, in forms it can readily use. We know our products aren’t a ‘quick fix’ (and don’t contain masking agents or pain killers), therefore will often take time to impact any positive changes within a body.

Give our product an honest chance, up to 3 large containers, of daily use, at the correct dose for your age, weight, severity, etc. and we promise that you’ll absolutely notice a positive difference (in the right way) within a few weeks, or GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

Oh, and another thing, WE WILL ASK QUESTIONS! That’s why our product’s success rate is over 90%. We asked the people before you questions, tried different dosing (and combos with other medication or treatment) for different problems, so we could better help you figure out how our product could help the problem you’re trying to eliminate. The upside, we have over 20 years of experience, and a real good idea when, where, and how our product works. That’s something we want to help with, when possible. Besides, it’s our reputation and money on the line too. If there is a problem, we are going to want to know how it was used, if something could be changed to improve results. Your answers might enable us to help you in some other fashion, but odds are they can help us help future customers.

Our goal is to help solve problems. Any company that says they don’t ask questions either doesn’t really care about their future customers, or is lying… because the reality is that no one can hope to improve in the future without answers to questions.

MD’s Choice doesn’t believe in the ‘ingredient of the month’ or some band wagon hype. Science is vital. Effectiveness, functionality, and safety are important to us.

One of our very first products was liquid (the Complete Formula), and with a biochemist and bunch of professionals developing the formulas in the early and mid 90’s. If getting ‘glucosamine’ stabilized in liquid was possible we would have done it years ago! But, the doctor’s that formulated the products for MD’s Choice quickly learned that it wasn’t. Third party researchers around the world have known it’s not possible to stabilize glucosamine in liquid for over 40 years, yet there are companies out there – right now today – that sadly continue claiming their ‘liquid joint supplement’ works in hours or just a few days. One all over facebook proudly claims ‘just 3 drops a day… in less than 7 days.’ Sadly, if anything is ‘noticed’ with any of those ‘quick fix’ products, it’s not the glucosamine or any honest structural changes, that is reality.

That company, in particular, but most with ‘quick results’ hype is contrary to science, and ignores reality. Glucosamine HCl has a 24hr life expectancy in liquid, Glucosamine Sulphate (NACl or 2KCl) has 6 months, at best… which starts the moment it hits the liquid, and often before it touches any store shelf (much less actually used).

N-acetyl-glucosamine (as well as N-acetyl-D-glucosamine) have zero active uptake by joint tissue, although you’ll see it in some of our competitors product (apparently because it contains the word ‘glucosamine’ – as there sure isn’t any real scientific reason). But, there are people that blindly believe all that ‘liquid joint supplement’ and ‘quick fix’ marketing hype. Real science proves it’s false, regardless of those claims. Anything ‘felt’ by those products is because of herbal pain killers or symptom blockers, not any actual healing, structural changes, or real health benefits.

NONE of the doctors involved with MD’s Choice (or VetSupplements) have EVER drawn a salary from this company, because that wasn’t why they developed the formulas. MD’s Choice was started to HELP CHANGE THINGS in the field of nutrition… to improve the quality of supplements available to the general public, to help educate people, AND to have these high quality formulas available for themselves, their family & friends, and their own patients in their existing practices. All the doctors, 20+ years later, are either still practicing or teaching, or retired. Most still donate some time to help out and answer customer questions when possible. (This is all a huge part of why our selling prices haven’t changed in over 20 years… there was never any greed or grandiose salaries for anyone at MD’s Choice, and limited waste).

The formula’s are ‘ours’ – developed specifically by us, but all our products are blended to our specifications, and bottled by pharmaceutical & high neutricetical grade facilities that are FDA inspected, ISO certified, and have cGMP certifications (certified Good Manufacturing Practices). Saving us millions of dollars on having our own facilities, production staff, clean rooms, and the maintenance of all that. Our products aren’t made in some out-building, bathtub, grain mill, bath tub, garage, barn, or backroom. In most cases, our human-grade animal products are the only ‘animal’ products blended and bottled at those facilities. It’s allowed because we are using 100% HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS, and human product standards! We felt quality of ingredients and manufacturing practices were vital, so these practices were established back in 1995.

We’ve purposefully avoided trying to ‘be everywhere’ in all stores. We try to be selective, choosing to work with resellers that shared our values of not just having quality product, but also really caring about helping to solve the health problems of their customers. Treating them like family or friends when possible. Besides, if we don’t honestly believe our product can help you solve a problem, we’ll tell you. We don’t want you wasting money, and we don’t like having unhappy customers when we can help it.

From 1995 to about 2004, we had much of the science ‘on-line’ about ‘our’ products, how & why they were different – for our customers, schools, and people wanting to learn more about nutrition. However, we purposefully took most of that which was specific to our formulas down because some companies were caught using our science & research, even the words in some cases, and nearly exact formulas in a few cases. While copying may be considered a form of flattery, in the world of a small business it can be game changing, when much larger companies start copying your formulas, research, and general marketing plan. This is the reason there are hundreds of pages of ‘generalized’ nutritional information on MDsChoice.com, but very little of the product specific science still on our websites (apples to apples, our product will out perform theirs, as will our Results Based Guarantee).

While I have some respect for the Shaklee and Amway of the world, as two of the longest lasting MLM companies in the world (and different than most all others)… our product is still absolutely better than theirs.

In general, most MLM and network marketing type businesses have a good product that has a high price point. Whereas, MD’s Choice has a great product at a good price point, which hasn’t changed since 1995, and isn’t stepped on by 10 or 20 levels of middle people trying to make a buck.

The vast majority of MLM companies out there have been short term ‘fly by night’ – here today, gone tomorrow – back up and running under some different business/group name (often with the same ‘leaders’) within 1 to 5 years because people realize their products have a dwindling potency (though the label doesn’t change anything but the company name)… some poor business choices or mismanagement… or some other serious issue, if you dig into their business history.

MD’s Choice started in 1995, incorporated in 1998… and has had the same quantity of nutrients, quality of product, sale price, and scientific basis all along. We treat people the way we’d like to be treated, and expect to earn our money by offering products that honestly work in the right way the majority of the time. MD’s Choice is also the ONLY SUPPLEMENT COMPANY (human or animal), over the last 23 years, that has maintained a Results Based Guarantee that isn’t limited to 30 days or 1 bottle, but actually 16 to 24 weeks. That alone should give you reason to consider trying their product. They have better than a 90% success rate… and the 10% it doesn’t work for gets their money back. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

We use the products ourselves, our family & friends use these products… which means MD’s Choice sincerely cares about the quality, consistency, safety, effectiveness, and function of our products. We hope all this matters to you, and are thankful for the 90+% of people that honestly try our product for 3 containers that also notices the difference.

To learn more, please click on the product you are interested in, check out the information there. IF you still have questions, or would like specific dosing, feel free to send us a message or give us a call M-F 10am to 6pm EDT.

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